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    SS7/Phone Exploitation

    There a new exploitation technique of that ss7, You can even control the remote phone camera & mic via gsm commands. If anyone need this type of service just write me I will do a demo, u will be impressed xD
  2. m3tal


    I posted in Priv8 some good botnets with hvnc chekc it !
  3. Hello guys, Here is an updated Implant installer from WINTI group, with this tool you can install a persistent backdoor on any system from Win2K to Win10. The rootkit will hide inside various legit windows apps in system32, like net.exe, regedit.exe, it also have a polymorph code that you can activate with a special commmand. There is also a readme manual, if you need it ask me in PM. [Hidden Content]
  4. m3tal

    GovRat 2.0 / DNSMessenger

    Hello manifest, If you want a good rat about 6ko.. with snm rootkit functions much better than gov I van provide you
  5. m3tal

    0x1 Crypter Priv8

    Very Nice :)
  6. m3tal

    Adobe Flash 0day

    Adobe Flash 0day - > FULLY FUD at moment 07.12.18 -> Here i explain you how to use it.. [Hidden Content]
  7. m3tal

    [BOTNET] Megalodon HTTP Botnet

    @yoyohoneysinger you posted in wrong section , and we alredy have it on the bord
  8. m3tal

    BnD - BOTNET

    BnD is a console type botnet controler for windows, stub is about 70kb.. type "help" for help. - Sock5 proxy. - Dl/exec. - Stealer. - Ransomware. [Hidden Content]
  9. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @0x1 realy nice, beautiful, you can post my friend
  10. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @dEEpEst I will post but look for exemple google indexed hxxps://level23hacktools.com/hackers/topic/41109-cobalt-strike-38/ If someone with no vip access can know that we have the 3.8 stuff from google he will also know we have 3.12
  11. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @0x1 [Hidden Content]
  12. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    [Hidden Content]
  13. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @bxlcity Look on github, sometimes people upload the trial to github but github removes them one day after because of dmca caused by the author.. For getting a trial we should realy create a website with logo well setup, anf after registring the trial and saying that we are an entreprise.. smth like that.. Because he checks the trial order personaly..
  14. [Hidden Content]
  15. m3tal

    WinNTi Bootkit

    Yes it's true but with this kit you don't realy care of the size..
  16. m3tal

    Man in The Middle ?

    Explain more, what type of man the middle and in what configuration ?
  17. m3tal

    WinNTi Bootkit

    This is a simple dropper for installing every malware of your choice (in the .exe format only) in the target system, The techniques used are different from all other rootkits.. the Dropper have 3 install techniques : if you have a bios It will install your malware in your mbr, if you have an uefi system, It will try to etablish the persistence throught the SMM technique. If the techniques above fail, the kit will hijack net.exe and winlogon.exe legit windows exes for loading your malware. [Hidden Content] Contact me If you are interested in the persistence kit.
  18. m3tal

    Mephisto [Targeted Attacks]

    It's tested, default password is password but you can change in the DB
  19. m3tal

    Saefko Attack System

    I sended him an email he clicked on my link and I saw his IP he is connecting from France. the recuperation number is +1 646 809 5596 I you want changing password or any like that I can do an ss7 just tell me
  20. m3tal

    Saefko Attack System

    Someone can try sending him a link with a fake web install for getting his ip, exemple of pretext can be, telling him that its because your install don’t work and you give him your webinstall link after specify him that you will buy from him but first you need to be sure that’s a quality product... after check the log on the apache server You will see the latest ip who requested your server. you can send the link to the support email
  21. m3tal

    HVNC-RAT Source

    [Hidden Content] Mirror: [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  22. Test it on a computer and tell me if it show you the client on the controller.. mine is crashing when i have 1bot connected
  23. I tested it’s not working when I have 1 connected the program just exist.. when i have like 120 it don’t even launch.. big shit