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  1. H4ck3rN01r

    MWW 2018 (Madrid Woman's Week 2018)

    Something interesting in this international event is the new role of the women in the technology's. It 's very nice to know that the It and security knowledge isn't a privilege only for men. I like the phrase : "La mujer hacker" // "The hacker woman". ([Hidden Content]) La paciencia no es una virtud, es un DON ! Un saludo.
  2. What about the methods...? Well, this days I 've try hexing, avfucker, dsplit and dsplit alternative (the last one it's really rare). I've found some problems... M. hexing >> very slow and sometimes your changes add signs... but if you have time, it's the method "plus fiable" in the time. M. avfucker >> automated method, but what happend when the antiv. detect all like threats... ok, right now dsplit...? I'll continue my research... Buen dia.
  3. I was checking a lots of sites to search applications, modding tools, comand lines scan, offset Locators, MMT... so, I 'll let you here a good page if you want check LEECHES like me ! "Connect Trojan" À biantot !
  4. H4ck3rN01r

    Veil 3.0

    Hi bash818, Thanks for share with me your simple google search, I appreciate that. With the help of my "google dorks" I 've made my own research, too. :) Right now I move my research on other subject and that's the Malware, right now I m try to get the cybergate soft and study Bifrost, spy-net... , Mooding tools and crypter. Muchas gracias.
  5. H4ck3rN01r


    Hello everybody... Airgeddon is a multi-use bash script for Linux systems to audit wireless networks. It has a little bit problems with redirecction links when u use evil twin or AP but is a good tool to testing. ([Hidden Content])
  6. H4ck3rN01r

    Veil 3.0

    Hi bash818, Thanks for ur comments... To make a FUD payload we can use ,msfencod or veil-framework or shellter, to get the meterpreter session successfully; but maybe there are better resource. I'll continue my research.
  7. H4ck3rN01r

    Salut les amies ! // Hola amigos // Hello everybody !

    Thanks. One of my objetives is to learn. :)
  8. H4ck3rN01r

    Veil 3.0

    Hi everybody, I was playing with this software for Kali Linux... [Hidden Content] It 's like msfvenon. For more information you can check ( [Hidden Content] ) Saludos.
  9. Well, I m an engenieer of system and security IT. I m trainning in H.E Professional and I would like to share information with you and ofcourse be part of this comunity. Thanks. Muchas gracias.