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Found 138 results

  1. dEEpEst

    How to save a web page to PDF file

    [Hidden Content]
  2. Dabman and Imperial Web Radio Devices suffers from undocumented telnet backdoor and command execution vulnerabilities. View the full article
  3. Control Web Panel version suffers from multiple privilege escalation vulnerabilities. View the full article
  4. Design great looking web sites rapidly with Antenna, powerful web design software. Create a professional web site to promote yourself or your company. Publish your site online or distribute as an interactive CV. Be seen - make a good impression - get noticed! You can create your own web pages and digital photo galleries in minutes, without any HTML knowledge. Antenna's powerful editor is entirely visual, giving you pixel accurate control. Wherever you drag & drop text, pictures, buttons, animation and movies on the page, that's exactly where they will appear in the web browser. With Dual Layout Responsive you can cater for desktop and mobile too. When you are ready to publish your site, you won't need to buy any additional software - Antenna has its own publisher built in, and can publish changes only, updating your site very quickly. You can also design smooth gradient backgrounds and attractive glossy buttons without switching between applications - it's all built in! Give yourself a competitive edge and dip your toes into the international scene at any time - make any part of your web site multilingual. And if you need a hand there's free online tutorials, expert tips, a comprehensive illustrated user guide & free tech support. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. dEEpEst

    7839+ DARK WEB LINKS 

  6. Web Security Dojo Web Security Dojo is a virtual machine that provides the tools, targets, and documentation to learn and practice web application security testing. A preconfigured, stand-alone training environment ideal for classroom and conferences. No Internet required to use. Ideal for those interested in getting hands-on practice for ethical hacking, penetration testing, bug bounties, and capture the flag (CTF). A single OVA file will import into VirtualBox and VMware. There is also an Ansible script for those brave souls that want to transform their stock Ubuntu into a virtual dojo. Bow to your sensei! Features vulnerable web applications common web security testing tools popular industry web application security guidelines walk-throughs of several targets (no peeking ahead) no Internet-connect required to use username: dojo password: dojo To install Dojo you first install and run VirtualBox 5 or later, then “Import Appliance” using the Dojo’s OVF file. We have PDF or YouTube for instructions for Virtualbox. The OVA should also be able to be imported and used in various VMware tools, but we do not support this directly at this time. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  7. Jok3r v3 Network & Web Pentest Automation Framework About Overview Jok3r is a framework that aids penetration testers for network infrastructure and web security assessments. Its goal is to automate as much stuff as possible in order to quickly identify and exploit "low-hanging fruits" and "quick win" vulnerabilities on most common TCP/UDP services and most common web technologies (servers, CMS, languages...). Combine Pentest Tools Do not re-invent the wheel. Combine the most useful hacking tools/scripts available out there from various sources, in an automatic way. Automate Attacks Automatically run security checks adapted to the targeted services. Reconnaissance, CVE lookup, vulnerability scanning, exploitation, bruteforce... Centralize Mission Data Store data related to targets in a local database. Keep track of all the results from security checks and continuously update the database. Features Key Features Pentest Toolbox Management Selection of Tools Compilation of 50+ open-source tools & scripts, from various sources. Docker-based Application packaged in a Docker image running Kali OS, available on Docker Hub. Ready-to-use All tools and dependencies installed, just pull the Docker image and run a fresh container. Updates made easy Easily keep the whole toolbox up-to-date by running only one command. Easy Customization Easily add/remove tools from a simple configuration file. Network Infrastructure Security Assessment Many supported Services Target most common TCP/UDP services (HTTP, FTP, SSH, SMB, Oracle, MS-SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, VNC, etc.). Combine Power of Tools Each security check is performed by a tool from the toolbox. Attacks are performed by chaining security checks. Context Awareness Security checks to run are selected and adapted according to the context of the target (i.e. detected technologies, credentials, vulnerabilities, etc.). Reconnaissance Automatic fingerprinting (product detection) of targeted services is performed. CVE Lookup When product names and their versions are detected, a vulnerability lookup is performed on online CVE databases (using Vulners & CVE Details). Vulnerability Scanning Automatically check for common vulnerabilities and attempt to perform some exploitations (auto-pwn). Brute-force Attack Automatically check for default/common credentials on the service and perform dictionnary attack if necessary. Wordlists are optimized according to the targeted services. Post-authentication Testing Automatically perform some post-exploitation checks when valid credentials have been found. Web Security Assessment Large Focus on HTTP More than 60 different security checks targeting HTTP supported for now. Web Technologies Detection Fingerprinting engine based on Wappalyzer is run prior to security checks, allowing to detect: Programming language, Framework, JS library, CMS, Web & Application Server. Server Exploitation Automatically scan and/or exploit most critical vulnerabilities (e.g. RCE) on web and application servers (e.g. JBoss, Tomcat, Weblogic, Websphere, Jenkins, etc.). CMS Vulnerability Scanning Automatically run vulnerability scanners on most common CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.). Local Database & Reporting Local Database Data related to targets is organized by missions (workspaces) into a local Sqlite database that is kept updated during security testings. Metasploit-like Interactive Shell Access the database through an interactive shell with several built-in commands. Import Targets from Nmap Add targets to a mission either manually or by loading Nmap results. Access all Results All outputs from security checks, detected credentials and vulnerabilities are stored into the database and can be accessed easily. Reporting Generate full HTML reports with targets summary, web screenshots and all results from security testing. Architecture Framework Architecture General Architecture graph Flowchart Demo Demonstration Videos Download Get Jok3r Jok3r is open-source. Contributions, ideas and bug reports are welcome ! [Hide] [Hidden Content]]
  8. dEEpEst

    Dark Web search engine

    The 1st real Dark Web search engine [Hidden Content]
  9. Online Spotify Checker | Web Based | Full Capture | HQ & Fast [ NEW ] [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. Microsoft Outlook Web Access version remote host header injection exploit. View the full article
  11. Microsoft Outlook Web Access build 15.1.1591 suffers from a remote host header injection vulnerability. View the full article
  12. itsMe

    WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.0.7

    Just released: Version 15.0.7 More than 200 new features and improvements! Features WYSIWYG Web Builder has tools for both beginners and professional designers/developers. Responsive Web Design Built-in support for layout grid, flexbox, css grid or fixed layouts with breakpoints Web Fonts Easily add Google Fonts and other Web Fonts to your website. Animations Add amazing pre made animations and transitions or create your own animations. More than 150 pre-defined animations are included. Pre-made Blocks Use pre-made blocks to quickly get started. More than 150 blocks are available! Forms Tools Send Emails, Upload Files, Store Data in MySQL or CSV, Auto Responder, Password Protect Pages, Form Validation, Conditons/Calculations Images & Media Image filters, shapes, galleries, carousels, lightboxes, rollover animations, YouTube, Vimeo, HTML5 Video/Audio Icon Libaries Support for Font Awesome, Material Icons and many other icon libraries Navigation Navigation buttons, drop down menus, fullscreen menu, mega menu, panel menu, breadcrumb, pagination and much more! Extensions Hundreds of extensions to add extra functionality to the software. Including slideshows, navigation, audio/video, webshops, data viewers etc. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass:
  14. CentOS version 7.6.1810 with Control Web Panel version suffers from a cross site request forgery vulnerability. View the full article
  15. CentOS version 7.6.1810 with Control Web Panel version suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability. View the full article
  16. CentOS Control Web Panel (CWP) version allows an attacker to change arbitrary passwords. View the full article
  17. CentOS Control Web Panel (CWP) version suffers from an arbitrary database dropping vulnerability. View the full article
  18. CentOS Control Web Panel (CWP) version suffers from a user enumeration vulnerability. View the full article
  19. itsMe

    WYSIWYG Web Builder 15.0.6

    [Hidden Content] What's New? WYSIWYG Web Builder 15 has more than 200 new features and improvements! Shape Dividers Shape dividers are SVG based shapes that can be used to separate the sections of a page Preloaders A preloader is an animation to inform the viewer that the page is being loaded. Cards Added a dedicated container for Cards to simplify laying out a series of cards. Plus Card animations, transitions and more! Toasts Lightweight notifications designed to mimic the push notifications that have been popularized by mobile and desktop operating systems. Unsplash Integration Browse thousands of free-to-use, high quality images from Unsplash directly within Web Builder SVG Path Animation SVG path animation adds the ability to animate the border (stroke) of SVG shapes, textart, clipart. FlipSwitch A "Flip Switch" (Toggle) can be used as alternative for a checkbox. Inspired by the iPhone checkbox. With many styling options. And Much More! Secure FTP, Horizontal accordion, Theme Colors, Border Images, Wrap text around images, etc. Check out the full list of all new features here! [Hidden Content]
  20. Web Wiz Forums version 12.01 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. View the full article
  21. dEEpEst

    Dark Web links

    [Hidden Content]
  22. dEEpEst

    Web Vulnerability Scanners

    [Hidden Content]
  23. CentOS Control Web Panel (CWP) version suffers from a reflective cross site scripting vulnerability. View the full article
  24. CentOS Control Web Panel (CWP) versions through suffer from a user enumeration vulnerability. View the full article