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  1. I created openbullet config for twitter, its checking lines of data and if is it hit then create a post and share it to all follower with your message or ads, then sent to 100 followers as a direct message, and its saving the cookies its means you can log in into account without 2fa or sth like that and you have access to account till you logout the account The config use (USERNAME or EMAIL) password combo OP: Save Hits - Save count of followers,..... EXP : <USERNAME>:<PASSWORD>: Followers:788:auth_token: d02231f096aa743f886cdf7e6e87a20946adce2d:[Hidden Content] and the this will be saved in txt contact me : Discord : F[C]racker#5543 Telegram : @xDedic_DarKneT Telegram Link : [Hidden Content]
  2. F[C]racker

    How to fix Not Working Checker/Cracking Tools?

    @ToDoForum maybe software broken ---> you need to unpack code and use dnspy to see source make fix config in it
  3. F[C]racker

    Promocion Cracker F[C]racker

    where i should post the pic of checker ? is there a selection for show off??
  4. F[C]racker

    Promocion Cracker F[C]racker

    how many?
  5. F[C]racker

    Promocion Cracker F[C]racker

    Hello guyz ... i just want to be in cracker team of Level23hacktools.
  6. F[C]racker

    how can i save cookies in selenium browser OpenBullet?

    ty mate .. but there isnt option to save cookies in selenium browser i want save cookies in selenium browser
  7. hi guyz ... how can i save cookies in selenium browser OpenBullet?