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  1. johndoe1

    OSINT Tool for All-In-One Web Reconnaissance

    This tool is really nice. i used this with many time. But most of the time Google blocks the request due to spam.
  2. johndoe1

    OSINT - IP Logger

    Dear Friends, Here is new IP Logger which is almost record each and every detail. Its useful when your target doesn't know about WebRTC. This works well in any android, IOs, any chat application. You need to create a account temp email. Use any legit link such as Youtube videos, image link or whatever you want to track. Once target clicks on your link, He/She will be redirected to original link and your will getting all details which is useful for OSINT. Hope This will help you hunt some juicy information. Sorry for my english if you really care only about grammar instead of real knowledge. Find Link Below: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. johndoe1

    Hide link in topic

    Dear friends, Please guide me link hiding in topic creation. Thanks