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  1. Re: Russian-English dictionary (for soft: brut, parser, etc) Не только ты тут Русский... Тут Русских - 50%
  2. Загрузить, открыть, соурс, база, базочка, загрузить базу - open source Прокси, загрузить прокси - open proxy Старт, начать, брут, брутить - start Стоп, остановить - stop Ошибки, ероры - error Гуд, гудов - good Бед, беды, плохие - bad Example: Button1: Старт - start Button2: Стоп - stop
  3. Re: PayPal Brute + Checker by Moment [Cracked by PC-RET] Иди учи русский! Come take into Russian! (translate by google) Russian-English dictionary
  4. About the program: + Beautiful design + For 20 seconds can Spars 10 pages (200 logins) + There is a function "Remove duplicates" + Parses from any site on the engine nexforo + Supports site.ru / online and site.ru / members Download: [Hidden Content] Brut: [Hidden Content] P.S. начать - start(translate)
  5. Features: + Indicates the number of errors when Brutus + Ability to Brutus all forums that on the engine XenForo (enter link to the forum) + Supports proxy http (s) / socks4/socks5 + Can vybat thread-count and timeout + Beautiful design + Save goods + Can Brutus without a proxy Download: [Hidden Content]
  6. what botnet the best in public? Какой ботнет посоветуете(в паблике)...? Ну и желательно раписать все плюсы... P.S. мне бы ток дос и стилер встроенный(а кардинг не нужен)
  7. Re: Generador RC4 by Blader The English version does not support visual basic: ( do on the English character set (instead of letters - question marks) Не поддерживает Английскую версию visual basic :( Сделай, на английской кодировке. (вместо букв - знаки вопроса)
  8. Re: Black Stub Generator v1.0 VB.Net - microsoft visual studio
  9. Re: M-H CRYPT - Drag&Drop - [1/35] dark comet - not valid
  10. Re: *INDIAN CRYPTER By LeonDk* Dark Comet - not valid ! Error:
  11. Re: Crypter Rippers by DollyDolly Пхах... Не ожидал... Хотя бы раз о русских вспомнили :D (translate google - Phi Phi ... I did not expect ... At least once on Russian remembered)
  12. Origin RegChecker Origin Client Brute Origin Client Brute/Checker Brute/Checker Proxy Checker Download: [Hidden Content] Password: level-23.cc
  13. Functions of the program: 1.Generator phone numbers 2.replace 3.Change separator 4.Sort domains 5.Grabber proxy 6.Generator vouchers Skype 7.Grabber mail; pass (on the links) 8.Revers 9.Zapuskaet copy of Skype 10.addition passwords (base load and password will be like your login) 11.Delete doubles P.S. I can't good translate to English Download: [Hidden Content] Password: level-23.cc
  14. Re: abstract crypter File clean. Este mod y debido a esto no funciona.
  15. Scan dark comet: Download: [Hidden Content] Password: level-23.cc
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