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  1. dR.fAn0

    Erro crypter au3

    Re: Erro crypter au3 LoL... Old days... The basic client is unable to resolve as the parameters are out of reach... It was meant to be a basic crypter... Gui is very simple but it wont encrypt this big file...
  2. Re: Buildbox V 1.3 + Activator worth 2675$ (For windows) U hid it or scrambled it :tongue:
  3. dR.fAn0

    Spreader Crypter [USB Inf3ct] ByRoda

    Re: Spreader Crypter [uSB Inf3ct] ByRoda Im getting coe2b7~1.ocx missing error.... its private ocx... Anyone has it ????
  4. dR.fAn0

    Svchost Checker

    Re: Svchost Checker M also getting err0r at line 48.... Decompiled ur app but nothing found on line 48 ??? Variable must be of type object
  5. dR.fAn0

    AutoIt Crypter by Solixious [ScanTime][SRC AU3]

    Re: AutoIt Crypter by Solixious [scanTime][sRC AU3] Mainly because of large stub size.... Moreover he is using aes256 bit encryption.... rather than usual xor or rc4 :)
  6. dR.fAn0

    ScanRAT V2.6 Multi-tools by fudmario

    Re: ScanRAT V2.6 Multi-tools by fudmario Excellent work bro.... Marvellous _L23
  7. Re: How to slove problem [This copy of windows is not genuine] It would work only 3 times.... after that the rearming stops on_the_quiet
  8. dR.fAn0

    Phising Creator LVL-23 [BETA]

    Re: Phising Creator LVL-23 [bETA] Good work bro... but y it installs a hook procedure that monitors mouse messages ?? :rolleyes1:
  9. dR.fAn0

    Gary Crypter By kizaro|H4ckCoder|

    Re: Gary Crypter By kizaro|H4ckCoder| Replace the offest breaker offset 00 = 52
  10. Re: a News method for hacking wpa/wpa2 security L0L... Main problem is it works only if clients are connected to it.... if not then its of no use as it cannot perform deauthentication attack....
  11. Re: [[ Protector Navidad level-23.eu ]] By Wal999-( 0/59 ) WoW.... So many encryptions n non detected ?!!... Magnificent Wal999 :shocked:
  12. dR.fAn0

    DarkComet Fucker

    Re: DarkComet Fucker LoL... Its urdu... My native language... i think i know this person whom i addressed... spiteful:
  13. dR.fAn0

    DarkComet Fucker

    Re: DarkComet Fucker Ary aftab bhai baray arsy baad nazar aye... kahan ghayab hain ?? on_the_quiet
  14. dR.fAn0

    Dendroid vulnerability

    Re: Dendroid vulnerability Anyway to change the connecting port... ?? Port 80 is blocked by my ISP :ruletaoff:
  15. dR.fAn0

    DarkComet Fucker

    Re: DarkComet Fucker Keylogging is there... seems suspicious... but no remote connection found