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  1. itsMe

    How To Make HQ Proxy For Free

    How To Make HQ Proxy For Free Which Works On (NETFLIX / PAYPAL / ONLYFANS / SPOTIFY / More...) [Hidden Content]
  2. INDEX 1. - WHAT IS RDP ? 2. - SOME METHODS TO GET RDP FREE [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. How Do I Protect My Computer From Bots? It’s Very Possible To Protect Your Computer From Bots, But it Takes Diligence And Knowing What To Look For. Use The Following Tips To Keep Your Computer Safe: *Install Firewalls To Block Malicious Attacks And Never Turn Them Off. *Use A Long And Complicated Password That Contains Numbers And Symbols. *Never Use The Same Password For Multiple Programs. *Install Quality Anti-Malware Software Such As Norton security to protect your device. *Ensure Software Is Up To Date, And Never Ignore System Updates. *Refrain From Using Flash Drives, Or Thumb Drives, In An Infected Computer.
  4. How To Create Android Apps Without Coding *These are the best sites for android application making without any coding : #1 AppsGeyser : AppsGeyser is a FREE service that converts your content into an App and makes your money. Your app will have all you need including messaging, social sharing, tabs and full support for HTML5 enhancements. But forget about the app, Apps geyser helps you to build a business and profit from mobile! #2 Appypie : Appy Pie is the fastest growing cloud based Mobile Apps Builder Software (App Maker) that allows users with no programming skills, to create Android and iPhone applications for mobiles and smartphones. #3 Buzztouch : Buzztouch is an open source “app engine” that powers tens of thousands of iPhone, iPad, and Android applications. Buzztouch is used in conjunction with the iOS and Androidsoftware developer kits (SDK’s). #4 Appyet : Using AppYet, anyone can create a professional Android app. There’s no programming knowledge required, only take a few minutes to build your first app. #5 Appclay : AppClay , conceived and created by core development experts at ShepHertz Technologies, is an esteemed intuitive interface that enables each one of us- become an App developer effortlessly without any coding, software installation, maintenance and financial investment.
  5. How to Stop Instagram Data Tracking to Limit Targeted Ads ⚜ We Have Shared A Step-By-Step Guide On Limiting Instagram Data Tracking To Stop Targeted Ads. Step 1: First of all, launch the Facebook app on your Android smartphone. Step 2: Now tap on the three horizontal lines as shown below. Step 3: Next, tap on the Settings & Privacy option. Step 4: Under Settings & Privacy, tap on the ‘Settings.’ Step 5: Now scroll down and tap on the ‘Ad Preferences’ option. Step 6: Now tap on the ‘Ad Settings’ option. Step 7: Under the Ad Settings, scroll down and tap on the ‘Data about your activity from partners’ Step 8: On the next page, use the toggle button to turn off ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram.’ Step 9: Now go back and tap on the ‘Categories used to reach you’ Step 10: Tap on the ‘Interest Categories’ Step 11: You need to opt-out of all the Interest Categories Step 12: You need to do the same for ‘Other Categories’ as well. That’s it! You are done. Now you won’t get highly accurate ads on Instagram and Facebook.
  6. [Hidden Content]
  7. YouTube Masterclass – How to Build a Meaningful Channel Starting a YouTube channel is an exciting and fun experience. In this Skillshare class you will get an overview of how to build and grow a meaningful YouTube channel. Whether you have made videos before or not, we discuss the tools and strategies to help you get build on the platform and gear yourself up for success. What do we cover in this class: How to find your purpose and motivation to continue producing videos Exploring different niches and finding which one suits you Using key tools and strategies such as titles and thumbnails to interest viewers Understanding the basics of the YouTube Algorithm This class is geared to make you feel empowered to start a channel that is engaging and authentic. It’s perfect for beginners, if you haven’t run a YouTube channel before, or just want to add to your expertise about growth on the platform. A bit about me My name is Anas, I am a doctor working in the UK and started a YouTube channel that focuses on productivity, academics and the general life of a student in London. Over the last 2 years the channel has grown to over 180,000 subscribers. When I first started the channel, I found it difficult to find useful and relevant information about running a channel on YouTube. A lot of the information was scattered and I spent a huge amount of time trying to figure things out. The purpose of this class is mainly to save you time and share with you what I have learned about building on YouTube over the last 2 years [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. How to EDIT YOUTUBE VIDEOS in Davinci Resolve 17 Free – From Beginner to YOUTUBER In this course we show you How to get the free version of Davinci Resolve 17 and start editing your YouTube Videos for your YouTube Channel. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. [Hidden Content]
  10. How to Write the PERFECT YouTube Video Script! Improve your Content! with Ben Rowlands In this Class we will explore the processor of creating an effective YouTube Video Script. I will take you behind the scenes with an insight into my YouTube Script Writing Process from Start to Finish! Including how to find YouTube Video Ideas, Plan for Shooting and the Final Video Script for Presenting to the Camera. I will also share my YouTube Script writing tips, to help you increase the impact you can make with your YouTube Videos and reach new audiences! Let’s get started!! [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  11. How To Connect To VPN On Android Without Any App [Hidden Content]
  12. How to add a voice welcome message on your PC *Your PC will welcome you on every startup. Video tutorial : [Hidden Content]
  13. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  14. Instagram marketing can be extremely effective, but not if you can’t consistently plan, create & publish strategic content on a regular basis. Whether you’re a content planning superstar (that sometimes falls out of the habit) or a self-proclaimed content planning procrastinator, this class is for you. Content planning is one of the biggest challenges business owners face. With so many other responsibilities to juggle, finding the time to plan Instagram content often falls to the bottom of the to-do list. Join Bella Foxwell, Instagram strategist, as she walks you through a content strategy that will move the needle for your business (this isn’t your usual “pillars” and “buckets” type of strategy) and then show you exactly how to bring this strategy to life with a simple, sustainable plan. You’ll learn: Why content planning is so powerful (and how it actually increases – not lessens – authenticity) How to STOP pouring hours of time & energy into 1 Instagram post at a time (the quickest way to Instagram misery and burnout) The content strategy hundreds of business owners have used to attract, nurture and convert more followers into customers How to batch content creation tasks successfully A simple, sustainable approach to content planning that you can return to again and again PLUS there’s heaps of best practice examples AND a downloadable worksheet and calendar included so you can take immediate action on everything you’ve learned. By the end of this class, you will walk away with a simple, repeatable system that will allow you to more easily and consistently plan Instagram content that converts followers into customers. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. This video is original content created by Apoorv Gupta(The Decent Coder). In this video, I have provided you with knowledge regarding how to perform "OSINT" on Instagram accounts using a tool named "OSINTGRAM". This tutorial is a part of ethical hacking playlist of mine and no offensive techniques are used in this video. The information gathered using this tool is publicly available information like info, number of followers etc. It just provides you with all the info in an elegant way out. Also, tell me if you want more ethical hacking and coding tutorials for free. [Hidden Content]
  16. It's just for Educational purposes. Don't use this [Hidden Content]
  17. Difficulty: Beginners Format: Video MP4 [Full HD 1920x1080p] Download Size: 73 MB Duration: 13:05 Language: Hindi – Urdu Operating System Used: Kali Linux About The Course : Over Wan Facebook Record Hacking utilizing phishing page Free Download. In this video instructional exercise: I am telling you the best way to make the phishing page of any site in Kali Linux? Step by step instructions to utilize phishing page over wan for record hacking any social locales like Facebook, Twitter, and so on. Very simple strides in Hindi without utilizing a computerized content or instruments. 1. Phishing Social engineering techniques. 2. Creating a phishing web page of any website. 3. Account hacking using phishing. 4. How to be safe from a phishing attack. Note: This video is training purposes as it were. We don't advance, empower, support or energize any criminal behavior or hacking. We can't be considered answerable for any abuse of the given data. Phishing assaults: Watch out for these indications that you've been sent to a fake site: The quantity of phishing assaults keeps on rising and digital lawbreakers are utilizing some exceptionally basic strategies to guarantee that their malignant messages sidestep security insurances and stunt unfortunate casualties into downloading malware, giving over their login certifications and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Specialists at cybersecurity organization IronScales analyzed more than 25,000 malignant messages that had skirted inbox security over a multi-month time frame and found that instead of utilizing propelled systems, a considerable lot of the assaults were just diverting clients to counterfeit sites. Frequently, these destinations act like enormous brand organizations like Microsoft, PayPal, banks, and retailers, and urge clients to enter individual qualifications. In Ife client gives this data, it falls under the control of the digital crooks who can utilize it in any capacity they wish, either for submitting extortion and robbery themselves or selling the accreditations on to others on underground gatherings. SEE: 10 hints for new cybersecurity masters (free PDF) Be that as it may, assessment of the phishing sites found that there are normally some indication that the page is a phony – in any event when the destinations were intended to seem as though duplicates of the organization they're mirroring. In practically 50% of cases, pictures on the site were obscured and out of center – a sign that the pictures have been screen-snatched or generally duplicated from the genuine article and set on a phony. In a fourth of cases, the picture had been resized and seemed extended or lengthened. In both of these cases, it's generally a sign that something isn't right. In the meantime in around 15% of cases, fake locales are planned so that they appear to be unique to the genuine form; by and large, these phony points of arrival make themselves look like having had an update. In around one out of ten cases, the phishing page looks practically authentic, however, assailants have picked obsolete symbolism or informing on their phony site. This can occur if an organization has changed its logo or marking and the assailants haven't focused on the sites they're attempting to mirror. In 5% of cases, the phishing site will look and sound a ton like the organization the aggressors are attempting to mirror, however, shows an extraordinary desire to move quickly for the guest, be it a danger of something has turned out badly, or revealing to them they have to enter their subtleties promptly to get to their record. Scientists state that by and large, people groups miss these hints and succumb to phishing sites because of purposeful visual impairment: when they don't see a sudden change, in any event, when it's covered up on display. Be that as it may, if clients put shortly inspecting conceivably suspicious messages and sites, away from the messages or the website page being bogus can rapidly rise. SEE: This new Android malware comes camouflaged as a talk application Also, if clients truly think they have to enter their certifications, it's prescribed that they go legitimately to the site that the email professes to connection to, to stay away from the probability of clicking a vindictive think and giving their subtleties to assailants. Also, if this occurs in the professional workplace, the best activity is to make your data security group mindful of anything suspicious or surprising. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  18. itsMe

    How To Crack RDP

    [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. [Hidden Content]
  20. Raydeal3r


    How best is it to make and succeed in good spamming as the tools are not easy to come by.
  21. In modern times as data becomes more secure with encryption, there are certain attacks that you may not be aware of. One specific type of attack is called a side-channel attack. What is a side-channel attack? Side-channel attacks rely on measuring tendencies and frequencies of your computer to establish patterns that can extract private information from your machine. Side-channel attacks or SCA, monitor your power use and electromagnetic emissions during cryptographic operations. Due to the low cost and simplicity of these attacks, multiple side-channel techniques can be used. Here is a list of the different techniques: Cache Attack — Monitor your cache accesses in a shared physical system. Commonly found in virtualized environment or a type of cloud service. Timing Attack — Monitor the time of computations and establishing patterns. Power-Monitoring Attack — Monitor the power consumption by the hardware during computation. Electromagnetic Attack — Based on leaked electromagnetic radiation, which can directly provide plain texts and other information. Such measurements can be used to infer cryptographic keys using techniques equivalent to those in power analysis or can be used in non-cryptographic attacks. Acoustic Cryptanalysis — Exploits sound produced during a computation (rather like power analysis). Differential Fault Analysis — Secrets are discovered by introducing faults in a computation. Data Remanence — Sensitive data are read after supposedly having been deleted. Software-Initiated Fault Attacks — Currently a rare class of side-channels, row hammer is an example in which off-limits memory can be changed by accessing adjacent memory too often (causing state retention loss). Optical - Secrets and sensitive data can be read by visual recording using a high resolution camera, or other devices that have such capabilities (see examples below). Countermeasures Different ways to help prevent these attacks have been introduced but not widely implemented. A few ways to try to prevent these attacks are: Eliminating the release of private information or making sure this information is unrelated to your private data. Power line conditioning and filtering to deter power-monitoring attacks as well as emitting a channel with noise. Blinding technique that serves to alter the algorithm’s input into some unpredictable state rendering some or all of the leakage of useful information. Once your keys are established, hackers could gain access to your data and could increase your chances of corruption or removal. Side-channel and other types of cyberattacks are one of the key reasons you should always have redundant backups running using a service like Jungle Disk and another form of backup such as an external hard drive or network attached storage device.
  22. Everything you need to know to understand what an API is What you'll learn What is an API Difference between API & Webservice HTTP Basics Difference between XML & JSON How to create a mock API How to test APIs using Postman Course content 8 sections • 33 lectures • 3h 18m total length Requirements English knowledge PC or Laptop Internet Connection Description Hello In this course we will explain what an API is. API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. Each time you use an app like Facebook, send an instant message, or check the weather on your phone, you’re using an API. What exactly is an API? Finally learn for yourself in this helpful video from MuleSoft, the API experts. When you use an application on your mobile phone, the application connects to the Internet and sends data to a server. The server then retrieves that data, interprets it, performs the necessary actions and sends it back to your phone. The application then interprets that data and presents you with the information you wanted in a readable way. This is what an API is - all of this happens via API. To explain this better, let us take a familiar example. Imagine you’re sitting at a table in a restaurant with a menu of choices to order from. The kitchen is the part of the “system” that will prepare your order. What is missing is the critical link to communicate your order to the kitchen and deliver your food back to your table. That’s where the waiter or API comes in. The waiter is the messenger – or API – that takes your request or order and tells the kitchen – the system – what to do. Then the waiter delivers the response back to you; in this case, it is the food. Here is a real-life API example. You may be familiar with the process of searching flights online. Just like the restaurant, you have a variety of options to choose from, including different cities, departure and return dates, and more. Let us imagine that you’re booking you are flight on an airline website. You choose a departure city and date, a return city and date, cabin class, as well as other variables. In order to book your flight, you interact with the airline’s website to access their database and see if any seats are available on those dates and what the costs might be. However, what if you are not using the airline’s website––a channel that has direct access to the information? What if you are using an online travel service, such as Kayak or Expedia, which aggregates information from a number of airline databases? The travel service, in this case, interacts with the airline’s API. The API is the interface that, like your helpful waiter, can be asked by that online travel service to get information from the airline’s database to book seats, baggage options, etc. The API then takes the airline’s response to your request and delivers it right back to the online travel service, which then shows you the most updated, relevant information. Who this course is for: Software Engineers Software Developers Software Testers CS Students [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  23. Description No matter what kind of images you create, being able to integrate text into your work is an important skill. Whether you want to make eye-catching posters or advertisements for a client, or you want to share a powerful message with your personal work, this course is all about using letters, words, and typography to make it happen. Learn how to add textures, shadows, and lighting effects, integrate type into photographs, and even create text in stunning 3D. From old-school vintage styles to clean, modern looks, if you want to get creative with type, then this is the course for you! THIS COURSE INCLUDES 3 Sample Images 8 Sample PSDs 4 Textures 1 Photoshop Brush [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  24. How to Become an Expert in Ethical Hacking This article is mainly addressing the audience who wants to pursue their career in Cybersecurity as a professional that provides ethical hacking services, whether it be a red team, blue team, or freelance infosec consultant. As an ethical hacker, you not only need to have prior knowledge of basic networking, programming languages, and security tool guidelines, but a hands-on practice on these theoretical concepts is mandatory. Why Hands-on Learning is Essential for Ethical Hacking Ethical hacking is a practical approach in which white hat hackers try to penetrate the network. The goal of an ethical hacker is to identify vulnerabilities and try to exploit them to determine the extent of the compromise under a defined scope. This job requires a set of technical skills that can only obtain from lab oriented training. Lab-based ethical hacking training helps you get exposure to how things work in the real world and will train you to perform specific tasks. If we compare this with traditional classroom training, we come to know that previous methods are only focusing on theoretical knowledge, not enough for cybersecurity professionals. These methods ignore all practical implementations; hence students have a large gap of grades while comparing to on paper and their actual performance. By analyzing all these methods, instructors have come to make hands-on learning essential, especially for an ethical hacker. By learning practical implementations, individuals can learn different concepts of real-time problems that develop their hands-on skills. Practical Techniques Used in Ethical Hacking Practical Techniques Used in Ethical Hacking For ethical hacking, you need to have some hacking skills and exposure to the methodologies often used by malicious actors. Following are the few basic hacking techniques used in ethical hacking: Performing port scanning to find vulnerabilities. There are various scanning tools used by ethical hackers to perform port scanning of the target network. While port scanning, ethical hackers find open ports and try to study the vulnerabilities associated with each port. Perform network traffic analysis by sniffing IP packets. There are many tools available to perform network sniffing. Ensuring the target system to not affected by new vulnerabilities. For this purpose, ethical hackers often try to analyze the process of patch installation. Make attempts to intrude intrusion detection systems, firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and honeypots. Perform various social engineering techniques to find information against the target organization’s computing environment. To be ‘job-ready,’ one ought to have hands-on learning on different hacking techniques. This, combined with both theoretical knowledge and practical implementation training, guarantees that you have the essential aptitudes to enter the industry. Fortunately, there are many platforms available to get this combined package of learning a lab-intrinsic ethical hacking program. Top 3 Cybersecurity Certifications to Become an Ethical Hacker CEH – Hands-on Training Program Verifies Your Advanced IT Security Skill-Set EC-Council’s Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is a certification program that combines both theoretical knowledge and hands-on learning. It comprises of different modules that start with the basics, modes of penetration testing, tools demonstration, and more. The training gives you the required knowledge on everything from analyzing to exploiting the defined scope of IT infrastructure. The Practical Approach of CEH 1. CEH is a complete ethical hacking program dealing with 20 of the most current security areas. 2. 40% of the program is comprising of hands-on learning. 3. The syllabus covers 340 attack methodologies mostly used by malicious hackers. 4. The certification trains you in the scope of five phases of ethical hacking. These phases are information gathering, scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, and clearing tracks. CEH is the most recognized training program of ethical hacking in the industry. There is another training program, a follow-up to the CEH i.e. CEH (Practical). The CEH (Practical) is entirely based on hands-on learning, and the examination is all comprised of practical tasks. Offensive Security Certified Professional – Hands-on Penetration Testing with Kali Linux The OSCP certification is a well-known foundational penetration testing practical training, intended for cybersecurity professionals to ignite their skill set at a swift pace. It will help to learn the latest ethical hacking tools and techniques to get expert in penetration testing. Learning material provides: A detailed course guide Complete video lectures by professionals Active student forums Access to a virtual penetration testing lab The final exam has a 24-hour time limit and comprising of a hands-on penetration test in an isolated VPN network. You will get the exam and connectivity instructions for an isolated virtual network for which you have no prior knowledge or information. Scores are awarded for each compromised host, based on their difficulty and level of access obtained. After completing the tasks, you will submit a comprehensive penetration test report as part of your exam. Reports should cover in-depth notes and screenshots detailing your findings. This exam is proctored. After gaining this certification, the certified OSCPs can identify severe vulnerabilities and can execute organized cyber-attacks. They can modify exploits, execute network pivoting, and data exfiltration. GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)- A Process-Oriented Approach To Penetration Testing Projects This certification verifies an ethical hacker’s ability to perform a penetration test. GPEN certified has developed skills to conduct exploits and perform detailed reconnaissance. The main features of this certification include: The complete guide of comprehensive penetration test planning and reconnaissance In-depth knowledge of scanning and exploitation Additional methods to attack password hashes and authenticate Domain escalation and persistence attacks Penetration testing with PowerShell and the windows command line GIAC developed CyberLive hands-on, real-world practical testing lab environment to let the practitioner validates their knowledge and hands-on skills. A practitioner will able to perform real-world attacks with actual programs, codes, and virtual machines. The final exam comprises 1 proctored exam, 82-115 questions, a time limit of 3 hours, and a minimum passing score of 75. The summary is, if you want to be an expert in ethical hacking, you need to understand the real-world scenarios and have the exposure of real hacking incidents. You need to think exactly like a malicious hacker to find all the loopholes, risks, vulnerabilities, and timely mitigate them. This can only be done by getting hands-on training, polishing the required set of skills by trying to attempt hacking techniques and gain valuable certifications that have been discussed above to make your resume worthy of the desired job.