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Found 16 results

  1. itsMe

    Dark Leecher v1.0

    [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. Book details Format: pdf File Size: 17 MB Print Length: 284 pages Simultaneous Device Usage: Up to 4 simultaneous devices, per publisher limits Publisher: CRC Press; 1 edition (19 June 2019) Sold by: Amazon Asia-Pacific Holdings Private Limited Language: English ASIN: B07RXLHRF3 Inside the Dark Web provides a broad overview of emerging digital threats and computer crimes, with an emphasis on cyberstalking, hacktivism, fraud and identity theft, and attacks on critical infrastructure. The book also analyzes the online underground economy and digital currencies and cybercrime on the dark web. The book further explores how dark web crimes are conducted on the surface web in new mediums, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and peer-to-peer file sharing systems as well as dark web forensics and mitigating techniques. This book starts with the fundamentals of the dark web along with explaining its threat landscape. The book then introduces the Tor browser, which is used to access the dark web ecosystem. The book continues to take a deep dive into cybersecurity criminal activities in the dark net and analyzes the malpractices used to secure your system. Furthermore, the book digs deeper into the forensics of dark web, web content analysis, threat intelligence, IoT, crypto market, and cryptocurrencies. This book is a comprehensive guide for those who want to understand the dark web quickly. After reading Inside the Dark Web, you’ll understand: The core concepts of the dark web. The different theoretical and cross-disciplinary approaches of the dark web and its evolution in the context of emerging crime threats. The forms of cybercriminal activity through the dark web and the technological and “social engineering” methods used to undertake such crimes. The behavior and role of offenders and victims in the dark web and analyze and assess the impact of cybercrime and the effectiveness of their mitigating techniques on the various domains. How to mitigate cyberattacks happening through the dark web. The dark web ecosystem with cutting edge areas like IoT, forensics, and threat intelligence and so on. The dark web-related research and applications and up-to-date on the latest technologies and research findings in this area. For all present and aspiring cybersecurity professionals who want to upgrade their skills by understanding the concepts of the dark web, Inside the Dark Web is their one-stop guide to understanding the dark web and building a cybersecurity plan. [Hidden Content]
  3. Beat the heart of the dark Internet: more than 2,000 computers intervene in a former NATO bunker The German police dismantled a large server center that facilitated clandestine operations from the small town of Traben-Trabach It was surely one of the key pieces of the Dark Network throughout the world. But it has been dismantled. The German Police has managed to intervene a large server center of the darknet, the hidden and criminal area of the Internet in which clandestine operations such as drug and weapons trafficking are carried out, and even the hiring of murderous hitmen. The operational center was hidden in a former Atlantic Alliance bunker abandoned at the end of the Cold War and located in the small palatine town of Traben-Trabach , in the west of the country. More than 650 police officers, including several units of special agents, participated in the raid carried out in several countries and locations simultaneously, during which seven arrests took place, according to the prosecutor in charge of the case, Jügen Brauer. It is the first time that a so-called Bulletproof Hoster is located in Germany, a large concentration of clandestine servers that offers criminal organizations the possibility of operating virtually with maximum security guarantees and beyond the reach of law enforcement. So far the researchers have intervened 200, but they estimate that the total hidden in the clandestine cyber bunker exceeds 2,000 servers. The amount of data they accumulate is "gigantic," said the president of the Criminal Investigation Office (LKA) of Rhineland-Palatinate, Johannes Kurz, who said the police operation had begun to be prepared last May. Although there are seven detainees, a total of thirteen suspects, twelve men and a woman between the ages of 20 and 59, accused of collaboration in hundreds of thousands of cases of drug trafficking and large-scale weapons, businesses with fake money, commerce with stolen data and dissemination of child pornography , among many other crimes, the Prosecutor's Office reported. They are also accused of the attack suffered in 2016 by 1.25 million customer routers from the German telephone company Telekom. Through the hidden servers in the cyber bunker operated the second largest illegal and criminal darknet market in the world, the so-called Wall Street Market, a platform that was also busted by German police last spring and its three operators arrested. More than 5,400 vendors offered 1.1 million customers through it weapons or drugs, criminal services, stolen data or harmful software, among many other "unsavable" products in legal markets. Payments were made through cryptocurrencies and the platform managers pocketed commissions between 2% and 6% of the product sold. The head of the cybercriminal group is the eldest of all the detainees, a Dutch citizen who had officially moved his residence to Singapore , but habitually inhabited the bunker and a house in the region. During the operation the agents executed 18 search warrants, also in neighboring countries such as Poland, Holland and Luxembourg. The volume of data on criminal and illegal operations accumulated by seized servers is so huge that it will take months and possibly years to analyze it. The president of the LKA stressed that the investigations on the case began in 2015 and that during these years they have worked closely with the police of the federated states of Hesse and Bavaria, but also the Netherlands. "We have needed a long breath," said Kurz, who was very satisfied with the success of the operation. "It is the first time in Germany that there is no action against the managers of clandestine stores or platforms, but against those who enable their crimes to be committed," explained Prosecutor Brauer. Through the servers they operated illegal platforms such as Cannabis Road, with 87 sellers of all kinds of narcotics, or other more sophisticated and specialized in synthetic drugs.
  4. dEEpEst

    7839+ DARK WEB LINKS 

  5. itsMe

    Threme Theme Dark 2.4

    About This File Threme 2.4 Dark ABOUT THEME: Fully responsive ( 100% ) SocialLinks customizable from ACP From now, because archive is to large to be uploaded, if you want psd files just send me a pm ) Body IMG customizable from ACP Avatars max 150x300px Acp / mcp on index ( you can dezactivate that from panel - ACP ) Subforums from 1 to 7 columns ( you can chose how much columns you want from ACP ) INFO: It's the first release, so you can help us to fix bugs, just enter in the support topic For minor changes im open for free ( so just give me a pm ) or use the support topic I used FontAwesome & Material Icons [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. dEEpEst

    Dark Web search engine

    The 1st real Dark Web search engine [Hidden Content]
  7. dEEpEst

    Dark Web links

    [Hidden Content]
  8. Dark Scrape OSINT Tool to find Media Links in Tor Sites Features Download Media Scrape From Single Url Face Recognition Scraping From Files Txt Csv Excel Tested On Kali Linux 2019.2 Ubuntu 18.04 Nethunter Arc Linux [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. dEEpEst

    crypter THE DARK KNIGHT

    Scanner: Stub Server Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  10. Vulpes Theme Vulpes is a new unique theme in darkcolors and gradients. Can be used for any forums. Have a lot of settings and you can fully customize it. Version 2.0 is based on my new framework. Now you have a lot of theme settings. Customize header, navbar, slider, articles, popups, comments, forms and more! [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  11. OSINT Tool For Scraping Dark Websites Tested On Kali Linux 2019.2 Ubuntu 18.04 Nethunter Arc Linux [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  12. Info: [Hidden Content] Vulpes is a new unique theme in darkcolors and gradients. Can be used for any forums. Have a lot of settings and you can fully customize it. We have reached 50 units sold, so I give you 15% discount until 08/02/2019 Version 2.0 is based on my new framework. Now you have a lot of theme settings. Customize header, navbar, slider, articles, popups, comments, forms and more! Demo: [Hidden Content] Vulpes 2.0.1 IPS 4.3.x [Hidden Content] Vulpes 2.0.5 IPS 4.4 [Hidden Content]
  13. dEEpEst

    Access Dark Web

    Access Dark Web There are many ways to access the dark web. Being a part of the deep net, dark web operates differently than the clear-net, and needs special client software to be accessed. While there are multiple ways to access the dark web, the most common and recommended method involves using TOR, and then visiting the .onion websites. All dark web website have a URL with .onion domain, which looks similar to the way the clear-net websites have .com, .org, .net, etc. Once you have TOR and find out the .onion address of a deep web site (hidden web site),you can simply enter it in the URL bar on TOR browser, and it'll open, just as normal websites open in usual browsers. If you read the previous boring section, you'd see that I mentioned how the dark net often uses uncommon communication protocols, etc. In case of the dark web, we see that phenomenon with respect to the onion websites. I won't go in much depth, but first look at a .onion URL suggests that it's similar to the clear-net websites. However, internally, the way they work is nothing similar to the clear-net. Precisely, .onion is not part of the internet's DNS root, and hence, normal DNS servers can't resolve your request if you type the URL of a .onion website on your browser. TOR redirects these requests through it's own servers, similar to the way proxies work, and then we get to the website, without the involvement of DNS servers anywhere. This ensures that search engine bots can't browse around the deep web, and that anonymity is maintained, both of the client looking at the web pages, as well as the server serving the web pages (In other words, the server doesn't know who the client is, and the client doesn't know anything about where the server is.) If you're using Windows, you can download the Tor executable on web..versions for linux and mac available also you can use in your android device but it's not safe
  14. Checker Mode: Funciones: Captura de toda la información útil Guardado automático de Hits/Log/No Checked Proxy guardado automático Tipos de proxies: HTTP/S-SOCKS4/5 [Hidden Content]
  15. Vulpes Theme Vulpes is a new unique theme in darkcolors and gradients. Can be used for any forums. Have a lot of settings and you can fully customize it. Make a Christmas present for yourself! No renewals for customers who buy between December 14-24 Version 2.0 is based on my new framework. Now you have a lot of theme settings. Customize header, navbar, slider, articles, popups, comments, forms and more! Info: > [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass: >