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  1. Re: 888 Private RAT (Cracked) backdoored
  2. Re: Hash Identify {important} seems to be Babse64
  3. Re: All rats wont work for me! try: rather than dns on your same pc try: open cmd write ipconfig check your internal network ip write same internal pc ip beside the port when you open
  4. Re: Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner 10.5 [Cracked] SPAM = BANNED POST THANKS = BANNED POST REQUEST PASSWORDS = BANNED [Hidden Content]
  5. SP

    File TO Hex ..

    Re: File TO Hex .. yes with other new friends here hope to be best place .. <3
  6. SP

    File TO Hex ..

    >rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000002000000C00000078370" rHwOzTmTjThRRUlTciS &= "000000000000000000000000000000" [Hidden Content] Download:[Hidden Content]
  7. >[Hidden Content] >[Hidden Content] Enjoy:grin:
  8. Re: LeecHTTP-Website Copier Tool :cray: view-source:[Hidden Content]
  9. Big list Please note: Some people have had problems downloading the word lists using the Mega link. It is highly recommended that you try the torrent download first. Download: Torrent (Magnet Link) GZIP-compressed (level 9). 4.2 GiB compressed. 15 GiB uncompressed. Mega Mirror Checksums (crackstation.txt.gz) MD5: 4748a72706ff934a17662446862ca4f8 SHA1: efa3f5ecbfba03df523418a70871ec59757b6d3f SHA256: a6dc17d27d0a34f57c989741acdd485b8aee45a6e9796daf8c9435370dc61612 Smaller Wordlist (Human Passwords Only) I got some requests for a wordlist with just the "real human" passwords leaked from various website databases. This smaller list contains just those passwords. There are about 64 million passwords in this list! Download: Torrent (Magnet Link) GZIP-compressed. 247 MiB compressed. 684 MiB uncompressed. Mega Mirror Checksums (crackstation-human-only.txt.gz) MD5: fbc3ca43230086857aac9b71b588a574 SHA1: 116c5f60b50e80681842b5716be23951925e5ad3 SHA256: 201f8815c71a47d39775304aa422a505fc4cca18493cfaf5a76e608a72920267
  10. Re: No me funcionan los RAT be sure you opened the ports in router and the same port in server build and listen on the same port ... some rats have pass connection in server and in rat options must write the same pass
  11. Re: Small-Net RAT v5 Relased ! run as admin :dash1: it's nice but this thing made it poor one
  12. Re: Who knew somes RAT? [Hidden Content]
  13. Re: Small-Net RAT v4.0 Relased ! good work man .....i think it's Mod from jordan RAT @ dev-piont
  14. SP

    [REL] Bozok 1.3

    This version includes fixes on Webcam and Keylogger, Webcam works on DirectX now. Also a few fixes were applied, GUI on Webcam and Screencapture changed. Save Frame added! download:[Hidden Content]
  15. Re: [Kali Linux] Session Hijacking it's drugs :ruletaoff:
  16. download:[Hidden Content] password:by_ezah
  17. SP

    Exeinfo for Windows

    Exeinfo for Windows by A.S.L. ( freeware version ) Packer, compressor detector / unpack info / internal exe tools Detect : Symbian / Android / Linux / Mac OS - files www Last update : 2013-04-15 Download :1- [Hidden Content] 2-[Hidden Content]
  18. Re: Reporten Links Caidos (Importante) [Hidden Content]
  19. Re: Havij v1.17 Pro Cracked ! did u tested ??? for me i tested the same crack when program trying to find database it will stop
  20. Re: Razorcrypt 12.3 Cracked bY dR.fAn0 can i have password dr :derisive:
  21. Re: I Hate Doctors Crypter (Animated) bY dR.fAn0 :fou2: :fou2: :fou2: :fou2: :fou2: i hate teeth doctors :cheesy:
  22. SP

    USB Spreader [FUD]

    Re: USB Spreader [FUD] how it spread .. autorun .. newfolder... shorutcut ...??
  23. SP

    Java fake

    Re: Java fake i got the exploit [Hidden Content] File Info: File Name: Client.jar SHA1: 98b109fdee9008e5aeacb1d2d109c328b511216c MD5: a6091a6335ec1fd34e8358010c044270 Date and Time: 10-02-13,11:07:07 Report Generated by LeVeL-23.Biz File Size: 2337 Bytes Detection: 24 of 35 Detections: AVG Free Client.class=Trojan horse Java\/ClassLoader ArcaVir Clean Avast 5 Client.class=Java:CVE-2012-1723-AAT [Expl] AntiVir (Avira) Client.class=JAVA\/Runner.1458 BitDefender Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G VirusBuster Internet Security Clean Clam Antivirus Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader-1 COMODO Internet Security Clean Dr.Web Client.class=Java.Downloader.138 eTrust-Vet Clean F-PROT Antivirus Client.class=Java\/Agent.CK (exact) F-Secure Internet Security Clean G Data Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G, Java:CVE-2012-1723-AAT [Expl] IKARUS Security Client.class=Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent Kaspersky Antivirus Client.class=Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.jv McAfee Client.class=Downloader-BCS MS Security Essentials Client.class=TrojanDownloader:Java\/Agent.E ESET NOD32 Client.class=Trojan.Java\/TrojanDownloader.Agent.NBB Norman Client.class=doslegacy\/DLoader.C Norton Antivirus Client.class=Trojan.Gen Panda Security Clean A-Squared Client.class=Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent!IK Quick Heal Antivirus Clean Solo Antivirus Clean Sophos Client.class=Troj\/JavaDl-J Trend Micro Internet Security Clean VBA32 Antivirus Client.class=infected Trojan-Downloader.Java.Agent.nbb Vexira Antivirus Clean Zoner AntiVirus Clean Ad-Aware Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G (v) BullGuard Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G Immunet Antivirus Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G K7 Ultimate Client.class=Trojan ( 781652440 ) NANO Antivirus Client.class=Trojan.Downloader.bczlz VIPRE Client.class=Trojan.Java.Downloader.G (v)

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