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  1. What you'll learn -Java SE( Standard Edition) -Core Java 3 Real World Application +30 Java Examples and mini Applications -Algorithms -Writing short and exact code -OOP(Object Oriented Programming) Learn the core Java skills needed to apply for Java developer position Be able to sit for and pass the Oracle Java Certificate exam if you choose. Be able to demonstrate your understanding of Java to future employers. Obtain proficiency in Java 8 and Java 11 -SOLID Priciples A wide variety of Java Collections - List, Map, Set and Queue Interfaces The BEST PRACTICES in Writing High Quality Java Code Gain enough experience to pass a core Java Programming interview and perform well on the job Course content 24 sections • 187 lectures • 27h 32m total length Requirements Computer with Min 4Gb Ram Except these there is no requirement Description 3: Real World Application and Projects +30 Mini Applications or Examples for each Topis Basics of Java Programming - Expressions, Variables, and Printing Output Java Operators - Java Assignment Operator, Relational and Logical Operators, Short Circuit Operators Java Conditionals and If Statement Methods - Parameters, Arguments, and Return Values Object-Oriented Programming - Class, Object, State, and Behavior Basics of OOPS - Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, and Polymorphism Basics about Java Data Types - Casting, Operators and More Java Built-in Classes - String, Java Wrapper Classes Conditionals with Java - If Else Statement, Nested If Else, Java Switch Statement, Java Ternary Operator Loops - For Loop, While Loop in Java, Do While Loop, Break and Continue Java Wrapper Classes, String Java Array and ArrayList - Java String Arrays, Arrays of Objects, Primitive Data Types, toString and Exceptions Introduction to Variable Arguments Understanding Object Composition and Inheritance Java Abstract Class and Interfaces. Introduction to Polymorphism. Java Collections - List Interface(ArrayList, LinkedList and Vector), Set Interface (HashSet, LinkedHashSet) Map Interface (HashMap, HashTable, LinkedHashMap and TreeMap() - Compare, Contrast and Choose Generics - Why do we need Generics? Restrictions with extends and Generic Methods, WildCards - Upper Bound and Lower Bound. Method References - static and instance methods Introduction to Threads and MultiThreading - Need for Threads Implementing Threads - Extending Thread Class and Implementing Runnable Interface States of a Thread and Communication between Threads Introduction to Executor Service - Customizing the number of Active Threads. Returning a Future, invokeAll, and invokeAny Introduction to Exception Handling - Your Thought Process during Exception Handling. try, catch, and finally. Exception Hierarchy - Checked Exceptions vs Unchecked Exceptions. Throwing an Exception.. Try with Resources - New Feature in Java 8. List files and folders in Directory with Files list method, File walk method and find methods. Read and write from a File. This course comes with a full 30-day money-back guarantee. Meaning if you are not completely satisfied with the course or your progress, simply let me know and I’ll refund you 100%, every last penny no questions asked. You either end up with Java skills, go on to develop great programs and potentially make an awesome career for yourself, or you try the course and simply get all your money back if you don’t like it… You literally can’t lose. Who this course is for: The one who wants to be Software Developer [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. What you'll learn Build a successful blog from scratch, or take your existing blog to the next level Develop the mindset of a successful blogger Discover a blogging niche that is both profitable and interesting Build a beautiful website using WordPress Develop a system to plan new content, and never run out of ideas again Understand the importance of effective writing and how to become a better writer Become familiar with some of the most effective types of blog content Generate an endless stream of fresh content by repurposing what you've already created Optimize your website for search engines to drive a consistent stream of free traffic Get your content in front of people using a variety of free promotion strategies Grow an email list that allows you to generate traffic and revenue on demand Build a profitable business around your content and turn your blog into a revenue-generating asset Requirements No prior knowledge is necessary. This course starts with the basics before diving into more advanced tips and strategies. The main requirement is a willingness to commit to the process and put in the work. This course outlines the steps, but it's up to you to take action and do what it takes to make your blog a success. To get your blog up and running, please note you will need to purchase a domain name and a hosting account. This course will show you exactly how to do that, even if you're new to the process. Description UDEMY'S #1 BESTSELLING BLOGGING COURSE — REDESIGNED WITH ALL NEW CURRICULUM FOR 2021 AND BEYOND "Merrill provides invaluable tips and examples for starting a blog and making it into a career." —CNN "...the entire process for turning a blog into a bonafide moneymaker." —The Next Web "Brad is clearly experienced, accomplished and an expert in this subject. His knowledge will be very helpful for those who are able to absorb & implement all of his suggestions and tips." —Leah, Udemy student "Totally AWESOME course!!!!! You have addressed every aspect of getting started with a new blog, but better yet what it takes to make it a success. I can't wait to get started." —Terry, Udemy student "Excellent material, well explained, and a talented & experienced instructor who is not afraid to share his opinion on what it does or doesn't work for him." —JP, Udemy student Brad Merrill has been building things on the web for well over a decade. In 2010, he started a blog about technology and innovation, and in just a couple of years it grew into a large publication with staff and revenue, serving more than half a million monthly readers. His work has been featured on Techmeme and cited by a number of notable blogs and publications, including the Wall Street Journal. In this course, Brad condenses more than ten years of trial and error into a simple blueprint designed to help you build a successful blog. You'll learn all the essentials, including: The mindset of a successful blogger How to build a WordPress site How to write amazing blog content that readers will love and share How to promote your content to ensure people actually see it How to build and leverage an email list to generate traffic and revenue on demand How to turn your blog into a business that generates revenue Why would you want to build a blog? Well, there are many different motivations, but here are a few of the most common: Build a business: A blog can be the center of a low-overhead, location-independent, lucrative business. There has never been a better time to do this—the Internet has made it cheaper and easier than ever before for anyone to start a business. Grow an existing business: Content marketing is one of the best ways to drive your business forward, and a blog is a tried and true format. Many of the world's biggest companies and brands are now using digital content to market their products and services, so you'll be in great company if you do the same. Showcase your expertise: If you want to position yourself as a thought leader or expert, blogging is an excellent way to do it. A blog can be a powerful asset if you're trying to build a personal brand, get a job, sell services, or launch a career in public speaking. Build Relationships: Blogging is a great way to become an active and influential member of your community, which can help you build relationships with people you want to reach. If you're thinking of starting a blog this year, there's never been a better time. This course will walk you through the entire process—setting up WordPress, writing stellar content, promoting that content, building an email list, and implementing a revenue model to turn your blog into a business. It's all here. Who this course is for: This course is designed for students with varying levels of experience. Whether you're just getting started or looking for ways to take your blog to the next level, this course is for you. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. Learn Cyber Security like a professional hacker! Start as a beginner and go all the way to launching cyber attacks.Rating: 3.2 out of 53.2 (116 ratings)15,467 studentsCreated by Marufa Yasmin, J KinLast updated 8/2019EnglishEnglish [Auto-generated] What you’ll learn Basics Of Cyber Security Launch Cyber Security Atatcks Advanced Of Cyber Security Network Scanning Sniffing Spoffing Attack DOS and DDOS Attack Password Hacking Buffer Overflow Cryptography Attacking Using Kali Linux Social Engineering Attacks WiFi Hacking Hacking Using Metasploit Advanced Uses Of Metasploit Website Hacking This course includes: 3 hours on-demand video Full lifetime access Access on mobile and TV Certificate of completion Requirements Be able to use a Pc or Mac at a beginner level Description Welcome to my course “Complete Cyber Security Masterclass: Beginner to Advance”. By using this comprehensive course you will learn the basics of Cyber Security, Some of the advanced methods of Cyber attacks and much more.In this course i will assume that you have no prior knowledge about Cyber Security and by the end of the course you will be at advanced level. Learn to launch cyber attacks like a professional hacker. This course will guide you step by step so that you will learn basics and theory of every part. In this complete Cyber Security course you will learn, Cyber Security Basics Scanning Sniffing Spoofing DOS Attacks DDOS Attacks Password Hacking Buffer Overflow Cryptography Attacking Using Kali Linux Metasploit Hacking Website Hacking In every part first you shall learn the basics and theory then we will cover the main topics.Who this course is for: Anybody who want to learn about Cyber Security [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Free coupon Code for 2 Days
  4. Aprende a programar en el lenguaje Java y conviértete en un programador Java Experto. Descripción Este curso es una especialización en la tecnología Java. Comenzaremos desde los Fundamentos de Java, y te llevaremos paso a paso hasta convertirte en un experto Java en tiempo record y así puedas crear aplicaciones Web y Empresariales, incluyendo temas y tecnologías como Fundamentos de Java, Programación Orientada a Objetos, Patrones de Diseño y Mejores prácticas Java, JDBC, HTML,CSS y JavaScript, HTML y CSS3, Servlets y JSP's, Java Empresarial (Java EE), incluyendo EJB's, JPA, Web Services, Seguridad y mucho mucho más. Lo que aprenderás Ser capaz de demostrar la experiencia adquirida en Java a futuros empleadores Adquirir los conceptos básicos de Java hasta Java Empresarial (Java EE o Jakarta EE) Aprender las "mejores prácticas" de la industria en desarrollo de software Java de un desarrollador profesional de Java que ha trabajado en el lenguaje por más de 15 años. Obtener competencias a nivel profesional en la tecnología Java Este curso incluye 53 horas de vídeo bajo demanda 7 artículos 320 recursos descargables Acceso de por vida Acceso en dispositivos móviles y TV Certificado de finalización [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]