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  1. Brutemap is an open source penetration testing tool that automates testing accounts to the site's login page, based on Dictionary Attack. With this, you no longer need to search for other bruteforce tools and you also no longer need to ask CMS What is this? only to find parameter forms, because brutemap will do it automatically. Brutemap is also equipped with an attack method that makes it easy for you to do account checking or test forms with the SQL injection bypass authentication technique. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. dEEpEst

    crypter THE DARK KNIGHT

    Scanner: Stub Server Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  3. Trigmap is a wrapper for Nmap. You can use it to easily start Nmap scan and especially to collect informations into a well organized directory hierarchy. The use of Nmap makes the script portable (easy to run not only on Kali Linux) and very efficient thanks to the optimized Nmap algorithms. Details Trigmap can performs several tasks using Nmap scripting engine (NSE): Port Scan Service and Version Detection Web Resources Enumeration Vulnerability Assessment Common Vulnerabilities Test Common Exploits Test Dictionary Attacks Against Active Services Default Credentials Test [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. This is a real world, highly advanced Wi-Fi hacking course, exactly what you are looking for. This course will teach you to hack Wi-Fi networks' securities, routers, break all types of encryptionand monitor the traffics. This course is special, because: It is full of up-to-date Information The tools used in this course are updated It shows the most effective methods for hacking any Wi-Fi network Every lecture is clearly explained in details with nice examples A Facebook group dedicated to special support for better experience And many more… We'll perform all of our attacks on: • Linux • Windows By the time you finish this course, you will have the full concept of Wi-Fi networks. You will learn to break any type of Wi-Fi encryption (WEP, WPA/WPA2), gain access to the network and take full control of it. You will understand yourself how to protect your own Local Area Network (LAN) and can take necessary steps if needs. This course is also beginner friendly. Even if you are just starting your journey to the hacking world, don’t worry. It will be the most amazing experience in the hacking world you'll have, and I am here to guide you based on my 7 years of real life experience in Cybersecurity. The sections are organized for better understanding this course. If have any question regarding anything of this course, I will be happy to assist you. So what are you waiting for? Come join me. See you in the course, and I am sure you are going to enjoy it. Who is this course for? Anyone who is Interested in Hacking or Wi-Fi Hacking. Source: [Hidden Content] Download: [HIDE] [Hidden Content]]
  5. CQURE Team has prepared tools used during penetration testing and packed those in a toolkit named CQTools. This toolkit allows to deliver complete attacks within the infrastructure, starting with sniffing and spoofing activities, going through information extraction, password extraction, custom shell generation, custom payload generation, hiding code from antivirus solutions, various keyloggers and leverage this information to deliver attacks. Some of the tools are based on discoveries that were released to the world for the first time by CQURE Team. CQURE was the first team that did full reverse engineering of DPAPI (Data Protection Application Programming Interface) and prepared the first public tool that allows monitoring WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) feature. This toolkit allows you to deliver complete attacks within the infrastructure, starting with sniffing and spoofing activities, going through information extraction, password extraction, custom shell generation, custom payload generation, hiding code from antivirus solutions, various keyloggers and leverage this information to deliver attacks. Some of the tools are based on discoveries that were released to the world for the first time by CQURE Team; some of the tools took years to complete, and all of the tools work in a straightforward manner. CQTools is the ultimate toolkit to have when delivering a penetration test. The tools work simply, and we use them in practice during our cybersecurity assignments. Come and have a look at how our CQTools can boost your penetration testing experience! [Hidden Content]
  6. I found a template that i really keen on, but now I have a trouble with the search label page. For example, this is my url label search: [Hidden Content] It shows 20 posts at page 1 but then if you click on page 2, it still shows 20 page as your previous click in page 1. Who can help me find the solution in source code to make it show the older posts in a search label page, please This is original demo: [Hidden Content] This is download link of the template: [Hidden Content] I hope staff members can accept my post 😞 Thanks you so much
  7. dEEpEst

    Unlock the Micro SD/Memory Card

    [Hidden Content]
  8. dEEpEst

    What Is the DDoS Protection Bootcamp?

    [Hidden Content]
  9. Metasploit The Penetration Testers Guide [Hidden Content]
  10. Cryptors, a cyber security company, invented a mobile app called HACKUNA (Anti-Hack) that can block and detect these WiFi hackers. The exciting part here is, you can also track the hackers within the area. It will give you all the details you need to find the hacker within the area or to report it to the authority. We are now given the power to fight back against the WiFi hackers. Do you often connect to Public Free WiFi? Study says that a hacker can hack your online accounts within at least 60 seconds, just because you connect to Public Free WiFi... Experts says that the best thing to do to secure yourself from this, is to ditch the use of public Free WiFi. How annoying right? But not anymore! Proof that this works [Hidden Content]
  11. The Hacker Machine 2 is a search engines for hackers and crackers to search for software, references or common hacker/cracker questions. Download [Hidden Content] Virus Scan [Hidden Content]
  12. Xrax was coded in a way to make it extremely fast, using private APIs of the sites available for cracking. Xrax supports 50+ modules including (Fortnite with CAPTURE, Netflix - 2 APIs - both don't lock accounts, Dominos, League of Legends - all countries, pornhub, wwe and many many more) Xrax also has it's own proxy scraper and proxy checker to make your work even easier. If you are a database dumper yourself, using Xrax you can dehash your databases using the MD5 dehasher. Here are the things you get for free using Xrax as your checker: - Crack accounts using 50+ modules with full capture (no account lock, fast cracking); - Scrape Proxies in a blink of an eye; - Insanely fast proxy checker; - Scrape and check, then use the proxies in click of a button; - Dehash MD5; - Combo editors - Split combos, Combine combos, Duplicate remover , Randomize combos. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. Gibbonedu The Flexible School Platform version 17.0.00 suffers from a database disclosure vulnerability. View the full article
  14. Flutter - a framework developed by Google - allows you to learn one language (Dart) and build beautiful native mobile apps in no time. Flutter is a SDK providing the tooling to compile Dart code into native code and it also gives you a rich set of pre-built and pre-styled UI elements (so called widgets) which you can use to compose your user interfaces. Flutter is extremely trending and gets used for major Google apps like their Adwords app - it's now marked as "ready for production", hence now is the time to jump in and learn it! This course will teach Flutter & Dart from scratch, NO prior knowledge of either of the two is required! And you certainly don't need any Android or iOS development experience since the whole idea behind Flutter is to only learn one language. You'll learn Flutter not only in theory but we'll build a complete, realistic app throughout this course. This app will feature both all the core basics as well as advanced features like using Google Maps, the device camera, adding animations and more! With Flutter, you'll be able to write code only once and ship your apps both to the Apple AppStore and Google Play. Use Google's Material Design to build beautiful, yet fully customizable, apps in no time with almost zero effort. You can use the rich widget suite Flutter provides to add common UI elements like buttons, switches, forms, toolbars, lists and more - or you simply build your own widgets - Flutter makes that a breeze, too. Here's what's included in the course: Detailed setup instructions for both macOS and Windows A thorough introduction to Flutter, Dart and the concept behind widgets An overview of the built-in widgets and how you may add your own ones Debugging tips & tricks Page navigation with tabs, side drawers and stack-based navigation State management solutions Handling and validating user input Adding Google Maps Using native device features like the camera Adding beautiful animations & page transitions How to publish your app to the app stores And more! [Hidden Content]
  15. Welcome to CommandoVM - a fully customized, Windows-based security distribution for penetration testing and red teaming. [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Requirements Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 10 60 GB Hard Drive 2 GB RAM Installed Tools
  16. Cracked [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Server.exe
  17. hello , EveryBody How are you , i hope you are good . someone has Mobihok Android rat And who is the best rat . I need FUD Android Rat
  18. C Programming For Beginners - Master the C Language C Programming will increase career options. Become a better dev in other languages by learning C. Pointers explained Understand the fundamentals of the C Programming Language Make yourself more marketable for entry level programming positions Create your first C Application Learn one of the most popular, widly used languages in the world Understand variables and the different data types Apply for real-time programming positions Understand the core language that most modern languages are based on Learn how to write high-quality code Book oficial: [Hidden Content] Download: [Hidden Content]
  19. Extratorrent Torrentbutler Rarbg TorrentProject Bitsnoop Torrenthound Limetorrents EZTV Torrentreactor AxxoMovies TorrentDay Btdigg IsoHunt Seedpeer 1337x IPTorrents Demonoid Torrentz SevenTorrents Torrentbit Monova Descarga Directa SoftArchive MegaSearch AvaxHome eMP3 Mp3skull emp3world MP3Juices Newalbumreleases Beemp3 MP3raid LibGen Ebookee FreeBookSpot Streaming Primewire WatchTVSeries Tubeplus iWatchOnline TVOnline SolarMovie PutLocker LiveTV StreamHub FirstRowSports RojaDirecta Watchfree Watchfreemovies ProjectFreeTV Movie25 IceFilms Movie4K PopcornTime Full4movies [HIDE]. [Hidden Content]]
  20. dEEpEst

    The Pirate Bay .onion

    [Hidden Content]
  21. The Company Business Website CMS suffers from multiple remote SQL injection vulnerabilities. View the full article
  22. Build a simple HTML text site Style web pages using CSS Program websites with JavaScript Build a Pipboy using Bootstrap Build and publish a Google Chrome Extension [HIDE]. [Hidden Content]]