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  1. ygf911

    Arkei 9.1.2 Stealer & Loader

    still not working
  2. ygf911

    Joiner v1.0.0.0

    file not found
  3. clicked on community Edition, entered email and country..... but still says invalid
  4. ygf911

    Smoke bot panel [02/18 update]

    there is no builder, who can help me out here
  5. ygf911

    WarzoneRAT Cracked by Artist

    good stuff hope it works
  6. ygf911

    Anti Globalizacion RAT

    can this be used now
  7. ygf911

    Death Stealer

    will this steal password for outlook and thunderbird
  8. ygf911

    0x88 Exploit pack - Reworked Shell Code

    i do love to try this tool
  9. ygf911

    CVE-2018-7600 - Drupal 7.x RCE

    how does this work...
  10. ygf911

    Project Evrial Crack

    i guess this will work great for me
  11. ygf911

    Recover Passwords On Remote Client With Outdated Rat

    nice tool but it wiill only recover old outlook password not 2016
  12. ygf911

    Putin Crypter

    this for my president, great tool
  13. ygf911

    Moderations Opened

    i could moderate the rat session
  14. ygf911


    thank @HoRSe been going through the house i noticed you the man... hope you could help increase my knowledge over time