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    zeebsploit is a tool for hacking searching for web information and scanning vulnerabilities of a web Installation $ apt-get install git python $ git clone [Hidden Content] $ cd Zeebsploit $ python -m pip install -r requirements.txt $ python zsf.py $ * and follow instruction ================================================================= exploits 14 scanners 10 footprinting 8 ================================================================= requirements: required: requests asyncio aiohttp python-whois bs4 dirhunt colorlog ================================================================= last update: wed, 12 apr 2019 ================================================================= Download [Hidden Content]
  2. Modlishka Modlishka is a flexible and powerful reverse proxy, that will take your ethical phishing campaigns to the next level. [Hidden Content]
  3. SVScanner - Scanner Vulnerability And MaSsive Exploit Getting Started with Linux git clone [Hidden Content] cd SVScanner php svscanner.php Getting Started with Windows Download Xampp (PHP7) Download SVScanner : [Hidden Content] and open with cmd php svscanner.php Systems we recommend : PHP 7 (version and up) Install Modules PHP : php-cli & php-curl for linux Gredits Eka Syahwan Edo Maland Jack Wilder Pak Haxor FaturFreak
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    A bash script for anonymizing the public IP used to browsing Internet, managing the connection to TOR network and to different VPNs providers (OpenVPN) Usage: 4nonymizer <parameter> install: Install the script in run services uninstall: Disable run service and remove app directory change_provider: Change VPN Provider change_ip: Change IP from VPN current vpn_status: Check IP and provider VPN running update_vpns: Update all ovpn of VPNs start: Init the 4nonimizer service stop: Stop the 4nonimizer service stop_nonet: Stop the 4nonimizer service and shutdown network interfaces restart: Restart the 4nonimizer service update_app: Update this program via git privoxy: Install and configure privoxy with port 8118 (BETA) proxychains4: Install and configure proxychains4 for default in the system browser: Fire up a firefox browser with profile privoxy -> tor test_availability: Check peers availability and delete ovpn file if the IP/service is unreachable location: Now you can select a specific country or continent of the vpn peer enableboot: You can enable service in boot disableboot: You can disable service in boot enable_dnscrypt: Enable dnscrypt service disable_dnscrypt: Disable dnscrypt service help: Help (this screen) Available VPNs Currently it supports the following VPN providers: - 7Proxies [Hidden Content] - AirVPN [Hidden Content] - Cryptostorm [Hidden Content] - Cyberghost [Hidden Content] - ExpressVPN [Hidden Content] - FreeVPN [Hidden Content] - HideMyAss [Hidden Content] - IpPVanish [Hidden Content] - NordVPN [Hidden Content] - PIA [Hidden Content] - ProntonVPN [Hidden Content] - Proxy.sh [Hidden Content] - SlickVPN [Hidden Content] - StrongVPN [Hidden Content] - TorGuard [Hidden Content] - TunnelBear [Hidden Content] - VPNBook (por defecto) [Hidden Content] - VPNGate [Hidden Content] - VPNKeys [Hidden Content] - VPNMe [Hidden Content] - Vyprvpn [Hidden Content] Download Install on 4nonimizer Kali Linux VIDEO
  5. 0wner


    SocialFish -phishing tool with Ngrok [h=2]AVAILABLE PAGES[/h] > [b]+ Facebook:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional Facebook login page. [*]Advanced login with Facebook. [/list] [b]+ Google:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional Google login page. [*]Advanced login with Facebook. [/list] [b]+ LinkedIn:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional LinkedIn login page. [/list] [b]+ Github:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional Github login page. [/list] [b]+ Stackoverflow:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional Stackoverflow login page. [/list] [b]+ Wordpress:[/b] [list] [*]Similar Wordpress login page. [/list] [b]+ Twitter:[/b] [list] [*]Traditional Twitter login page. [/list] installation > git clone [Hidden Content] cd SocialFish sudo pip install -r requirements.txt python SocialFish.py
  6. 0wner


    [h=3]ABOUT Findsploit[/h] Finsploit is a simple bash script to quickly and easily search both local and online exploit databases. This repository also includes "copysploit" to copy any exploit-db exploit to the current directory and "compilesploit" to automatically compile and run any C exploit (ie. ./copysploit 1337.c && ./compilesploit 1337.c). For updates to this script, type findsploit update DOWNLOAD >[/b][/size] [Hidden Content] [size=20px][b] [h=3]INSTALLATION[/h] > ./install.sh [h=3]USAGE[/h] [HIGHLIGHT2] Search for all exploits and modules using a single search term: findsploit (ie. findsploit apache) Search multiple search terms: findsploit ... Show all NMap scripts: findsploit nmap Search for all FTP NMap scripts: findsploit nmap | grep ftp Show all Metasploit auxiliary modules: findsploit auxiliary Show all Metasploit exploits: findsploit exploits Show all Metasploit encoder modules: findsploit encoder Show all Metasploit payloads modules: findsploit payloads Search all Metasploit payloads for windows only payloads: findsploit payloads | grep windows [/HIGHLIGHT2] [h=2]LICENSE[/h] This software is free to distribute, modify and use with the condition that credit is provided to the creator ([email protected]) and is not for commercial use. [HIGHLIGHT2] I USE git clone to install So : [/HIGHLIGHT2] >[/b][/size] 1=git clone [Hidden Content] 2=cd Findsploit 3=chmod +x install.sh 4=./install.sh 5=findsploit (the exploit you want to search) [size=12px][b]
  7. 0wner

    The LAZY script

    The LAZY script MADE FOR KALI LINUX > cd git clone [Hidden Content] cd lscript chmod +x install.sh ./install.sh [h=3]How to run it (make sure you are a root user)[/h] > open terminal type "l" press enter
  8. [h=2]Fsociety Contains All Tools Used in Mr. Robot Series[/h] installation > 1 = git clone [Hidden Content] 2 = cd Fsociety 3 = chmod +x install.sh 4 = ./install.sh 5 = fsociety
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    Yes :-) but still learning
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    Sorry about this. i am simply poste this. so sorry dude
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    [h=2]RoxySploit - Pentest Suite How to install[/h] $ git clone [Hidden Content]; cd roxysploit; sudo /bin/bash install [h=2] What operating systems support roxysploit?[/h] All Linux distros are currently supported, it is recomended for a prebuilt pentesting os like kali linux although. [h=2] What is roxysploit?[/h] [h=2]roxysploit is a community-supported, open-source and penetration testing suite that supports attacks for numerous scenarios. conducting attacks in the field.[/h] [h=2]Credits[/h] 0x5a Aaronius Team(InsaneLand) @2018 DOWNLOAD
  13. Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) is a fully functional SQL injection vulnerability scanner (supporting GET and POST parameters) written in under 100 lines of code. As of optional settings it supports HTTP proxy together with HTTP header values User-Agent, Referer and Cookie. [h=2] Sample runs[/h] $ python dsss.py -h Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) < 100 LoC (Lines of Code) #v0.2o by: Miroslav Stampar (@stamparm) Usage: dsss.py [options] Options: --version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -u URL, --url=URL Target URL (e.g. "[Hidden Content]") --data=DATA POST data (e.g. "query=test") --cookie=COOKIE HTTP Cookie header value --user-agent=UA HTTP User-Agent header value --referer=REFERER HTTP Referer header value --proxy=PROXY HTTP proxy address (e.g. "[Hidden Content]") $ python dsss.py -u "[Hidden Content]" Damn Small SQLi Scanner (DSSS) < 100 LoC (Lines of Code) #v0.2o by: Miroslav Stampar (@stamparm) * scanning GET parameter 'artist' (i) GET parameter 'artist' could be error SQLi vulnerable (MySQL) (i) GET parameter 'artist' appears to be blind SQLi vulnerable (e.g.: 'http://t estphp.vulnweb.com/artists.php?artist=1%20AND%2061%3E60') scan results: possible vulnerabilities found [h=2] Requirements[/h] Python version 2.6.x or 2.7.x is required for running this program. Download
  14. 0wner


    [h=2]About[/h] Wifiphisher is a security tool that performs Wi-Fi automatic association attacks to force wireless clients to unknowingly connect to an attacker-controlled Access Point. It is a rogue Access Point framework that can be used to mount automated victim-customized phishing attacks against WiFi clients in order to obtain credentials or infect the victims with malwares. It can work a social engineering attack tool that unlike other methods it does not include any brute forcing. It is an easy way for obtaining credentials from captive portals and third party login pages (e.g. in social networks) or WPA/WPA2 pre-shared keys. Wifiphisher works on Kali Linux and is licensed under the GPL license. [h=2] How it works[/h] After achieving a man-in-the-middle position using Wi-Fi automatic association techniques (including "KARMA" and "Known Beacons" attacks), Wifiphisher by default redirects all HTTP requests to an attacker-controlled phishing page. From the victim's perspective, the attack makes use in three phases: Victim is being deauthenticated from her access point. Wifiphisher continuously jams all of the target access point's wifi devices within range by forging “Deauthenticate” or “Disassociate” packets to disrupt existing associations. Victim joins a rogue access point. Wifiphisher sniffs the area and copies the target access point's settings. It then creates a rogue wireless access point that is modeled by the target. It also sets up a NAT/DHCP server and forwards the right ports. Consequently, because of the deauth attack and the automatic association techniques, clients will eventually start connecting to the rogue access point. After this phase, the victim is MiTMed. Victim is being served a realistic specially-customized phishing page. Wifiphisher employs a minimal web server that responds to HTTP & HTTPS requests. As soon as the victim requests a page from the Internet, wifiphisher will respond with a realistic fake page that asks for credentials or serves malwares. This page will be specifically crafted for the victim. For example, a router config-looking page will contain the brand of the victim's vendor. The tool supports community-built templates for different phishing scenarios. [h=2]Requirements[/h] Following are the requirements for getting the most out of Wifiphisher: Kali Linux. Although people have made Wifiphisher work on other distros, Kali Linux is the officially supported distribution, thus all new features are primarily tested on this platform. One wireless network adapter that supports AP & Monitor mode and is capable of injection. For advanced mode, you need two cards; one that supports AP mode and another that supports Monitor mode. Drivers should support netlink. [h=2]Installation[/h] To install the latest development version type the following commands: git clone [Hidden Content] # Download the latest revision cd wifiphisher # Switch to tool's directory sudo python setup.py install # Install any dependencies DOWNLOAD
  15. [h=2]ROGUESPLOIT FOR A CORRECT USE, PLEASE INSTALL INTO /root/ DIR!![/h] RogueSploit is an open source automated script made to create a Fake Acces Point, with dhcpd server, dns spoofing, host redirection, browser_autopwn1 or autopwn2 or beef+mitmf. TO DO LIST: Add BeEF;[DONE] Add MITMF;[DONE] Add BDFProxy; Add SeToolkit; Add Hostapd as fake ap; Add some features; [h=3] ONLY FOR LEGAL / AUTHORIZED / STUDY PURPOSES[/h] What you need: Aircrack-ng Suite [[Hidden Content]] Dhcpd server Metasploit Framework [[Hidden Content]] Browser Exploitation Framework [[Hidden Content]] dnsmasq GNU / Linux based Operating Sistem [[Hidden Content]] External Wireless Interface like TP-Link TL-WN722N Zenity Hostapd Social Engineer Toolkit [[Hidden Content]] MITMF [[Hidden Content]] [h=1] DISCLAIMER[/h] [h=3]RogueSploit is intended to be used for legal security purposes only, and you should only use it to protect hosts you own or have permission to test. Any other use is not the responsibility of the developer. Be sure that you understand and are complying with the RogueSploit licenses and laws in your area. In other words, don't be stupid, don't be an asshole, and use this tool responsibly and legally.[/h] DOWNLOAD