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  1. 007

    HiveRAT v1.04 Cracked

    When I create the build I get this error: "unable to resolve remote name .: 'wypierdlaj.com'"
  2. Re: SQL Injection Tutorial For Beginners - #1 why avira detects me a Ramnit.C?
  3. 007

    [MEGA-PACK] Cracking Tools by fudmario

    Re: [MEGA-PACK] Cracking Tools by fudmario does not work! I get a error brò!
  4. 007

    Remote administrTion tool

    Re: Remote administrTion tool quasar rat!
  5. 007

    UAC Bypass (VB6) SRC

    Re: UAC Bypass (VB6) SRC Are You sure this isn't UAC DISABLE ? The title may be misleading, as there is no bypass in here :P
  6. 007

    Scanner online

    Hi everyone, can you point me to an online scanner where can I scan my crypter? thank you in advance. :basketball:
  7. 007

    Rig Exploit Kit (EK) Leak

    Re: Rig Exploit Kit (EK) 3.0 Unfortunately I had to update the code because it is detected, I also found some js errors, now it works perfectly!