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  1. OldWarrior

    Mercury Botner[Thenatos][Panel + Bin]

    Where is the builder? Also after installing, it is giving f*** message :) :D Anyone got solution?
  2. OldWarrior

    Smoke bot panel [02/18 update]

    What is the version of this SmokeLoader?
  3. Hello everyone, The forum was down for maintenance and for a long time, i was not able to do anything here. Now forum looks to be ready. Also, i had bought Lifetime Premium membership here. I am cetainly interested and a very loyal member at Level23 forum. I kindly request admin to remove restriction over my account, so i can be fully activate and contribute to the forum. Thank you,
  4. OldWarrior

    LOKI v1.8 CRACKED Edition

    Re: LOKI v1.8 CRACKED Edition I followed this step: - Changed date to 1 December 2016 - Opened Loki-Original builder and tried building but it is giving Error (Also the Loki Original Builder is not asking for any password) and Builder.exe asks for password but it says that pass is only 4 Char long. (Tried entering the provided password in thread) But doesnt work. Please provide little detail and i still doubt if it is Loki 1.8 or no :/
  5. OldWarrior

    PDF Exploit Builder - FUD Silent 2017

    Re: PDF Exploit Builder - FUD Silent 2017 Where can i get it? Any link for download this exploit?
  6. OldWarrior

    Spy Note v4 Android RAT

    Re: Spy Note v4 Android RAT Can you send me contact details of the developer? I will talk to the guy and if he agrees to give, i will share the source with Level23 community.
  7. OldWarrior

    Spy Note v4 Android RAT

    Re: Spy Note v4 Android RAT Is there anyone who posses the full source of this RAT?
  8. OldWarrior

    DiamondFox updated botnet

    Re: DiamondFox updated botnet What is the decryption key?
  9. OldWarrior

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] v2.3

    Re: SpyNote [ Android RAT ] v2.3 Clean builder is giving warning on Windows 7 . Not working
  10. OldWarrior

    Botnet & phishing Cpanel

    Re: Botnet & phishing Cpanel ECATEL servers are good for malware hosting
  11. OldWarrior

    OmniRAT 2.2

    Re: OmniRAT 2.2 A video or any guide will be helpful for members on forum