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  1. it asks decryption key
  2. acider

    Shellter Pro v.3..5

    Hi guys! Anyone can share Shellter pro v3.5 video: [Hidden Content] sales page: [Hidden Content]
  3. acider

    Crypto Money Grabber Builder

    ok let's see if it works
  4. acider

    cerberus android bot how install?

    I found Cerberus bot here: [Hidden Content] But couldn't find that manual.
  5. acider

    cerberus android bot how install?

    yes, I'm searching it too.
  6. acider

    How To Sell / Buy BTC Online

    Is there any other way?
  7. acider

    Cerberus Source Code

    So why you stopped to support it?
  8. acider

    Loader Builder by Awaken1337

    Great share man! Thanks for this.
  9. acider

    USB Trojan

    you need Visual Studio 2015 or 2017
  10. acider

    Telegram Csharp C2

    Hi! Can you explain me. What does it do?
  11. acider

    PDF Exploit Builder By the AutoLog team

    Hi dEEpEst! Does it really work? Did you check it?
  12. Guys 2 viruses found. Don't download! [Hidden Content] The password for the rar file is: datagroove
  13. what's the password for the winrar?