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  1. CHECKMATEmoney

    Hacxx Agent + Uploader (RESEARCH)

  2. CHECKMATEmoney

    trojan SAS (Advance RAT)[Android][Windows] + Setup Tutorial

    It's pretty straight forward, I had no issues setting this up... which is wild since it has 2 compatible types of devices that it supports and was way more user-friendly than traditional botnets. Thanks very much for this post @dEEpEst
  3. I have tried google drive / one drive / webhost / gatorhost to try and find a host to upload an exe and also have the program accept the length... for two days without any "a-ha!" can anyone guide me in the direction of where I can find a host / platform that satisfies the requirements to have this software vend me the .doc?
  4. Perfect-timing on coming across this. Send link > upload lazange to victim / execute > receive system passwords without having to send the payload in a direct file... Thank you very much for the share 👌
  5. CHECKMATEmoney

    binder JoinerJoy - [ FUD ]

    lmao I tried it on someone who ended up running windows 2000 with no av, gg </3 all jokes aside (even though that was true), ty for clarity much appreciated
  6. CHECKMATEmoney

    binder JoinerJoy - [ FUD ]

    Would it be considered necessary to run a crypter with a binder in the same manner that you would a vpn with socks5? Or does the binder's current FUD status supersede the need to crypt the file?