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  1. ☠xrahitel☠

    Sandboxie 5.43.5 Multilingual

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  2. ☠xrahitel☠

    Cross - platform Rat (Win,Linux,MAC)

    this is a cross platform RAT tool (java RAT) / (jRAT) which is { [Windows RAT] [Linux RAT] [MAC RAT] } which is fully programmed in java be a user friendly and easy to use and builds out trojans (.jar) and controls the victims running those trojans on same port at same time ,this tool is fully in java (Client & Server in java) and this tool is now registerd to be free , and on the user responsibility [Hidden Content]
  3. ☠xrahitel☠

    Embed and hide any file in HTML

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  4. ☠xrahitel☠

    Free Online EXE Crypter by M0HX

    requires password after cryptography
  5. ☠xrahitel☠

    Masscan GUI

    Masscan GUI
  6. ☠xrahitel☠


    Loader de Meterpreter firmado con un certificado falso
  7. ☠xrahitel☠


  8. ☠xrahitel☠

    Atrax Botnet Shell Upload Vulnerability

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  9. ☠xrahitel☠

    Anubis 2.5 Android Bot Banking

  10. ☠xrahitel☠

    Casper Rat Windows

    File not found
  11. ☠xrahitel☠

    Office Exploit Builder [Cracked]

  12. ☠xrahitel☠

    HavijParser 1.2