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  1. hashcracker

    Upgrade to Priv8

    Dear level23-team, i wanted to upgrade my Account to priv8 via the BlackFriday Promo Code. @dEEpEst said, its able to request the BTC Address via Private Message. Unfortunately im not able to send any Admin a Private Message. I thought i might be wait until the Inactive Status is gone, but its still on. So i reach out via this Thread, dEEpEst can you please send me a PN with the BTC-Address to buy Priv8 with the Promo Code. Thanks a lot. I really appreciate guys! @dEEpEst
  2. hashcracker

    hashcracker on board

    hello guys, unfortunately my account was marked "inactive" duo to my inactivity. However im back now, and im looking to learn/going deeper into Programming & Reverse Engineering. My Skills: Python(7/10),C(5/10), Java(6/10), C++(5/10). At the moment my concetration is on C++. I hope im able to contribute & also get help by the community. Greetings hashcrackeR