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  1. From (simple) multiple accounts detection to isp/connection fingerprinting with score-based moderating/rejecting logic. These are very effective low-hanging fruit at reducing spam. Supports migration configuration from the following XF1 add-ons; TPU Spam Detect Alter ego Detector Link content spam checking Instead of adding the spam phrases [Hidden Content] which generate lots of false positives; this allows controlling how links are treated by the content spam checker; Explicitly allow URLs with a given domain Explicitly moderate URLs with a given domain Explicitly reject URLs with a given domain Default allow/moderate/reject for unclassified URLs Multiple account handling permissions Bypass multiple account checking Can enable / disable alerting for user Can enable / disable alerting for log View reportings. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. [Hidden Content]
  3. dEEpEst


    [Hidden Content]
  4. VFM is a simple and flexible plug-and-play file manager, easy to use and plenty of options. Send files to your customers, create new users with dedicated folders, or simply use it as your personal file cloud. Access from any device, manage users and general settings from an intuitive administration panel, customize it to your brand. Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. WordPress Qwiz Online Quizzes and Flashcards plugin version 3.36 suffers from a cross site scripting vulnerability. View the full article
  6. Dabman and Imperial Web Radio Devices suffers from undocumented telnet backdoor and command execution vulnerabilities. View the full article
  7. Spyix Personal Monitor Main features: Remote monitoring via secure web accountMonitor your computer activities through a secured web account by logging in from any computer remotely. This means you can monitor your computer without having physical access to it. Keylogger (keystrokes logging)With the keystrokes logger, you can see all the keystrokes that are made on your computer, even if they have been removed. NEW! Live ViewingWatching the screen in live mode Screenshots captureIt takes screenshot of the desktop view without the user knowing it. Making snapshots from user web cameraIt takes snapshots of the activities carried out on your computer, by using the web camera of the user.(available for PRO license) Microphone Voice SurveillanceSilent sound recording is activated by excess the microphone level (surround sound level), by scheduler, on start or resumption of user activity(available for PRO license) WEB Camera SurveillanceSilent video recording is activated by excess the microphone level (surround sound level), by scheduler, on start or resumption of user activity(available for PRO license) Invisible modeThe running program will not be shown to the user in the list of running and installed applications, desktop tray, Start menu so it will not be obvious to the user. Undetectable to antivirus softwareUnlike other applications, this program is not susceptible or detectable by anti-viruses, w[Hidden Content]hich prevents them from blocking it. The monitoring system has special algorithms which prevents its detection. Remote UninstallationYou can remove Spyrix Personal Monitor on the target PC remotely – through secure web account. Remote monitoring from any place and any device (PC, tablet, smartphone) Clipboard controlThe application features clipboard control and monitors and records all the activities in the form of the programs and applications that are run on the system. Facebook + Social Networking Activity It monitors and records the activities carried out on social media platforms like Facebook, My Space, Twitter etc. Skype (Two-way dialogue interception) 20+ Popular IM Messengers ActivityIt monitors the activities of more than 20 renowned Messengers such as MSN and ICQ. Search Engines MonitoringRecords the searches that are carried on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and AOL. This includes recording of keywords that are used for making the searches. URL monitoringURL monitoring allows you to know what websites and pages the user visited. Blocking sites: by categories (for example adult, dating), blacklist of URLs, blacklist of keywords.You can block websites by classifying them as adult or inappropriate and can also block the use of certain keywords. Apps activityView all running applications including games and iTunes E-mail, FTP, LAN log deliveryIt also features log delivery through email and FTP where logs are sent to in certain intervals of time. Alert keywordsIt renders keyword alerts to enable you to know the keywords that are being used to make web searches through your computer system. Analytics moduleAlso included in this program is the feature of Analytics module which is used for report generation and other services. User ActivityIt keeps a complete track on the user activities and maintains record. “Black List” Sites (Alert URLs)It also renders URL alerts by blacklisting the URLs of sites. Removable Drives (USB, HDD, SD) ControlThe activities of removable drives such as HDD, USB and SD can be both monitored and controlled. Printer ControlThis program also has the trait of Printer Control which allows controlling the printer activities on the system. Stand-alone Report with ScreenshotsThe application renders complete standalone reports coupled with screen shots. Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful multifunctional program for full and detailed monitoring of user activity, including activity on social networks. The program is perfect for parental control and control of employees. Spyrix Personal Monitor allows detailed recording of all user activities. Spyrix Personal Monitor will help you solve the problem of monitoring your children without being caught. You will always know what you child was doing while using the PC. Spyrix Personal Monitor is a powerful protection tool from leakage of corporate secrets (DLP – data loss prevention). Nowadays on the market of data loss prevention (DLP) software there are lots of solutions that often cost thousands of dollars and in consequence of which are not available for small and medium companies. Spyrix Personal Monitor is a reasonably priced but quite effective product for solving problems of secret information leakage and employees activity control that allows small companies protecting themselves from unfair workers and problems with leakage of secret information. [Hidden Content]
  8. C3 Custom Command and Control C3 (Custom Command and Control) is a tool that allows Red Teams to rapidly develop and utilise esoteric command and control channels (C2). It’s a framework that extends other red team tooling, such as the commercial Cobalt Strike (CS) product via ExternalC2, which is supported at release. It allows the Red Team to concern themselves only with the C2 they want to implement; relying on the robustness of C3 and the CS tooling to take care of the rest. This efficiency and reliability enable Red Teams to operate safely in critical client environments (by assuring a professional level of stability and security); whilst allowing for safe experimentation and rapid deployment of customised Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs). Thus, empowering Red Teams to emulate and simulate an adaptive real-world attacker. Attackers must establish command and control (C2) to gain influence within their target environments in order to pursue their goals and objectives. It is therefore arguably one of the most important parts of the cyber kill chain because without it any payloads that are successfully delivered operate blindly, cannot provide network level pivoting and near real-time interaction. It is no surprise then that organisations have been imposing more controls against what types of communications are allowed from systems and a priority has been placed on defensive teams to be able to effectively detect C2. This is emphasised by two out of the twelve columns of Mitre ATT&CK being related to this area, ‘Command and Control’ and ‘Exfiltration’. The first proof of concept of C3 was presented at BlueHat v18 by William Knowles and Dave Hartley. Since then it has been refactored and some aspects reimagined into what it is today by a team of developers heavily influenced by members of the MWR Red Team. Video : BlueHat v18 || Overt Command & Control: The Art of Blending In Practical Usage C3 is designed to be an easy and intuitive interface that allows users to form complex paths during adversarial simulations. This section provides an in-depth guide of how to use C3, from compilation through to code execution. See blog post for a detailed tutorial. [hide][Hidden Content]] For contribution guide (how to develop a Channel tutorials), see this page [hide][Hidden Content]] Download [hide][Hidden Content]]
  9. This Metasploit module exploits a flaw in the WSReset.exe file associated with the Windows Store. This binary has autoelevate privs, and it will run a binary file contained in a low-privilege registry location. By placing a link to the binary in the registry location, WSReset.exe will launch the binary as a privileged user. View the full article
  10. Web Security Dojo Web Security Dojo is a virtual machine that provides the tools, targets, and documentation to learn and practice web application security testing. A preconfigured, stand-alone training environment ideal for classroom and conferences. No Internet required to use. Ideal for those interested in getting hands-on practice for ethical hacking, penetration testing, bug bounties, and capture the flag (CTF). A single OVA file will import into VirtualBox and VMware. There is also an Ansible script for those brave souls that want to transform their stock Ubuntu into a virtual dojo. Bow to your sensei! Features vulnerable web applications common web security testing tools popular industry web application security guidelines walk-throughs of several targets (no peeking ahead) no Internet-connect required to use username: dojo password: dojo To install Dojo you first install and run VirtualBox 5 or later, then “Import Appliance” using the Dojo’s OVF file. We have PDF or YouTube for instructions for Virtualbox. The OVA should also be able to be imported and used in various VMware tools, but we do not support this directly at this time. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  11. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. You can download videos from these websites with one click. Automatic installation Detailed statistics in dashboardnNew design in frontend Improvement in the backend system code System for themes Automatic installation AJAX Based Demo: [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  13. [Hidden Content] [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Pass:
  14. Ultimate Survey Bot V2.0 Brought to life by Bots4U™ a world class development team based out of the US comes one of their greatest brain storms to date. With improved visuals, new undetectable mode, redesigned algorithms and now supporting surveys from platforms like: Paymentwall, RadiumOme, SuperRewards, SuperSonic, Trialpay and The Ultimate Survey Bot V2.0 is unmistakably setting itself up to be the single greatest automated cash machine of the decade! The World’s #1 Automated Bot That Completes Surveys from GPT Sites Like: ( | | | | | | COBY 2.0 Now Proudly Features! The Highly Requested! Ultimate Survey Exchange! New! Undetectable Mode: W/ HumanLike AI + Premium VPN! New! Live Statistics Panel & Queue System! New! Stress Free Server Side Completions! New! Automated Real Information Generator! Built In Temporary Email Creator For Epic Verification! Access to Over 2000+ HQ Proxies! Updated Daily! Built In Premium Captcha Bot! W/ New Image Library! Updated Web Scanner V5.0 Algorithms! [Hidden Content] This bot complete surveys for you fast and multiple tasks! [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  15. Viruses for Android. Lesson number 1 (The beginning of the beginning) Viruses for Android. No. 2 (Admin Development) Viruses for Android. No. 3 (SMS interception) Viruses for Android. No. 4 (How to knock) [Hidden Content]
  16. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  17. Apple giving out pre-jailbroken research iPhones to security researchers starting next year, and will pay up to $1M for zero click remote chain with persistence Announcement: We are increasing our bounties for almost every product. We're now paying $2,000,000 for remote iOS jailbreaks, $1,000,000 for WhatsApp/iMessage/SMS/MMS RCEs, and $500,000 for Chrome RCEs. More information at:
  18. Seven things we shouldn't do with our Wi-Fi connection [Hidden Content] Seven things we should do with our Wi-Fi connection [Hidden Content]
  19. Express vpn 60+ Express Keys And Account... [Hidden Content]
  20. XSpear - Powerfull XSS Scanning And Parameter Analysis Tool Key features Pattern matching based XSS scanning Detect alert confirm prompt event on headless browser (with Selenium) Testing request/response for XSS protection bypass and reflected params Reflected Params Filtered test event handler HTML tag Special Char Testing Blind XSS (with XSS Hunter , ezXSS, HBXSS, Etc all url base blind test...) Dynamic/Static Analysis Find SQL Error pattern Analysis Security headers(CSP HSTS X-frame-options, XSS-protection etc.. ) Analysis Other headers..(Server version, Content-Type, etc...) Scanning from Raw file(Burp suite, ZAP Request) XSpear running on ruby code(with Gem library) Show table base cli-report and filtered rule, testing raw query(url) Testing at selected parameters Support output format cli json cli: summary, filtered rule(params), Raw Query Support Verbose level (quit / nomal / raw data) Support custom callback code to any test various attack vectors [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  21. Rest Cafe and Restaurant Website CMS suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. View the full article