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Found 5 results

  1. [Hidden Content] YouTube Success: Create Perfect YouTube Thumbnail in Adobe Photoshop (2021) Goal of this Class. I want to teach you how to make cool and working thumbnail on YouTube. This is easy but be ready to spend time on analysis and making nice foundation of your future thumbnails. What you learn how to: Define good thumbnail and what the structure of perfect picture. Avoid typical mistakes while crafting YouTube thumbnails. The Class also has practical project for you to develop your skills in making thumbnails. Check “Project” window to download these test material. Let’s learn how to make perfect YouTube thumbnails! [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. How to Write the PERFECT YouTube Video Script! Improve your Content! with Ben Rowlands In this Class we will explore the processor of creating an effective YouTube Video Script. I will take you behind the scenes with an insight into my YouTube Script Writing Process from Start to Finish! Including how to find YouTube Video Ideas, Plan for Shooting and the Final Video Script for Presenting to the Camera. I will also share my YouTube Script writing tips, to help you increase the impact you can make with your YouTube Videos and reach new audiences! Let’s get started!! [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. MeterPwrShell Automated Tool That Generate A Powershell Oneliner That Can Create Meterpreter Shell On Metasploit,Bypass AMSI,Bypass Firewall,Bypass UAC,And Bypass Any AVs. This tool is powered by Metasploit-Framework and Notes NEVER UPLOAD THE PAYLOAD THAT GENERATED BY THIS PROGRAM TO ANY ONLINE SCANNER NEVER USE THIS PROGRAM FOR MALICIOUS PURPOSE SPREADING THE PAYLOAD THAT GENERATED BY THIS PROGRAM IS NOT COOL ANY DAMAGE GENERATED BY THIS PROGRAM IS NOT MY (As the program maker) RESPONSIBILTY!!! If you have some feature recommendation,post that on Issue If you have some issue with the program,try redownloading it again (trust me),cause sometimes i edit the release and fix it without telling If you want to know how tf my payload bypass any AVs,you can check on this and this Dont even try to fork this repository,you'll dont get the releases! Features (v1.5.1) Bypass UAC Automatic Migrate (using PrependMigrate) Built-in GetSYSTEM (if u use the Bypass UAC option) Disable All Firewall Profile (if u use the Bypass UAC option) Fully Bypass Windows Defender Real-time Protection (if you choose shortened payload or using Bypass UAC or both) Disable Windows Defender Security Features (if u use the Bypass UAC option) Fully unkillable payload Bypasses AMSI Successfully (if you choose shortened payload) Short One-Liner (if you choose shortened payload) Bypass Firewall (If you pick an unstaged payload) Great CLI A Lot More (Try it by yourself) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Photo Editor v5.45.1 (Premium – SAP) Edit Photos With Hundreds Of Effects And Filters, Or Combine Your Snaps Into Instant Photo Collages And Creative Frames. [Hidden Content]
  5. Descripción Simple Vulnerability Manager es la herramienta perfecta para cualquier analista de vulnerabilidades, ya que con tan solo un par de clicks se podrán tanto realizar completos análisis sobre las debilidades de un sistema como generar informes sobre los mismos que ayudarán a comprender y solucionar los distintos problemas que estas vulnerabilidades puedan estar causando. Esta aplicación incluye una base de datos que contiene la gran mayoría de vulnerabilidades que un equipo puede sufrir, organizadas en Web Scanners, Service Scanners, Static Scanners y Mobile. Dentro de estas secciones, junto a la vulnerabilidad pertinente, los usuarios podrán encontrar una breve descripción en la que se especifica que es lo que crea el problema, el impacto que este tiene sobre el sistema y los pasos que se han de seguir para solucionarla. Una de las características más interesantes de Simple Vulnerability Manager es la posibilidad de crear y gestionar proyectos a los clientes a los que se estén realizando seguimientos. Estos proyectos servirán para añadir comentarios personalizados y capturas de pantalla que servirán como prueba individual para cada una de las vulnerabilidades que hayan sido detectadas en las web y direcciones IP. Add - Se agregado Drag And Drop para agregar las imágenes en la evidencia y el screenshot del Proyecto. BugFix - Arreglado al generar el Reporte en Word si el nombre del proyecto tenia un carácter no permitido como nombre de archivo valido. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]