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  1. shakshak


    Glad to have you here , welcome to the forum
  2. [Hidden Content]
  3. shakshak


    @itsMe I will use a reship service like myus . com, but I don't know if it will be safe or not
  4. I have cracked some good accounts from shein credit more than 200 $, and I want to order from their so is it safe? if it is safe, I would be using reship to a middle east country do you suggest any secure one ? let's see your opinions
  5. shakshak

    [STORM] Config + Capture

    @itsMe I have reported to my reply just when I noticed that ; it was an issue with the site . it was down for 2 hours I didn't know how to delete my recent reply so I just report on it thanks itsme for your attention you really doing nice job here Happy Cracking
  6. shakshak

    [STORM] Config + Capture

    @itsMe config needs an update just testing not working
  7. shakshak

    [STORM] Udemy Config + Capture [Updated]

    @itsMe I have tested with luminati proxy it was very slow
  8. shakshak

    [OPENBULLET] Codecademy Config + Capture

    this config needs some update to capture only Pro and put free accounts in free section , if you can do it I will give a Pro account for editing the config
  9. shakshak

    [OPENBULLET] Udemy Config + Capture

    @itsMe unfortunately this config is not working now, might you update it?
  10. shakshak


    this my first topic here I am excited X4 IPvanish Freshly cracked by a config sharing from @itsMe [Hidden Content]