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  1. DesiGirl

    Black Bullet 2.5.0 Cracked by BlackViper

    The only version of BlackBullet that works is v2.1.6 The plug has been pulled on all other versions unfortunately.
  2. DesiGirl

    RAT in my PC - Need Help Please

    Thank you @itsMe @dEEpEst for the help I found it manually and deleted it.
  3. DesiGirl

    RAT in my PC - Need Help Please

    Is there a RAT removal tool that I can use to remove a RAT in my system??
  4. Would you share your crack version?
  5. DesiGirl


    Hi I'm requesting for you to crack "Kameleo". Description: Avoid browser fingerprinting and use virtual profiles while browsing. Browser fingerprinting is a technique how you become uniquely identified and tracked while you are just surfing the web. Your browser configuration and Operating System makes you unique. With Kameleo you can beat the popular browser fingerprinting techniques and have 100% privacy on the internet. DOWNLOAD