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    scanner pyRangeScanner + vuln checker

    pyRangeScanner + vuln checker With this Tool you can scan a range for (multiple) open port(s) It can handle a single range or a file with multiple ranges and it supports threads. :: HELP :: .py -r range_start range_end ports threads [timeout] .py -rf range_file ports threads [timeout] ports = 80 or for multiple ports 80,8080,81... Default Timeout = %s :: EXAMPLE :: .py -r 80,8080,22 20 10 .py -rf xyz.txt 80,8080,22 20 10 : EXAMPLE RANGE FILE :: ... How To: python 1.portscannen.py -rf range.txt 80,81,82,83,90,91,92,93,8080,8081,8082,8083,8090,8091,8092,8093,8180,8181,8182,8183,8190,8191,8192,8193,8280,8281,8282,8283,8380,8381,8382,8383,9090,9091,9092,9093,9190,9191,9192,9193 500 10 python 2.checken.py result.txt 500 Checken... die result.txt wird jetzt auf "jboos, jenkins, msd, pma, sqlite, tomcat, webdav, joomla, drupal, magento, prestashop, wordpress" gecheckt und er spuckt die results als .txt raus :: GREETS :: Greets fly out to: Team DDR, Team WTC, BWC, Inferno-Load, B2R, Datenreiter, Burnz, Gil, LeChuck, R@zz@R-LightS, Bebop, Fr0sty, Gnu, Airy, FaKe, Generation, Shizuko, leety and all i forget! from stuff and hacker board - www.FXP-Terminal.info Download [Hidden Content]