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  1. Hi peeps long time hope everyones well :) recently bought a mac and got into rooting again when i get 5 here and there lol Problem ive only got the knowlage on linux systems now on recon exploit privilidge root and then drop kit and clean ( My Kogs are rusty in command prompt cmd not terminal lol. Ive all ready got a scanner made in python and a exploit which successfully gets my foot through door into sys32 folder. Now im lost i know admin i go for not root with a local priv sploit but what rootkits are there what about logs ? whats out there for WINB0Xs ? x86 preferably ? Thanks in advance need
  2. > [Hidden Content] This is a IP Tool kit its the central backbone of IPs on the whole internet ! You can Find any sort of company to IP to IP ranges that run certain OS for hackign and scanning i use for !
  3. Need4Weed

    Crypter By ExceLLo - Mod By Need4Weed (2/32)

    ReUp > [Hidden Content],41891449
  4. Need4Weed

    Crypter By ExceLLo - Mod By Need4Weed (2/32)

    If you have a problem open the Client i believe you must in install some .ocx files first or you will see a error. Please dont go post stupid comments because you are un educated and do not know how, Maybe you could ask for help? This is fully tested on my machine running win10 x32 and was made by Exc3LLo and was working when i download his detected version.
  5. Here is a class you can use for e.g on Crypter Client With out using comdlg Common Dialog Control on your form! Add the class and initialize on Form_load. > ' cFileDialog.cls ' Provides CommonDialog functionality, ' without the need of ocx file and graphical component. ' ' ComDlg32.OCX provides an easy-to-use interface, but if you use the OCX control, ' you have to load the module into memory and also distribute a 90K OCX file to users of your software. ' To improve performance, and eliminate the need of additional dependencies, ' you should minimize the use of controls in your applications. ' Instead, you can use the Win32 API calls directly. ' ' More info from Microsoft: [Hidden Content] Option Explicit Private Declare Function GetOpenFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" Alias _ "GetOpenFileNameA" (pOpenfilename As OPENFILENAME) As Long Private Declare Function GetSaveFileName Lib "comdlg32.dll" Alias _ "GetSaveFileNameA" (pOpenfilename As OPENFILENAME) As Long Private Declare Sub CopyMemory Lib "kernel32" Alias _ "RtlMoveMemory" (lpvDest As Any, lpvSource As Any, ByVal cbCopy As Long) Private Type OPENFILENAME lStructSize As Long hwndOwner As Long hInstance As Long lpstrFilter As String lpstrCustomFilter As String nMaxCustFilter As Long nFilterIndex As Long lpstrFile As String nMaxFile As Long lpstrFileTitle As String nMaxFileTitle As Long lpstrInitialDir As String lpstrTitle As String flags As Long nFileOffset As Integer nFileExtension As Integer lpstrDefExt As String lCustData As Long lpfnHook As Long lpTemplateName As String End Type Private Dlg As OPENFILENAME Private bDialogExecuted As Boolean ' will be true if user pressed OK, false if dialog was canceled ' This can be used to set an initial filename before displaying the dialog Public Property Let strFile(value As String) CopyMemory ByVal Dlg.lpstrFile, ByVal value, Len(value) End Property ' This can be used to retrieve full path of the selected file, after dialog display. Public Property Get strFile() As String strFile = Dlg.lpstrFile End Property ' This can be used to get the filename (without path) of the selected file, after dialog display. Public Property Get FileName() As String FileName = Dlg.lpstrFileTitle End Property Public Property Get Executed() As Boolean Executed = bDialogExecuted End Property ' Set dialog title Public Property Let Title(value As String) Dlg.lpstrTitle = value End Property ' Set default file extension Public Property Let DefaultExt(value As String) Dlg.lpstrDefExt = value End Property Public Property Let Filter(value As String) Dlg.lpstrFilter = value End Property Public Property Let Owner(value As Long) Dlg.hwndOwner = value End Property Public Sub Initialize() Dlg.lStructSize = Len(Dlg) Dlg.hInstance = App.hInstance Dlg.nFilterIndex = 1 Dlg.lpstrFile = String(257, 0) Dlg.nMaxFile = Len(Dlg.lpstrFile) - 1 Dlg.lpstrFileTitle = Dlg.lpstrFile Dlg.nMaxFileTitle = Dlg.nMaxFile Dlg.lpstrInitialDir = vbNullString Dlg.flags = 0 End Sub Public Sub ShowOpenDialog() bDialogExecuted = GetOpenFileName(Dlg) End Sub Public Sub ShowSaveDialog() bDialogExecuted = GetSaveFileName(Dlg) End Sub
  6. Need4Weed

    Any database hackers looking for work?

    @mingii I can assist you ! I have skill in the area of penetration testing in linux and can gain access and export db various ! Send me info thanks
  7. Need4Weed

    LvL23Clone v1

    My Personal 1 does not change icon but works to kill some detections >[Hidden Content],18823311 >Pass : lvl23
  8. Need4Weed

    No Hips Crypter Mod by Need4Weed

    I Fucking hate Nod32 DarkCommet No Hips Bypass Crypter by harmmy - Mod Need4Weed (2/30) File Name: HipsDC.exe Scan Date: 2018-09-04 21:30:57 Detected by: 2/30 SHA256: c866c52626eb95944fa54f22ac3efc....313756fc8f7bcd8637bd8e8925052c Checked by AntiScan.Me [Hidden Content] adaware: Clean ahnlab: Clean arcavir: Clean avast: Clean avg: Clean avira: HEUR/AGEN.1020235 baidu360: Clean bitdef: Clean bullguard: Clean clam: Clean drweb:Clean emsisoft: Clean escan: Clean eset: a variant of Win32/Injector.DTEV trojan fortinet: Clean fprot: Clean fsecure: Clean gdata: Clean ikarus: Clean k7: Clean kis: Clean malwarebytes: Clean mcafee: Clean norton: Clean qheal: Clean sophos: Clean trustport: Clean vba32: Clean windef: Clean zillya: Clean zonealarm: Clean Password : >Salwitch << 128Encrypt/Decypt << Pitbull By Cirfa << LVL23 Enc/Dec Dycrypt [Hidden Content] Download : [Hidden Content] DC No hips bypass.rar
  9. Crypter By ExceLLo - Mod By Need4Weed I have spent all night splitting and scanning trying to hex out NOD32 but destroys the Stub everytime :( If anyone has any pointers on beating NOD32 and Avira i will be able to supply Full FUD Crypter Mods :) Enjoy! Crypter : Before : Sorry Ran Out of antiscan me free scans lol After : Password : > Enigma + [email protected] > Lvl23 Encrypt ጟሲƕÝ⼪༉༵ຕʵʢξΡྣ༽ⶐ൰೻೩ጛሷචඌแ൥ྈ໒ൗ౱ࣨࣔҗ̙ DOWNLOAD : Crypter By ExceLLo -- Mod Need4Weed.rar
  10. Need4Weed

    TLB Editor/Compiler Whole Installation

    Here we have 1 Tool i used to use quite a bit but my VB6 Skills are a little rusty with all the new Injection methods on RunPE's lol Never the less you guys should find it very usefull for eliminating detections via source in VB6 by referencing a tlb with api calls and this is the tool to do it ! PowerVB Full Installation CD
  11. Need4Weed

    RunPE 1/32

    Semi FUD Detected By Avira Only When Compiled Native I Think By Using TLB Method then All AVs will be eliminated ! Good Luck and keep Sharing :)
  12. Need4Weed

    Crypter issues

    It all depends on how your server works for example if using Bifrost then you will need a Crypter that has EOF Support as the Bifrost Server stores all user settings at the END OF FILE (EOF) and of course the Undetection Rate of Crypter would help. Hope this helps Regards Need
  13. Need4Weed

    Earth Protecter Mod Need4Weed

    @dEEpEst I Just remember as well i used Hex Editor to change some words like Project1 snd MainForm etc too that destroy comodo detection away.
  14. Need4Weed

    Earth Protecter Mod Need4Weed

    @dEEpEst I Used my own Clone tool for version info to swap and used Reshacker for icon Replsce and add some more File Info. If Someone can Change Entry point becasuse i forget how to do it i believe it will remove NOD32 because it recognized the String Encryption (Maybe if u Xor by ollydbg it may work) or if exceLLo can change via source code. If anyone can help please share the solution so we may all can learn i remember the way i lerne hoe to change entry point @level23
  15. Need4Weed

    Earth Protecter Mod Need4Weed

    Earth Protecter By ExceLLo MOD by Need4Weed Before After Crypted Password PM [Hidden Content]