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  2. Re: 888 Private RAT (Cracked) yes sp the cracked vertion is backdored true
  3. Re: 888 Private RAT (Cracked) ok i will update soon as posible
  4. Re: 888 Private RAT (Cracked) Just to inform that is Old Vertion not Fud & not stable the last vertion have many fuction & Fud & bypass runtime also faster connection & other many feature [Hidden Content]
  5. Re: Hidden Startup you need to bypass Kesper ?
  6. rayane888

    File TO Hex ..

    Re: File TO Hex .. Sp the old Level is Back
  7. Re: Crypting & Cracking Contest | End 2016 Nice Contest i will try to give the best
  8. Re: Hello all welcome big cracker Level 23
  9. Re: Hello World [MENTION=20135]z3r0[/MENTION] just read the rules .. & Welcome to Level Bro
  10. Re: Erro crypter au3 use Sleep in most of line to make ligth gui that support . if the problem not fixed must to change all the way of Crypting
  11. Re: Erro crypter au3 bro the problem in crypter Gui not support big size
  12. Re: FUD Advanced Shortcut Builder+Any-file-Downloader+Icon Changer nice idea :whistling:
  13. Re: Bypass kaspersky internet security 2016 third time Not just Lnk You can Bypass KIS we have lot of Idea to Fix Server in StartUp if you need to bypass Kaspersky 1-you must check your StartUp not Exe but other way 2-the file must install in TEMP not ther Derectory or will detected 3-conection must be Unique not all Used Rat
  14. Re: How Fix path in Script Yes change Is random file in this case you can use if profils _file liste to Array to detect all files
  15. Re: How Delete Folder and Sub Folder with Autoit V3 >DirRemove (@DesktopDir&"\folder1",1) Auto Detect Desktop Dir & Remov

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