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  1. A cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux) desktop application for downloading Udemy Courses. Features Choose video quality. Download multiple courses at once. Set Download Start and Download End. Pause/Resume download at any time. Choose download directory. Multilingual (English,Italian,Spanish). Download [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  2. [Hidden Content] FEATURES
  3. TheFOX

    Vanilla rat

    VanillaRat is an advanced remote administration tool coded in C#. VanillaRat uses the Telepathy TCP networking library, dnlib module reading and writing library, and Costura.Fody dll embedding library. Features: Remote Desktop Viewer File Browser (Including downloading, drag and drop uploading, and file opening) Process Manager Computer Information Hardware Usage Information (CPU usage, disk usage, available ram) Message Box Sender Text To Speech Screen Locker Live Keylogger (Also shows current window) Website Opener Application Permission Raiser (Normal -> Admin) Clipboard Text (Copied text) Chat (Does not allow for client to close form) Audio Recorder (Microphone) Process Killer (Task manager, etc.) Remote Shell Startup download [HIDE][Hidden Content]] demonstration [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  4. TheFOX

    Shell Cat

    SHELLCAT is a recerse shell manager Download [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  5. TheFOX


    Spacenet , a Python Tor Botnet implemented for Credential Stealing. The software is complete with source code and a long Doc . - This project has been deleted cause python doesn't offer a good .exe build function so the software may not working correctly - The main functions are the following : - Tor encryption - Single reverse shell - Chrome and Firefox password extraction - Sniffer for HTTP authentications - Keylogger - Get info on the infected machine - Chrome data extraction ( Searched words, History , Autofill fields) [Hidden Content] Download [Hidden Content]
  6. TheFOX

    Black W0RM

    Features Full Data Transfer Encryption using Base64 Modified Icon Manager Modified Plugin Manager Modified Admin Checker Modified Plugin Invoking Modified Custom Plugin Invoking DynuDNS Updater NO-IP Automatic Updater New About Page Stable WatchDog to look after your client Add to SchTask Hard Install [ Stealth Mode ] FileZilla Stealer Clean Password Stealer [ Fixes ] CPU,FireWall,Client Privileges,MUTEX Information File Binder Added More than 100 New Custom Icons Modified Desktop Infection New Port Settings New MUTEX Format (bWorm[xxxxxx-12345]) Listview Style Remove Empty Subs and Functions Process Manager With Custom Colors Command Shell Remote Powershell Remote Desktop Keylogger Manager RSA Encryption With 4096bit Encryption Key for the Host and Port Stable File Manager With a Downloading Large Files and Arabic Names Support Critical Process Updating Password Plugin Added Product Serial Stealer Service Manager with Full-Service Controller Startup Manager Victim Notification with XtremeRAT Sound Simple IP Tracker Infect ZIP & RAR Files [ PoC ] [ UnTested ] Clients Groups [ Single and Multi-Manager ] Upgrade Software DotNET Framework From 2.0 to 4.0 Small GUI Changes Small Fixes to the Socket to be more stable Multi Transfer Bug Fixes Download [Hidden Content]
  7. TheFOX

    Ceaser Rat

    Caesar is an HTTP-based RAT that allows you to remotely control devices directly from your browser. Features Easy to install and easy to use It can be installed on any free web-hosting service (so you don't need port forwarding) Database driven. You can queue tasks to be performed whenever the target is online and check the results. It only requires the browser to run. So, once you set up the server, you can control it from every operating system (as well from Android, iOS and live operating systems like Tails OS) Requirements PHP 5.6+ Mysql Python Tutorial :[Hidden Content] Diwnload : [Hidden Content]
  8. Azorult 3.3 free download haven't tested it yet so run in VM or sandbox [Hidden Content]
  9. hello guys am releasing a cloned rat called nitr0 Z3us it just names and theme color change from original Goldeneye rat, but it also fixed the Index out of memory error and it has a localized license server, u cant use port 8080 for building stub becoz it is the port the server ruing so use any other port to work fine download link download password for zip : nitr0 run server first run nirto rat cms second if u like my share just give a rep + :blackhat:
  10. TheFOX

    Philadelphia ransomware

    Philadelphia ransomware is a RaaS which let you create and manage your own ransomware Comes with usb spread lab spread and blah blah blah How to use 1.Download 2.Open 3.Create bridge and upload on any webhost or shelled website 4.enter bridge url bridge and create payload and change btc address and ammount Download [Hidden Content] Don't forget to give +rep ::Blackhat::
  11. TheFOX

    [PHP] F0Xware

    Nice to see F0Xware reached here before me : D