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  1. Security Engineering for the IoT A Gudie to Security Solution of the IoT System [Hidden Content]
  2. itsMe

    ChatBot for WordPress v9.1.0

    Get the Best ChatBot Plugin for WordPress – WPBot More Leads, Conversions and Satisfied customers! WPBot is the first & only WordPress Integrated, Plug n’ Play ChatBot that can improve user engagement, provide support, answer questions & increase conversions! Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. Download 250+ HTML & CSS Examples code used in this Course ...... Build 15+ Websites in this Course ...... Learn HTML & CSS 10X times faster with Examples, Exercises, Projects and Quiz ...... Complete Hands-on and Practical approach on building website ...... >>>>>>>>> How this Course can Help? <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Will this course help me to learn HTML & CSS in the right way? Every sections from Starting to Last is carefully organised into these categories: Objective Lectures Complete Materials Download Access to Premium Documentation Library Live Preview of HTML & CSS Code Projects for every Section. Exercises on each of the topics Downloads Articles Assignments Quiz Summary With lots of time spent in organising these topics and making sure you get to learn HTML & CSS faster and with tons of supporting source code and proper guidance. >>>>>>>>> Website you will build in this course <<<<<<<<<<<<<< HTML & CSS Projects that you will learn to build with this course: Personal Resume. NewsPaper (Articles from huffpost). Music Download Website. Contact Form. HTML Tutorials Website. Draw and Move Boxes Around. Design Website Layout Header. Navigation. Content. Left Side Bar. Right Side Bar. Footer. HTML Layout. Personal One Page Website. Product Landing Page. Survey Page. Google Home Page. Coming Soon Page. many exercises for practise >>>>>>>>> Get Access to our Premium Documentation Library <<<<<<<<<<<<<< Entire course and plus more topics are documented at our Library: WEB BASICS HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT PHP MYSQL WORDPRESS INTERVIEW QUESTIONS PROJECTS SAMPLE DOWNLOAD PROJECTS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Learning Experience <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< What will I do in this Course? You will have fun building Website! Trust me. You will start with starting point source code and ending source code so that you know where you will start and end. You will be: Learning how to build website with Examples. Then do Exercise on the same topic by your own. (We provide solution as well) After that take the Quiz. Finally some reference blogs for continuing your study offline. With proper source code materials, you are never lost. Sections have a proper outcome before we start. So, know what you will learn after the section. 100% Guaranteed PHP Learning Experience ...... We have already trained so many students to learn building Websites and based on the feedback we know our materials are useful and easy to learn. 8.5+ hours of Course Materials. Defined Outcome with Objective and Summary. Access to Premium Documentation Library so that you can refer back. Assignment and Quiz so can test yourself. HD Quality and Clear Voice. (Needless to say but anyway...) Forum Support. many others once you get to know about us. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Topics you will learn <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< This course will help you learn ...... What is Protocol? What is Internet? What is TCP/IP Protocol? What is DNS? What is HTTP? What is Client Server Technology? How Website Works? Types of Languages. Compiler vs Interpreter. What is HTML? Tag, Element and Attribute. Structure of HTML Page. First HTML Page. HTML Boilerplate. Headings, Paragraph, Comments, Lines and Breaks. Text Formatting Tags. Pre and Code Tags Lists. Section and Articles. Projects: Personal Resume. Newspaper. (huffpost) Creating Tables. Embedding Contents – Image, Video and Audio. Working with Forms. Meta Tags. DIV and SPAN. Whitespaces, HTML Entities and Case Sensitive. iFrames. Projects: Music Download Website. Contact Form. HTML Tutorials Website. What is CSS3? Inline CSS. Comments in CSS. Internal, External and Linking of CSS. Debug CSS. 12 Types of CSS Selectors. Pseudo Class and Elements. CSS Precedence Rules. Color and Text. CSS Exercises. CSS BOX. CSS Floating Columns. Float or Clear. Positioning of Box. Display Inline or Block. Use Google Fonts. Link Favicon. Project: Moving Boxes. Design Website Layout. Simple HTML Page Layout. Your Personal Website. Product Landing Page. Survey Page. Google Home Page. Coming Soon Page. and many more topics ...... Trust me you will learn more than what we have shown here. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  4. Supercharger System Requirements Visual Studio 2013, 2015 and 2017 The best navigational tool for Visual Studio just got better. Relying on a Roslyn-based custom-built file code model, this new version of CodeMAP is perfectly accurate, immensely faster, with an impeccable notification system and almost imperceptible UI thread overhead. If you're not already, you will get addicted to CodeMAP's elegant and efficient presentation. Everything is there: sorting, grouping, nested code representation, code collapsing with editor sync, navigation history, member highlighting with editor sync, drag'n drop reordering, built-in and custom views etc. Testimony to CodeMAP's flexibility and power are its amount of options. You can customize almost anything you can think of in order to make it yours. Internal code structure made easier to understand - that's what code flow lines is all about. Fully customizable in terms of colors and opacities, soon customizable in terms of line style. Blocks of code can be collapsed by click and if you need to emphasize a code flow line for an instant then Alt+Click will temporarily increase the pen width. This is an example of a C# 'switch' statement with a collapsed block. And of course these are persistent, i.e. after restart or when closing and reopening a code document, previously collapsed blocks will be picked up by the engine. (Sep 12, 2019) Urgent, General: Fixed a VS crash caused by Supercharger's new Firebase-powered cloud feature AutoText: Added a "Settings" menu entry to AutoText Manager's popup menu, showing the AutoText options subset CodeMAP: Added a "Settings" menu entry to CodeMAP's popup menu, showing the CodeMAP options subset Post-It Notes: Post-It Notes are now loaded immediately after an external Supercharger Cloud sign-in Post-It Notes: When signing in to the Supercharger Cloud, the email and password fields are no longer cleared if the email is not recognized (i.e. maybe there is a typo, no need to re-enter all data) [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. Buffer

    proteus for mac os

    want to install proteus isis simulation software in macbook
  6. cve_2019_0708_bluekeep_rce.rb > /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/exploits/windows/rdp/cve_2019_0708_bluekeep_rce.rb rdp.rb > /usr/share/metasploit-framework/lib/msf/core/exploit/rdp.rb rdp_scanner.rb > /usr/share//metasploit-framework/modules/auxiliary/scanner/rdp/rdp_scanner.rb cve_2019_0708_bluekeep.rb > /usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/auxiliary/scanner/rdp/cve_2019_0708_bluekeep.rb [Hidden Content] Source: [Hidden Content]
  7. [Hidden Content] [TUT] HOW TO CRACK 1000+ SMTP FOR FREE! This method is free of use and does not requires any investment SMTP Crack Tool (Python) Features : • New SMTP IP/DOMAIN • Bruter Auto Scan Email FOR DOMAIN SMTP & IP or Host Auto Detect • @Domain for DOMAIN • SMTP Auto Generate Password From Domain/User (%user% or %domain%) • New Webmail Bruter (Zimbra/Office365/Icewarp/Bluehost...) • Auto Detect Hosts Of Emails [email protected]:password • Combos Accepted Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  8. newblackhat

    looking for netflix cracker

    hello everyone i want netflix cracker
  9. WordPress Ecpay Logistics For WooCommerce plugin version 1.2.181030 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability. View the full article
  10. [Hidden Content]
  11. This archive contains all of the 159 exploits added to Packet Storm in August, 2019. View the full article
  12. UNLIMITED GMAILS FOR VERIFICATION (NO TEMP-MAIL.ORG, GMAIL METHOD) EASY This tutorial covers how to get unlimited free emails for verification. Unblocked. [Hidden Content]
  13. Hello everyone, I'm looking for someone who is able to write a Python script for checking account on a website without captcha It will be possible to select a combolist (mail : pass), a proxy list and the number of threads I pay by BTC with contract and escrow Contact by PM
  14. Hy people to the old school, in this Link to mega, have 31GB games for the old iPad, iPone, iPod.... Model to iOS 5.1.1. *****LIST***** Big Fish Games, Inc Amazon.Hidden.Expedition-v1.7.2-most_uniQue.ipa Azada 1.1.ipa Azada.HD-v1.0.ipa Big.Fish-v1.2.2.ipa Buckingham 1.2.ipa Civil War 1.1.ipa Cook Quest 1.2.ipa Drawn-The.Painted.Tower.HD-v1.0.2.ipa HIT Mirror 1.3.ipa Nick Chase 1.18.ipa Sky Patrol.ipa *****LIST***** Chillingo Ltd 23.iBomber.Defense-v1.0.ipa Angry.Birds.HD-v1.5.0.ipa Billabong.Surf.Trip-v1.3.ipa Cut the Rope Holiday Gift 1.0 1.ipa Cut the Rope-v1.2.1-Faisalx21.ipa Dominion 1.0.ipa Dominion.HD-v1.3.2.ipa Dracula Pt1 1.1.ipa Dracula.The.Path.Of.The.Dragon.Part.2-v1.0.ipa EasterSneeze 1.2.ipa Food Process-v1.0-most_uniQue.ipa Food.Processing.HD-v1.0.ipa Glide Factor 1.5.ipa Guerrilla.Bob-v1.40.ipa Hooga-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa Ice_Age_Deluxe_Dawn_Of_The_Dinosaurs_for_iPad_1.0.ipa Inkvaders_HD-(v1.0).ipa Knight's.Rush-v1.2.0.ipa Meteor 1.07.ipa Minigore HD 1.0.ipa Minigore-v5.0.ipa MoA 1.1.ipa Monster.Mayhem-v1.5-BlackDeath.ipa Mummy's.Treasure-v1.02.ipa Parking.Mania.HD-v1.2.ipa Piyo.Blocks.2-v1.6.01.ipa PREDATORS 1.3.ipa Puzzler World 1.02.ipa Quest_ Aster 8.3.ipa Quest_ HOL 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLII 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLIII 8.2.ipa Quest_ HOLIV 8.3.ipa Quest_ I&F 10.0.ipa Quest_ Mithril 8.2.ipa Ragdoll 1.1.ipa Ravensword 1.322.ipa SEED 1.0.ipa SpeakingEnglishDictionary 4.2.ipa Supremacy.Wars.HD-v1.1.ipa The Hero 1.1.ipa Toki.Tori.HD-v1.0.ipa TXT.Fighter-v1.0-most_uniQue.ipa Ultimate.Voice.Recording-v4.1.ipa V.O.Reloaded.HD-v1.3.ipa Vampires 1.1.ipa Vegas Pool 1.05.ipa Volleyball 1.03.ipa Zen Bound 1.4.0.ipa Zombie.Escape-v1.1.ipa Zooloretto 1.20.ipa *****LIST***** Agents-v1.0.ipa Angry_Birds__v1.5.2_LP_os30_-SlamDance.ipa Floe-A.Little.Bear.Needs.Your.Help-v1.1-most_uniQue.ipa HiConverter (v3.0 os20)-y.ipa Mod Conflict 1.00.ipa Modern.Conflict.HD-v1.1.ipa Ninja.Penguin.Rampage-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Office.Gamebox-v1.0.ipa Parking 1.5.ipa PileUp 1.0.ipa Pipe.Rush-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Stick-Fu-v1.3.1.ipa Sticky-v1.01.ipa ZombieDash 1.3.ipa *****LIST***** Digital Chocolate, Inc 3D Brick 2 1.0.8.ipa 3D Coaster 1.0.7.ipa 3D Coaster 1.1.8.ipa 3D Mini Golf 1.0.7.ipa Brick 3D 1.1.7.ipa Crazy Penguin Catapult 2 v1.0.9 THT.ipa Diamond 1.0.0.ipa GoldRush2 1.0.ipa GoldRush 1.0.9.ipa Haunted 1.0.6.ipa Jurassic 1.0.6.ipa Millionaire 1.0.1.ipa Millionaire 1.1.8.ipa Moto 1.0.8.ipa New_York_3D_Rollercoaster_Rush_1.1.2.ipa Penguin 1.0.18.ipa Red.Bull.BC.One.Game-v1.0.1.ipa Rollercoaster 774.ipa Tower.Bloxx.New.York-v1.0.1-James_Sou.ipa TowerBloxx v2.0.21 I-HcKd.ipa Underground 1.0.2.ipa *****LIST***** Electronic Arts 04.Scrabble.for.iPad-v1.1.74.ipa 23.YAHTZEE.Adventures.International-v1.0.63.ipa 24.BOGGLE.for.iPad-v1.0.1.ipa 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP SOUTH AFRICA™.ipa BATTLEFIELD.BAD.COMPANY.2.World-v1.0.0.ipa CauseOfDeath-v1.3.4.ipa CLUE.Secrets.and.Spies-v1.0.0.ipa Dead.Space.v1.0.1-DanishSilver.ipa Dead.Space-v1.0.2.ipa Destin le jeu de la vie v1.1.28.ipa Dragon's.Lair-v11.20.20-most_uniQue.ipa EA Hunting-v1.0.0.ipa EA MMA 1.1.16.ipa EA.Sports.Madden.NFL.11-v1.0.6.ipa FIFA11_iPad-v1.0.0.ipa Heroes Lore-v1.0.1.ipa Hot Pursuit-v1.0.2-iRomich.ipa Lemonade 1.0.71.ipa Liqua Pop.Ipa.ipa LITE-BRITE 1.0.0.ipa Mirror's Edge 1.4.73.ipa Monopoly.World-v2.4.29.ipa MysteryMania 1.1.26.ipa NBA JAM.ipa NCAAFootball 1.0.1.ipa Need.for.Speed.Hot.Pursuit-v1.0.2-most_uniQue.ipa Need.For.Speed.Shift-v1.0.80.ipa Pictureka!.for.iPad-v1.0.6.ipa Pictureka-v1.0.1.ipa Pogo.Games.World-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Reckless Racing HD [Electronic Arts Nederland BV]-iFrench.ipa Reckless.Racing.World-v1.3.0.ipa Red Alert 1.1.1.ipa Risk 1.5.2.ipa Rock Band Reloaded-v1.0.0.ipa Scrabble.for.iPad-v1.1.63.ipa Scrabble-v1.6.23-suspiria_2.ipa SCRABBLE-v1.6.78-LPCLPC.ipa SimCity DLX 1.0.0 1.ipa Spore Creatures 1.0.1.ipa Spore Origins 1.0.64.ipa Tee Shot Live 2.0.25.ipa Tetris.for.iPad-v1.5.46.ipa Tetris-v1.2.67-JoySu.ipa The Sims 3 1.2.13.ipa TheSims3Am 1.0.0.ipa TheSims3WA 1.0.0.ipa TrivialPursuit 1.1.42.ipa Ultimate.Mortal.Kombat.3.for.iPad-v1.0.49.ipa Ultimate.Mortal.Kombat.3-v1.0.4-most_uniQue.ipa Wolf...RPG 1.1.1.ipa Yahtzee.HD-v1.2.9.ipa *****LIST***** G5 Entertainment 85.Treasure.Seekers.Visions.of.Gold-v1.2.ipa Crystal_Portal_2 (v1.0 os30)-Seb1971.ipa Mahjong Artifacts 2-v1.7-most_uniQue.ipa Mahjong Artifacts-v1.4-most_uniQue.ipa MushrmAge 1.1.ipa Mushroom.Age.HD-v1.3.ipa Paranormal.Agency-v1.3.ipa Romance.Of.Rome-v1.0.ipa Stand.O'Food.HD-v1.5.ipa Success Story-v1.2-most_uniQue.ipa Super...Mania 1.0.ipa Super...Mania 1.5.ipa Supermarket.Management-v1.3.ipa The Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2 Beyond the Horizon HD _.ipa The Mystery of the Crystal Portal (v1.7 os30)-iPhoneMania[ICPDA].ipa Virtual.City-v1.5.ipa Yumsters2 1.3.ipa *****LIST***** Gameloft 97.Splinter.Cell.Conviction-v1.0.2.ipa ActionPack 1.0.0.ipa Asphalt5 1.2.6.ipa Asphalt.6.Adrenaline-v1.1.6.ipa BIA2 1.1.2.ipa BladesOfFury-v1.1.3-Hellhammer92.ipa Blokus-v1.0.2-Splintr.ipa BrainChal. 1.0.0.ipa BrainChallenge2 1.0.7.ipa Driver 1.1.1.ipa Dungeon Hunter 1.6.1.ipa Dungeon.ipa Eternal Legacy HD-v1.0.0.ipa Eternal.Legacy-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Ferrari-1.3.4-marcra1n.ipa Fishing Kings 1.0.0.ipa Gangstar2 1.0.0.ipa Gangstar.West.Coast.Hustle.HD-v1.0.0.ipa GT Racing 1.5.6.ipa GT.Racing.Motor.Academy.HD-v1.1.1.ipa Guitar Rock2 2.0.7.ipa Guitar.Rock.Tour-v1.3.7.ipa Hawx 1.1.3.ipa Hero Of Sparta 1.30.ipa Hero.Of.Sparta.2.HD-v1.0.0.ipa HOS2 1.0.2.ipa IronMan2 (v1.0.3).ipa James.Cameron's.Avatar.for.iPad-v1.1.9.ipa Let's Golf! 1.0.1.ipa Lets.Golf.2.HD-v1.0.1.ipa LetsGolf2 1.0.1.ipa N.O.V.A. 1.0.5.ipa NFL.2010.HD-v1.1.5.ipa NFL.2011-v1.0.1.ipa NOVA 1.2.8.ipa PoP_ WW 1.0.8.ipa Prince.of.Persia.Warrior.Within_HD.ipa Rayman 2 1.0.2.ipa Real Tennis 1.0.0.ipa Real.Football.2010-v1.4.4.ipa RealGolf2011 1.0.1.ipa RF10iPad 1.0.1.ipa RF11 1.0.1.ipa Rogue Planet 1.2.1.ipa RSoccer11 1.0.0.ipa Sacred.Odyssey.Rise.of.Ayden.HD-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Sacred.Odyssey.Rise.of.Ayden-v1.0.0.ipa Sandstorm2 1.0.0.ipa Sandstorm 1.4.6.ipa Shadow.Guardian.HD-v1.0.1.ipa Shadow.Guardian-v1.0.1.ipa Shrek4 1.0.0.ipa Shrek.Forever.After.HD-v1.0.0.ipa Skater Nation 1.2.1.ipa Spiderman 1.0.0.ipa StarBattalion 1.0.0.ipa Starfront.Collision.FULL-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa Tom.Clancys.Rainbow.Six.Shadow.Vanguard-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa UNO 1.9.8.ipa Vatican 1.0.ipa WWII Pacific-v1.0.0-Ab3r1Kanobee.ipa Zombie.Infection.HD-v1.0.0.ipa ZombieInfection 1.0.0.ipa *****LIST***** Sega Altered.Beast-v1.0.0-most_uniQue.ipa ChuChu.Rocket!-v1.0.2.ipa FM 2010 1.5.ipa Football.Manager.Handheld.2011-v2.2.ipa Golden axe v2.0.0.ipa S.Harrier II 1.0.0.ipa SEGA.Gunstar.Heroes-v1.0.0.ipa Shining force v1.0.1.ipa Shinobi 3 v1.0.0.ipa SMB2-v1.2-MrElectrifyer.ipa Sonic 1 1.2.6.ipa Sonic 2 1.0.0.ipa Sonic.Spinball-v1.0.1-most_uniQue.ipa Sonic.The.Hedgehog.2-v1.2.15.ipa Streets.Of.Rage-v2.0.0.ipa WallPaperSearch 1.2.ipa *****LIST***** Skyworks 3PtHoops 3.0.ipa Air Hockey 3.0.ipa Arcade.Hoops.Basketball-v3.2-SlamDance.ipa BatterUp 3.0.ipa Boardwalk 3.0.ipa D-Crypto 1.0.ipa Goaaal!-v3.3.ipa HorseShoes 3.0.ipa MentalBlocks 3.0.ipa Skyscrapers-v3.1.ipa Slapshot 3.0.ipa Speedback.Football-v3.1.ipa SpillDaMilk-3.1-hgt_gu.ipa StellarBlast 3.0.ipa TableTennis-v3.2-jAcK.ipa Ten.Pin.Bowl-v3.1.ipa *****LIST***** Triniti Interactive Limited Action Heroes.ipa Ada's FS 1.0.ipa Attack 1.5.ipa Castle.Wars.HD-v1.0.ipa Chicks 1.6.ipa Climber.ipa Coastal S-C 1.2.ipa Commando 1.3.ipa Death Knight 1.1.ipa Desert_Slug (v1.1 os30)-diegolobo.ipa Digital Heist 1.2.ipa Dino Cap 1.1.ipa Elevator.Zombies-v1.0.ipa Enemy.Alert!-v1.0.ipa Fit It! 1.6.ipa GameBox 1E-v1.1-jaychanged.ipa GameBox.2-v1.5.ipa Hell Flyer 1.1.ipa iKungFu.ipa Jailbreaker 2 1.2.ipa Robo Rush 1.3.ipa S vs V 1.0.ipa Super World Adventures-v1.0.ipa Yoo Sports v1.2.ipa Yoo! Hoops 1.2.ipa [Hidden Content]
  15. [Hidden Content]
  16. I'm looking for neutrino 5.1 builder source code. PM with price and proof .
  17. [Hidden Content]
  18. Captcha solver extension for humans Buster is a browser extension which helps you to solve difficult captchas by completing reCAPTCHA audio challenges using speech recognition. Challenges are solved by clicking on the extension button at the bottom of the reCAPTCHA widget. reCAPTCHA challenges remain a considerable burden on the web, delaying and often blocking our access to services and information depending on our physical and cognitive abilities, our social and cultural background, and the devices or networks we connect from. The difficulty of captchas can be so out of balance, that sometimes they seem friendlier to bots than they are to humans. The goal of this project is to improve our experience with captchas, by giving us easy access to solutions already utilized by automated systems. Source Code & More info : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  19. Hey guys I'm looking for a good botnet that supports Tor to allow clients communicate to the .onion server over Tor network. PM with the botnet name and price...
  20. [Hidden Content]
  21. [Hidden Content]
  22. [Hidden Content]
  23. Viruses for Android. Lesson number 1 (The beginning of the beginning) Viruses for Android. No. 2 (Admin Development) Viruses for Android. No. 3 (SMS interception) Viruses for Android. No. 4 (How to knock) Viruses for Android. No. 5 (Flora and Fauna) Viruses for Android. No. 6 (Application Monitoring) [Hidden Content]
  24. Viruses for Android. Lesson number 1 (The beginning of the beginning) Viruses for Android. No. 2 (Admin Development) Viruses for Android. No. 3 (SMS interception) Viruses for Android. No. 4 (How to knock) Viruses for Android. No. 5 (Flora and Fauna) [Hidden Content]