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  1. ArtwLui

    WarzoneRAT Cracked by Artist

    nicee content wow why the availability of the site, if it is and the sale to open the mouse it print "..was cracked by Artistif you paid for it you got scammed"?
  2. ArtwLui

    Keylogger Sourcing

    nice content, but.. this cod is in C++ or C#?
  3. ArtwLui

    Havij 1.17 Pro

    thanks! havij is a great tool that automates all the hard work hehe it's good to use it when you already know how to do everything in manual mode
  4. ArtwLui

    CR7 Crypter LVL23N8 (1/30)

    I wanted to understand how all this works behind (src: v) Good crypter!
  5. ArtwLui

    Viotto Binder v1.2

    Niice commands and utility's, very good binder. I found it completely complete, i'm always using
  6. ArtwLui

    PRIV8 Access

    i'm new.. i intend to be membership haha