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  1. AdAstra

    Business Email extractor

    From here i would like to extract all emails: [Hidden Content] . If there is no email attached it would be nice to crawl their website for it. Same for this one: [Hidden Content]
  2. AdAstra

    Business Email extractor

    Hello, looking for business email extractor such as G business extractor who can scrape emails locally. G business doesnt support Czech republic. Id like any tool which can scrape emails locally (would be the best) or just by domain name which ends .cz
  3. AdAstra

    REQ URL Parser for SIB

    Looking for URL parser for SIB panel - heard about a-parser is good, so preferably this.
  4. As title says i request Walmart USA checker/config with capture (CC, balance, giftcard etc...)
  5. AdAstra

    Best proxy provider ?

    @itsMe since they give you 5$ for adding fake payment info theyre raped af (atleast datacenter ones). People from nulled rape them. other plans are expensive
  6. AdAstra

    Best proxy provider ?

    Hello, do you have any suggestions for paid proxy provider for cracking ? It should be rotating large pool ur updating i use moxyproxy but its raped on many sites. any ideas ?