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  1. yarshi

    DarkArmour [Windows AV Evasion]

    yeah looks like same to me...willy try to see if i get contacted to developer
  2. yarshi

    DarkArmour [Windows AV Evasion]

    still getting same error with your commands also..and yeah used --jmp not pe ones if pe ones used then it gave erorr and --jmp ones get compiled successfully but unable to run this error came while running a binary output: ""Unable to call PE,likely thats invalid""
  3. yarshi

    DarkArmour [Windows AV Evasion]

    While running the generated exe .... consoles opens an show "Unable to call PE,likely thats invalid" and if using runpe option it gaves error.. "Traceback (most recent call last): File "1.py", line 116, in <module> darkarmour.run(vars(ap.parse_args())) File "1.py", line 96, in run self._do_crypt() File "1.py", line 91, in _do_crypt if self.runpe: AttributeError: 'DarkArmour' object has no attribute 'runpe'"
  4. As topic stated that ned to know free or paid crypters or manualyy wor automated ways to crypt native language exe for bypassing AVs Thanks in ADVANCED...