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  1. electrify

    Simple Browser detection in JavaScript

    A simple method developed in JavaScript to detect browser type and version Browser Info.html <script> // Identify Browsers // By default browsers use misleading information, the solution is specify the version if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Firefox/54") != -1) {alert('Using Firefox v54');} if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("rv:11.0") != -1) {alert('Using IE v11');} if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Version/5.1.7") != -1) {alert('Using Safari v5.1.7');} if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Edge/14") != -1) {alert('Using Edge v14');} if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("OPR") != -1) {alert('Using Opera 46.0');} if (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Chrome/59") != -1) {alert('Using Chrome v59');} </script> Download: [Hidden Content] Virus Scan: [Hidden Content]
  2. Web Proxies Central is a program that let you use undetected yet list of proxies to surf the internet for fun or profit. What makes Web Proxies Central different from other programs or websites is the proxy scrapping method that retrieves undetected web proxies. This proxies don't have much traffic mainly because they are new and this is an advantage because they respond faster to page requests. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virustotal: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  3. TOR for Browser v3.1.6 (demo) is a tool to surf the internet completly anonymous by using 2 incapsulations. How to use: 1) Select a number from Circuit 1 2) Select a number from Circuit 2 3) Select Access type 4) Type the site to visit 5) Hit Go! There is in each Circuit 20 proxy servers. This proxy servers must be combined using Circuit 1 and Circuit 2. Using this will increase the anonymity of the connection. Also there is two options in Access: Restricted - Blocks Cookies, JavaScript and Objects Unrestricted - Allow Cookies, JavaScript and Objects Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Scan [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. Download: (Updated 10/02/2019) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  5. electrify

    Top File Hosting Services for 2019

    SamaUp Cloud - (SCAMMER)
  6. electrify

    Is samaup.cc legit or scam?

    Two to three days ago i started uploading a few files to this new hoster and today i got the sign above. They are a SCAM, the download counter works but not the balance and after reaching a good amount of downloads the admin banned the account taking all the profits.
  7. This page will show html to the user and after serving the page it will self-destructe. index.php <?php echo "YOUR HTML GOES HERE"; unlink('index.php'); ?> Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Scan: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  8. @sfnvk47 - For dorks use [Hidden Content]
  9. electrify

    The Hacker Machine 2 [REUPLOADED]

    Download (Re-Uploaded 10/02/2019) [hide][Hidden Content]]
  10. electrify

    Top File Hosting Services for 2019

    SamaUp Cloud - [Hidden Content]
  11. Brand Integrator is a tool to register brand names in diferent service providers. Currently it can register brand names in blogs services, subdomains services, hosting services and url shorteners. Update Log: - Added more hosting services and url shorteners Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Scan: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  12. A simple mailer to test the php mail function on a webserver or to simply send emails. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Scan [hide][Hidden Content]]
  13. electrify

    Free Email SPAM v1.0 - Send spam from super brands

    The password is datagroove.
  14. Branded Spammer v1 is a tool that sends spam from reputable sources. Basically what it does is sending emails from online stores to the email of your choice. This demo version is limited and can only send a limited number of emails. Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Virus Scan [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. QKey TV - Updated 07/02/2019 Download: [Hidden Content] Virus Scan: [Hidden Content] Sites added: > arenavision.link rojadirectaonlinetv.com rivosport.co rojadirecta.eu totalsport.me dailydeports.pw vipracing.icu slives.me fifastream.online