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  1. shakshak

    X1 mycanal

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  2. shakshak

    [OPENBULLET] Config + Capture

    LOl I don't know what you are using in this case maybe rotate proxies I have tried it with Socks 5 semi HQ proxies it is stopped after 61 check USING last OB anomaly and I tried HTTP HQ too hahahah I don't know what you are using ? you are the hero here
  3. shakshak

    [OPENBULLET] Config + Capture

    Unfortunately it is like any other simple config it is not bypassing Perimeterx
  4. shakshak

    553K MIX Combolist

    it is only 4608 and not mixed
  5. shakshak

    A help to make Mycanal reset password config

    @itsMe yes bro I need to find that API to reset password
  6. Hey guys, I am trying to make a OB config to reset password of Mycanal Account is it possible to find an API to make it? cz always I got "Access Denied" when I am trying from Web Interface Thanks in advance
  7. shakshak

    x1 timVision premium

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  8. Proxies: Yes only socks4 Bots: 100 email:pass Capture: easy to add if you want to [Hidden Content]
  9. shakshak


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  10. [Hidden Content]
  11. shakshak

    300K 48% Mail-Access

    hahah.. I have learned that already from google translation , thanks bro
  12. shakshak

    6.9K USA Mail-Access

    you mean 6.9 K
  13. shakshak

    mail ranger go

    I will try it , thanks bro
  14. shakshak

    mail ranger go

    so it is hard to get the source code for learning purpose , anyway all-in one checker is a good one but it isn't open source and it is with Russian language lol
  15. shakshak

    mail ranger go

    hello , I don't know if this is the right section to post anyway I have used mail ranger 2 by cat it was good one , lastly I've found a newer version from outside forums called mail ranger go but it is not cracked it needs Auth code is that software got cracked ? honestly I used open source projects and I like them specially who wrote with python programming language is it possible to find any open source like those software ? someone decompile those .exe files , well I am not specialized in this domain and I don't know if it will work well