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  1. Hello guys, Here is an updated Implant installer from WINTI group, with this tool you can install a persistent backdoor on any system from Win2K to Win10. The rootkit will hide inside various legit windows apps in system32, like net.exe, regedit.exe, it also have a polymorph code that you can activate with a special commmand. There is also a readme manual, if you need it ask me in PM. [Hidden Content]
  2. m3tal

    GovRat 2.0 / DNSMessenger

    Hello manifest, If you want a good rat about 6ko.. with snm rootkit functions much better than gov I van provide you
  3. m3tal

    0x1 Crypter Priv8

    Very Nice :)

    can u leave a msg with ur contact please


    1. m3tal


      Add me on tox,


      tox id 57BD648277F072E9928D368D87DE4D45179540AAAD7007D699CD3F0C525A9B3A494B88680BA6

  5. m3tal

    0day Adobe Flash 0day

    Adobe Flash 0day - > FULLY FUD at moment 07.12.18 -> Here i explain you how to use it.. [Hidden Content]
  6. m3tal

    [BOTNET] Megalodon HTTP Botnet

    @yoyohoneysinger you posted in wrong section , and we alredy have it on the bord
  7. m3tal

    BnD - BOTNET

    BnD is a console type botnet controler for windows, stub is about 70kb.. type "help" for help. - Sock5 proxy. - Dl/exec. - Stealer. - Ransomware. [Hidden Content]
  8. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @0x1 realy nice, beautiful, you can post my friend
  9. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @dEEpEst I will post but look for exemple google indexed hxxps://level23hacktools.com/hackers/topic/41109-cobalt-strike-38/ If someone with no vip access can know that we have the 3.8 stuff from google he will also know we have 3.12
  10. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @0x1 [Hidden Content]
  11. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    [Hidden Content]
  12. m3tal

    Cobalt Strike 3.8

    @bxlcity Look on github, sometimes people upload the trial to github but github removes them one day after because of dmca caused by the author.. For getting a trial we should realy create a website with logo well setup, anf after registring the trial and saying that we are an entreprise.. smth like that.. Because he checks the trial order personaly..
  13. [Hidden Content]
  14. m3tal

    WinNTi Bootkit

    Yes it's true but with this kit you don't realy care of the size..
  15. m3tal

    Man in The Middle ?

    Explain more, what type of man the middle and in what configuration ?