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  1. Verci Spy System RAT | Ransomware | NSA Exploits | UAC | Spread Verci Spy System OR Verci_Spy_System This Tool Was Designed By US,This Tool is a Remote Access Trojan That you can Take over any Windows machine into your control and can do many things within that infected PC , also the infected PC will have a virus that will spread rapidly within usb-sticks and make other safe PCs infected too , by inserting the usb into it and click any of the shortcuts and so on . That Tool was designed for some educational purposes and some testing for PC security and we are not responsible for any illegal use for it , this tool also designed for a Better Hacking Visual Effects , that can deliver you a feeling of real hacker , you can use it within hacking movies , and have some animations and a localization map for detecting victims allover the world ,and Verci Wasn`t Cracked after it`s trial version was release , but the installer wasn`t cracked before , also Our XPR Tool , but we will not going into same mistake and not release any trial version for free . and this is program options that you can do with the infected PC and you took control on it : 1-UAC (User Access Control) Manager (Enable or Disable) 2-Open remote Webcam / Microphone 3-Control Remote Desktop 4-File Manager Controller 5-Process Manager 6-Regedit Controller 7-Services Manager 8-Devices & Printers Viewer 9-Active Windows Manager 10-View Remote WiFi Networks 11-View Saved WIFI Passwords 12-Ransomwares [ You Have 2 Ransomwares] (Try anyone you wish) 13-WiFi Hotspot Creator [Use any other device to check the Hotspot] 14-Lan Computer Manager [Lan Spread (Premium Only)] 15-Network Connections/Drivers Manager 16-Scan Remote websites ports 17-Scan Lan network devices ports 18-Manage installed Programs 19-Unmovable chat system 20-Clipboard Manager [Images & Text] (Set & Get Clipboard) 21-Remote Command prompt 22-Code Compiler 23-Saved Password Stealer (Updated) 24-Remote Keylogger (Offline/Online) 25-DDOS Attack Manager / Http Flooder 26-Full Computer information Manager 27-(Installed Pyhton Scripts) a) This Option allow you to install Sqlmap Script in Client PC and Hack any infected sites using it _By this way Client PC will be saved in site logs not your PC 28-Run File (From Disk/Url) 29-Open Url (Default Browser)[Or](Any Browser) 30-Automatic Victim Transfer Option [Transfer to any host or external IP] 31- NoIP Updater 32-Ransomware Builder [Build own Ransomware with your own Bitcoin] 33-Notify With Client Webcam image 34-Spam options : a) You can open fake Facebook login page in Client PC and grab passwords in keylogger b) You can open fake Paypal login page in Client PC and grab passwords in keylogger c) You can open fake Visa card number confirmation page in Client PC and grab information in keylogger 36-Auto Share Client Drivers over Lan Ransomware Builder Manager : This is the scheme of Ransomware *) Generate Random password of 15 random chosen Characters *) Start Encrypting all files exist in user Directory using the password *) Kills explorer.exe *) Kills Microsoft.Exchange *) Kills MSExchange *) Kills sqlserver.exe *) Kills sqlwriter.exe *) Kills mysqld.exe *) Delete all Shadow copies *) Usb spread (shortcut)[.lnk] *) Keep loop to Encrypt all files exist in other Drives using the password Available Trojans : 2 Trojans - 2 Downloaders: a) Full Control (Size : 400 Kilobytes) b)Worm Control (Size : 170 Kilobytes) c).exe Downloader (Size : 11 Kilobytes) d).vbs Downloader (Size : 909 Bytes) Preview Image 1 : You can now Enter Free Port You Choose Manual and Click Ok Preview Image 2 : Fast Look To Exit FullScreen Press "Click To Restore" Downloads: [Hidden Content]
  2. kingkun

    Regarding forum system

    I think remove the view this by giving reaction is better, because there I prefer to give like, thanks reaction purely because I respect the post maker, plus please add specific thread for reporting site bug or request feature, sorry I am not good in english but I hope admin understand what I meant
  3. This add-on provides you with an advanced ticket system that allows you to manage your clients’ issues, including in Featuring threaded discussions, Completing with staff groups, Ticket flagging, Varying priority levels, Predefined replies, Escalated rules and much more... Administrators are assigned in a departmental basis, so they have to access only the area they are meant to be dealing with. FEATURES: * Client Interface: - Users can submit new tickets. - Ability to add attachments on ticket or ticket reply. - Ability to set priority on ticket creation. - Ability to assign tickets to specific staff department. - Support Redactor editor when submits a reply ticket. - Email notifications of staff replies or ticket status changing. - Users who create ticket(s) will be able to edit/close their ticket(s). - Users who create many tickets will be able to manage their own tickets in an organized environment. - The ability to allow guests submit tickets (An email will send to guest that included link to ticket and password to open ticket). - Staff/member in a department can watch/ unwatch department. * Department Interface: - Support staffs have access to the department panel which display all tickets, active tickets, awaiting reply ticket. - Alert & email notifications of new tickets and replies. - Ability to re-assign tickets to another department. - Ability to use predefined replies. - Ability to edit/close/delete users' tickets. - Ability to change ticket status. - Ability to open a ticket for specific user. - Support Redactor editor when submits a reply ticket. - Ability to set permission for staff/member in a department. * Administrator Interface: - Manage option of support ticket system. - Manage permission of support ticket system for certain user groups. - Manage staff departments and staffs. - Manage ticket statuses. - Manage predefined reply categories and predefined replies. - Manage automated escalations. - View support ticket overview statistics. - Inherit almost options from XenForo attachments, spam management. * Options is where you change the vast majority of your support ticket system general setting. - Include full message text support ticket in notification emails. - Predefined reply snippet maximum length. - Number of days to put a support ticket to be closed when no new reply or change. - Number characters for ticket ID (random render). - Number characters in the guest's ticket password (random render). * Permissions are set of privileges that we provided to allow you grant permission for your customer and staff departments. - Can use support ticket system. - Can open support ticket. - Can upload attachments to support the ticket. - Can edit ticket message by the owner. - Can edit support ticket by anyone. - Can edit ticket message by anyone. - Can view support ticket by anyone. - Can delete support ticket. - Can edit support ticket status. - Can re-assign support ticket department. - Can open support ticket for anyone. - Can use predefined reply. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. TMail is simple to use, fast and mobile ready temporary email system with impressive feature set. It takes just 3 min to install TMail on your server. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. Need an incentive to increase forum activity? Make your forum more fun for your users, let them show off how active/engaged they are. The more fun your forum is, the more your users will want to keep coming back for more. No one likes a boring forum. Don't want to give out the awards yourself? No problem, users can request or recommend awards for others. Want to automate the process altogether? Simply link awards to XF2's trophy system, and it'll take care of the rest. Full Features Create custom categories with descriptions Side navigation to view awards by category Fully mobile responsive Supports the top image types: PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP Request/recommend awards Auto reject multiple requests Postbit award display Postbit award sort Mass give awards View total earned per award Enable/disable recent award information View earned awards in member profiles Link awards to existing trophies User alerts when an award is given Full phrase support Import from: [bd] Medal Coming soon: Import from vB4 YAAS [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  6. Intelligent Security System SecurOS Enterprise version 10.2 suffers from a SecurosCtrlService unquoted service path vulnerability. View the full article
  7. AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System version 1.1.9e suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. View the full article
  8. AUO SunVeillance Monitoring System version 1.1.9e suffers from an incorrect access control vulnerability. View the full article
  9. Restaurant Management System version 1.0 suffers from a remote shell upload vulnerability. View the full article
  10. Foscam Video Management System version denial of service proof of concept exploit. View the full article
  11. About This File With this app you can allow your members invite other members. Features: enable/disable system, select allowed groups to use this mod, three invite types: free -> user may or may not enter inviter name; force -> user must enter inviter name; invite only: user must be referred by invite form (with hashed keycode), list of all invited users, list of all invited users in ACP with filter options, invites by referral link, points system integration (any system!), promotion to the new group after reaching specific amount of referred users, ability to enable/disable member powers to raising people via ACP, info in member profiles about referrer, ability to add/edit/remove referred transactions, ability to turn off the "Referrer Information" block in profiles, ability to award referrer if his referrred member made topic/post, invite form, option to enable/disable custom invite message, option to disable invites from the same IP and much more, resend option to resend sent invites, option to approve transaction only if referrer add more than X defined posts. Note: it's a first release of this app for a 4.x series. it's a lifetime purchase! Once time buy = lifetime updates (for a 4.x serie). [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  12. The Rifatron Intelligent Digital Security System DVR suffers from an unauthenticated and unauthorized live stream disclosure when animate.cgi script is called through Mobile Web Viewer module. View the full article
  13. CMS Pro is the most intuitive CMS (Content Management System) that a web agency can implement for their customers. It’s perfect for small business websites and is really easy to use and to implement. The value of CMS Pro! is in its intuitiveness. With CMS Pro!, content management becomes as easy as desktop publishing [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  14. BSI Advance Hotel Booking System version 2.0 suffers from a persistent cross site scripting vulnerability in booking_details.php. View the full article
  15. College Notes Management System version 1.0 suffers from a cross site request forgery vulnerability. View the full article
  16. Parrot Security OS is a security-oriented operating system, which is designed for infiltration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, attack, cloud penetration testing, privacy / anonymous, password, and other occasions. The release is based on Debian, which features the MATE desktop environment and developed by the Frozen box network. Lorenzo Faletra announces the release of Parrot Security OS 4.7, a security-oriented operating system designed for penetration testing, computer forensics, reverse engineering, attacks, cloud penetration testing, privacy/anonymity, passwords and more. The distribution is based on Debian, which features the MATE desktop environment and was developed by the Frozen box network. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. Link is a social network used to improve the collaboration, and communication between a groups of people. It allows them to interact, socialize, share and consume information, thoughts and ideas. In addition, it combines individuals into specific groups like a neighborhood subdivision. Link provides an opportunity for the community such as high school, universities, institutions, governments, non-government institution and others to engage. It also contains many features used to facilitate user interaction and collaboration. Some of these features include: posting, comment on the post, real-time chat session, voting, user profile, and focusing groups. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  18. Whonix v15 - Anonymous Operating System 20 hrs ago 8:52 AM | Post sponsored by FaradaySEC | Multiuser Pentest Environment Zion3R Whonix is an operating system focused on anonymity, privacy and security. It’s based on the Tor anonymity network, Debian GNU/Linux and security by isolation. DNS leaks are impossible, and not even malware with root privileges can find out the user’s real IP. Whonix consists of two parts: One solely runs Tor and acts as a gateway, which we call Whonix-Gateway. The other, which we call Whonix-Workstation, is on a completely isolated network. Only connections through Tor are possible. After approximately one year of development, the Whonix Project is proud to announce the release of Whonix 15. Whonix 15 is based on the Debian buster (Debian 10) distribution. This means users have access to many new software packages in concert with existing packages, such as a modern branch of GNuPG, and more. Major Changes and New Features port Whonix from Debian stretch to Debian buster 5 kernel hardening 7 Blacklist uncommon network protocols 6 systemd unit sandboxing 5 improve entropy collection through extensive research and installation by default of jitterentropy-rngd 3 research implications of spectre / meltdown / retpoline / L1 Terminal Fault (L1TF) 5 vs Whonix Non-Qubes-Whonix: kloak - Keystroke Anonymization Tool 5 Non-Qubes-Whonix: Whonix Live 3 / Live Mode Indicator / grub-live / grub-default-live 1 Non-Qubes-Whonix: switch desktop environment from KDE to XFCE (poll 2) (other desktop environments 3) Non-Qubes-Whonix: reduced image size using zerofree 2 Whonix VirtualBox: CLI version 2 (Whonix ™ with CLI is a version suited for advanced users – those who want Whonix ™ without a GUI.) Whonix VirtualBox: unified ova downloads 5 Qubes-Whonix: change Qubes-Whonix default applications from KDE-ish to XFCE-ish 5 Qubes-Whonix: simplify installation of VM kernel 2 by installing the same recommended Qubes packages as Qubes Debian packages (source 1 (source 2) Whonix KVM: serial console support 3 update sdwdate time sources 1 List of processed Whonix 15 tickets arm64 / RPi 5 port install by default zulucrypt, qtox, onionshare, keepassxc, firejail new usability wrappers: scurlget 1, curlget, pwchange, upgrade-nonroot 1, apt-get-noninteractive, apt-get-update-plus remove mixmaster, ricochet since dead upstream support for Bisq - The P2P Exchange Network 4 port build script to cowbuilder; build packages in chroot and use mmdebstrap for better security add UsrMerge compatibility [Hidden Content]
  19. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 credentials used for accessing the web front end are stored unencrypted on the device in /faceGuard/database/FaceSentryWeb.sqlite. View the full article
  20. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 suffers from a cleartext transmission of sensitive information. This allows a remote attacker to intercept the HTTP Cookie authentication credentials via a man-in-the-middle attack. View the full article
  21. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 is vulnerable to multiple cross site scripting vulnerabilities. This issue is due to the application's failure to properly sanitize user-supplied input thru the 'msg' parameter (GET) in pluginInstall.php script. An attacker may leverage any of the cross-site scripting issues to have arbitrary script code executed in the browser of an unsuspecting user in the context of the affected site. This may facilitate the theft of cookie-based authentication credentials, phishing, as well as other attacks. View the full article
  22. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 facial biometric access control appliance ships with hard-coded and weak credentials for SSH access on port 23445 using the credentials wwwuser:123456. The root privilege escalation is done by abusing the insecure sudoers entry file. View the full article
  23. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 suffers from an authenticated OS command injection vulnerability using default credentials. This can be exploited to inject and execute arbitrary shell commands as the root user via the 'strInIP' POST parameter in pingTest PHP script. View the full article
  24. The FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 application interface allows users to perform certain actions via HTTP requests without performing any validity checks to verify the requests. This can be exploited to perform certain actions with administrative privileges if a logged-in user visits a malicious web site. View the full article
  25. FaceSentry Access Control System version 6.4.8 suffers from an authenticated OS command injection vulnerability using default credentials. This can be exploited to inject and execute arbitrary shell commands as the root user via the 'strInIP' and 'strInPort' parameters (POST) in pingTest and tcpPortTest PHP scripts. View the full article