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  1. patr0n

    Azorult Stealer 3.3 cracked free

    check this
  2. patr0n

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] 6.4 By Scream

    Tools > Payload Select your Java jdk path Folder
  3. patr0n

    crypter Nurf Cryptor (1/22)

    for .Net or native? 🙏
  4. patr0n

    crypter Shield .Net by 3v1L

    great stuff from 3v1L Thanks @dEEpEst
  5. Re: Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Corporate[DDL-UC] Corporate edition but not new, latest version 2.2.xx
  6. patr0n

    Hello level23

    Hello all. I'm new on your forum. :smiley: i'm interest for malware analysis and web penetration testing. i want to make my knowledge bigger by joining level23 _L23 regard, patr0n