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  1. Manifest

    question Best Cross-Platform RAT Tool?

    I can tell you from my experience that all (RAT's) in the scene Publik are not good for larger or purposeful things. But the best you can work with is Netwire. If you want something good, you have to spend a lot. Netwire runs on multiplatform. Greeting
  2. Manifest

    GovRat 2.0 / DNSMessenger

    Hello and thanks for the answer. Of course, in the first line I'm looking for information (General Questions & Answers) but if you have any advice in this direction. please send me details Greeting
  3. Manifest

    GovRat 2.0 / DNSMessenger

    Hello everyone Does anyone have any experience with GovRat 2.0 - DNSMessenger or possibly knows an alternative? Have tested (RAT) in my life apparently the two listed above are exactly what I need. Unfortunately, I still lack some information and experience Greeting Webinfo GovRat