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  1. timalin

    Lime-Loader v5

    No effect. the problem come from this section : EntryPoint.Invoke()
  2. timalin

    Lime-Loader v5

    hello i have entrypoint code report by antivirus . Any solution ?
  3. timalin

    c# + tor

    hello guys Can someone share please, a c# RAT or botnet source with connection over tor for secure encryption Cdt
  4. timalin

    Best C&C botnet

    hi, Question for pro : according to you, what is the best way hiding botnet server ? -- Tor network ? -- Vpn servers ? -- Proxies servers ? -- P2P ? -- Or others method ? explain please and justify
  5. hello please, Who have valid link for Ratatouille Downloader, Dynamic API Loading, UD, C++ download source code ? thx u in advanced
  6. thank for sharing tool. It is cracked version or free version .?
  7. coo share. But how can fetch profile image of each member of group ?
  8. This is a fully customizable, Windows-based security distribution for malware analysis, incident response, penetration testing, etc. FLARE VM is the first of its kind reverse engineering and malware analysis distribution on Windows platform. Since its introduction in July 2017, FLARE VM has been continuously trusted and used by many reverse engineers, malware analysts, and security researchers as their go-to environment for analyzing malware. Just like the ever-evolving security industry, FLARE VM has gone through many major changes to better support our users’ needs. FLARE VM now has a new installation, upgrade, and uninstallation process, which is a long anticipated feature requested by our users. FLARE VM also includes many new tools such as IDA 7.0, radare and YARA. Therefore, we would like to share these updates, especially the new installation process. [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  9. timalin

    HCL AppScan v10

    link is below [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  10. timalin

    Zend Guard 7 Pre-Cracked

    @itsMe for better understand about error, look image please. I already see this version on many others forum and never work. if you have solution please tell me
  11. timalin

    HCL AppScan v10

    Hello guys Here are HCL AppScan, latest version include activation . download link below : [Hidden Content]
  12. timalin

    Zend Guard 7 Pre-Cracked

    Thanks bro, but not working as expected. I got error like : Unable to locate the executor location! What's wrong or how correct it ? i have windows 10 x64
  13. timalin

    Netsparker 5.7

    A single platform for all your web security needs Netsparker is a fully integrated, scalable, multi-user web application with built-in workflow and reporting tools. [Hidden Content] I share with you the newest version of Netsparker but no crack at this time. Netsparker - 12th of March 2020 [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  14. timalin

    Zend Guard 7

    hello guys, who can share dl link for zendguard 7 for php encryption. thank you in advance