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  1. Hey fellas, Lots of things ave changed here and so many senior old members are no more seen or might be their pseudo have changed. Whatever. Here i am stuck, behind a proxy and a websense firewall (damn horrible administrator) even port 443 is blocked except for few websites. I was looking for a tor bridge that can sail through port 80. or if someone has a way to install tor bridges (obsf3 or 4 on VPS) , let me know of it. I need it badly. Thanks for help
  2. junaid22

    Hello all

    Hello all, its been a long time i logged in. SO much seems to have changed. Lets enjoy the new avatar.
  3. junaid22

    Hacking PHP 4.4 sites in 20 seconds

    Re: Hacking PHP 4.4 sites in 20 seconds caballo, thats very old and copied word by word
  4. junaid22

    SMPT/Email Proxy List

    Re: SMPT/Email Proxy List any basic tutorial on how to use it from cmd prompt, sorry for the lame question :P
  5. junaid22

    Open Source Crypter Mod by ard

    Re: Open Source Crypter Mod by ard mention it here bro
  6. junaid22

    Open Source Crypter Mod by ard

    Image - Download here - [Hidden Content] Scan of File (not server) - [Hidden Content] (10/41) MODS/Administrators , make it pass through the green flag Password - L23
  7. Without wasting time and directly quoting it from the legendary DarkCoderSC (those who don't know, google it to make yourself feel bad) , here is a tutorial with detailed explanation and pictures for achieving a military level, as the author says encryption for your mail using Thunderbird client. Link for the article :- [Hidden Content] :yahoo: :yahoo: #Pr1$|\/|
  8. junaid22

    Keygenme #4

    Re: Keygenme #4 ignore it bro, misunderstood may be
  9. junaid22

    Keygenme #4

    Re: Keygenme #4 if i am not mistaken, the same P0C0 - XR ??
  10. junaid22

    Alsunius RAT 0.9

    Here goes an update on one of the awesome RATs with bug fixes and update as follows. Functions Added in the RAT Google Chrome Stealer Update Server from Local File Functions Restored Close Server uninstall Server Improvements persistence Bug Fixes in Terminal services Screen Capture Creation of Server Images : Demo functions Metascan result:- [Hidden Content] Results - 22/41 ( :( ) Download link - [Hidden Content] (Alusinus) Source :- udtools Dont worry, the espanol (:P, it seems to me) seems to be very similar to english to understand so no need asking for a english version. Enjoy !!! Sorry for the late upload of download link , the electricity spoilsported.
  11. Android is the buzz of the hour with people shifting , if not migrating from windows to their portable and free world of android. BTW, Nothing is free , everything takes a price. :grin: Here we go, with a tutorial on setting up AndroRAT [Hidden Content] The credit , if any , goes to the uploader of the video Download link given below the video , if you don't want navigate - click here MoDs , please assess the file for any lacunae and green flag it
  12. Hello friends, Can anybody assist me with making KGB archiver run on windows 8/8.1 , be it in compatibility mode or anything else. Dont suggest for VMs as it makes my laptop cry running KGB on VMware. In other circumstance can anybody suggest me with a tool comparable to KGB, a moderate compression ratio of 20:1 would suffice , and it must be compatible with windows 8/8.1 For a bandwidth starved population (my personal opinion)
  13. Re: tools and methodology to detect/remove Android rootkit/malware ?? dR.fAnO , can u get me a link ?? or is this the one you are talking about - [Hidden Content] and with your expert opinions which AV/Anti-Rootkit/Adware/Spyware i must use, shed some light. and some good forums other than mobilism and xda(they are oceans , i know) @Ob3y, Thank you for your kind gesture
  14. friends , one of my colleague is having strange problems with his android device. The concern is that the device is rooted and it was sent from the company like that after warranty was sought. The device is most probably infected with RAT. as it is trying to drop the menu and activate the wifi , tries to launch the Gmail app and switches on the camera. when the screen is locked , it tries to bruteforce the keys , and it messes when the contact is opened or the dialpad is lanched. the Sim card is inserted but the network availaibility is not there and hence to much relief there can be no data connection. As soon as the device is set to offline/flight mode, the bot stops to operate. In short, by no chance my device is connected to a remote host, but it's running and indepently operating. I dont know what will be the consequences when the network is accessible and data packets are available. whatever apps has been installed has been done from play store only except for Kaspersky AV (downloaded from official site) In the above scenario, i would seek help from anybody and everybody to help me with either capturing the network traffic (like wireshark for android), detecting rootkits/malware along with some recently updated malware definitions like carrier IQ P.S. I don't have an android device and hence to much of pity i need best of tools . Thanking you all
  15. Re: Automatic Honeypot Setup Script , Raspberry Pi wifi Honeypot as well I wish i could post an image or a video, but the demonstartion video of installation is private :(