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  1. There a new exploitation technique of that ss7, You can even control the remote phone camera & mic via gsm commands. If anyone need this type of service just write me I will do a demo, u will be impressed xD
  2. I posted in Priv8 some good botnets with hvnc chekc it !
  3. Hello guys, Here is an updated Implant installer from WINTI group, with this tool you can install a persistent backdoor on any system from Win2K to Win10. The rootkit will hide inside various legit windows apps in system32, like net.exe, regedit.exe, it also have a polymorph code that you can activate with a special commmand. There is also a readme manual, if you need it ask me in PM. [Hidden Content]
  4. Hello manifest, If you want a good rat about 6ko.. with snm rootkit functions much better than gov I van provide you
  5. @yoyohoneysinger you posted in wrong section , and we alredy have it on the bord
  6. m3tal

    BnD - BOTNET

    BnD is a console type botnet controler for windows, stub is about 70kb.. type "help" for help. - Sock5 proxy. - Dl/exec. - Stealer. - Ransomware. [Hidden Content]
  7. Explain more, what type of man the middle and in what configuration ?
  8. It's tested, default password is password but you can change in the DB
  9. Test it on a computer and tell me if it show you the client on the controller.. mine is crashing when i have 1bot connected
  10. I tested it’s not working when I have 1 connected the program just exist.. when i have like 120 it don’t even launch.. big shit
  11. Mephisto is web tool that you can install on webserver for your targeted attacks, there are plenty of uses for this type of framework.. [Hidden Content]
  12. AZO 3.0 - 3.1 - 3.3 beta [Hidden Content]
  13. m3tal


    A hvnc remote access toolkit, First setup the panel_server.exe on you vps after start back connect, after connect to the server with the client controller "client_server.exe", Once, connected and back-connect started, you can start building bot ! [Hidden Content]
  14. m3tal


    Smoke botnet - Keylogger - Miner - formgrabber - Ring3kit (very lightway) - File loader. I include also the two builders, check them Under builder1 and builder2 folder. Webpanel with all his plugins is also included. [Hidden Content]
  15. m3tal

    Tunnel RAT

    Tunnel rat : - process protection - keylogger - screnshot - file loader The trojan server side is a web server. The client check the webserver and add or repive tasks. The trojan install itself on computer via basic persistence technique, and comunicate with web server. Trojan + Trojan controler is coded both in asm, only server side is in php [Hidden Content]
  16. Indonesian PHP mailer framework - You can put an ifinite number of smtp servers, the mailer will switch between them. - Special header for passing gmail spam detection.. much more.. [Hidden Content]
  17. Antidetect 2018 Pro Spoof Device ID, Vendor Id/ Fake Device ID, Vendor Id Spoof BIOS manufacturer, version, date etc./ Fake BIOS manufacturer, version, date etc. Spoof ACPI tables values/ Fake ACPI tables values Spoof Firmware version, revision, date, serial, model etc. / Fake Firmware version, revision, date, serial, model etc. Spoof CPUID/ Fake CPUID Spoof GPU/ Fake GPU Spoof Computer name/ Fake Computer name Spoof User account name/ Fake User account name Spoof Windows ProductID/ Fake Windows ProductID Spoof InternetExplorer ProductID/ Fake InternetExplorer ProductID Spoof Windows Install data/ Fake Windows Install data Spoof Windows Build ID/ Fake Windows Build ID Spoof Security Identifier- SID/ Fake Security Identifier- SID Spoof WSUS Client ID/Fake WSUS Client ID Spoof PC GUID/Fake PC GUID Spoof Network adapter GUID/ Fake Network adapter GUID Spoof DTC/ Fake DTC Spoof DHCP v6 DUID/Fake DHCP v6 DUID Spoof Logical volume ID/Fake Logical volume ID Spoof Network adapter mac address/ Fake Network adapter mac address Spoof Canvas fingerprint/ Fake Canvas fingerprint Spoof WebGL fingerprint/ Fake WebGl fingerprint Spoof WebGL vendor/ Fake WebGL vendor Spoof WebGL renderer/ Fake WebGL renderer Spoof WebGL extensions Spoof Fragment Shader Spoof Vertex Shader Spoof WebGL2.0 functions parameters/ Fake WebGL2.0 functions parameters Spoof ClientRect fingerprint/ Fake ClientRect fingerprint Spoof Font fingerprint/ Fake Font fingerprint Spoof WebRTC DeviceID fingerprint/ Fake WebRTC DeviceID fingerprint Spoof AudioContext fingerprint/ Fake AudioContext fingerprint Spoof Flac Audio fingerprint/ Fake Flac Audio fingerprint Spoof UserAgent/ Fake UserAgent Spoof screen size CSS Spoof Ubercookie/ Fake Ubercookie Spoof CSS UUID fingerprint/ Fake CSS UUID fingerprint Avalable for centos, windows. Here is source -> [Hidden Content]
  18. Sx86 is in stub folder..
  19. Bomerang keylogger. (23.04.18) About : The keylogger is composed by 2 files Logger.exe and Injector.dll. The Logger.exe is combination of win elevation exploit and a reflecrive dll loader. 1) Logger.exe abuse of 0day vulnerability to get NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM. (not tested on win 10) 2) Inject Injector.dll in Winlogon.exe process. The Injector.dll logs keystrokes from every user that logs on computer. 1) Once Injected Debug_Priv function check for valid privs. 2) If done, The keylogger will logs store keylogs at C://here.txt Statut : The stuff is fud for this time. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enjoy : -> [Hidden Content]
  20. Russian POS kit found on 0day.today drive.. check for yourself : Manual: RamnitKIT aka "Тихий руткит POS ROOTKIT"..... --------------------------------------------- 1.5 - 2017 JUNE - "Win8.1 -> ЭКСПЕРИМЕНТАЛЬНЫЙ win10 PREBUILD" 1.4 - 2013 - "Поддержка Win8" 1.31 - 2012 - "добавлена поддержка pos-машины (winXP / 7 в режиме POS)" 1.3 - 2010 MAY - "рефакторинг вставки в шелл-код в модуль загрузчика." 1.2 - 2010 - "Обновление драйвера ядра" 1.1 - 2007 -BETA "Добавлена поддержка vista". 1.O - 2005 "Начальная сборка". I will delete the link after one week for protecting stuff from these shit reverse engeners [Hidden Content]
  21. Link Updated ! There is : [Hidden Content]

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