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  1. karmina

    MobiHok 6.0 - Android RAT

    correct apk construction, but does not connect, what happens? is there a solution ?, thanks
  2. karmina

    NetWire v2.0 R7

    code please
  3. karmina

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 6.4 By Scream

    The microphone does not work, solution please Can you comment mobihok spynet clone:[Hidden Content]
  4. karmina

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 6.4 By Scream

    the micro does not open
  5. karmina

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 6.4 By Scream

    sorry the pass is fine
  6. karmina

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 6.4 By Scream

    pass no fud¡¡¡
  7. karmina

    Xakfor Crypter VBS (FUD)

    pass not fud
  8. karmina

    PRIV8 Access

    I can not spend 100 USB. Can I still use the forum? I would be very grateful to be able to do it
  9. karmina

    SpyNote 5.0

    :p a probar parece bueno
  10. karmina

    Cobian RAT v1.0.40.7

    :rolleyes::rolleyes:parece bueno,lo probare
  11. Hola de nuevo chicos ¡¡¡¡ me gustaría seguir formando parte en [Hidden Content] ....si es posible
  12. karmina


  13. karmina

    Behrooz_Ice |Crypter

    Re: Behrooz_Ice |Crypter caesar tool link please
  14. karmina

    CrypterHacker The Are Live!!

    Re: CrypterHacker The Are Live!! Hola hermano, bienvenido de nuevo
  15. Re: Revenge-RAT v.0.1 Multi Host-Port [ Plugins ] by N A P O L E O N [Hidden Content]