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  1. Hey guys, long time. Was an official here a while back but life got plans and i ended up getting occupied with it. so was asking a question, is there anyone who can offer links to helpful sites or even a project source for this question? I need to write a loader that loads a linux exe and executes it.It should use a hexdump software as well as mmap for allocating memory. Any help will be greately appreciated. Thanks. Big hello to Top10, Jok3rjok3r and caballo/d33p3st from the times back
  2. Hello sir, please give me 
    Encoder builder with Source. (CryptoLocker)

    The previous link expired please send another link

    Thank You 


    Sir, link expair plz sir send me exploit 
    Silent PDF Exploit Builder. Silent Adobe Reader PDF & Foxit Reader [1/40]
  4. Diabl0

    Search for malware analysis books

    When i started up, the most helpful books included practical reverse engineering ans some amazing tutorials from hasherezade, malwarehunterteam and malwareunicorn. For practical reverse engineering you can get it in pdf by just spending some few seconds on google. As for the above mentioned tutors, you can find them on twitter as well as the respective sites on their bio.
  5. Welcome to lvl23. Read the rules and enjoy.
  6. This is the BETA version of the mAUS Java RAT with some welcomed changes. Changelog: -New UI Design -Code Changes FEATURES Full Maus UI (updated)! Client Builder - create and distribute .jar files for client connections Client nick names Client notifications (with sound!) Server settings Send commands File explorer File download Program persistence (Windows / Maybe mac / linux?) Client persistence (Windows) ==Known bugs: JavaFX IpContext menu visual bug (rare - does not affect functionality) File explorer won't re open after working Uninstall server (Does not remove registry key / files yet) Is not currently fully cross-platform compatible (will be soon ) Download Link: [HIDE-THANKS] >>[Hidden Content] [/HIDE-THANKS] Enjoy.
  7. Thanatos Botnet [exploitinc forum] AlphaLeon Botnet [exploitinc + other forum] AntiGone Botnet [HackForums] Mercury Botnet [siph0n forum] FASM32 Botnet [siph0n forum] All the different names for the same deadly botnet with new style and slight modifications. Prices: 1 month = $ 1,700 USD 3 months = $ 4,800 USD 6 months = $ 9,200 USD Lifetime = $ 12,000 USD [HIDE-THANKS][Hidden Content]] Enjoy.
  8. Diabl0

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Happy holidays guys!! have a great one PS: don't rush the drugs :)
  9. Haven't seen it posted so here it goes: Features: [✓]Socket Key Changer [✓]Bitcoin Grabber [✓]Seed Torrent [✓]Malware Killer [✓]USB Spread [✓]Anti Vmware Sandboxie.. etc [✓]Show Anti-Virus Software [✓]Startup using *.URL [✓]Reconnect Timeout [✓]Sleep [✓]Persistence [✓]Hide [✓]Visit webpage visible or hidden [✓]CMD enable or disable [Admin] [✓]Mouse reverse or normal [✓]Clipboard copy or clear [✓]Taskbar show or hide [✓]Monitor OFF or ON [✓]Text To Speech [✓]Message Box [✓]Manager Disable [✓]Chrome Cookies remover [✓]Delete EventsViewer [Admin] [✓]Downloader [✓]Updated GeoIP.dat [✓]Updated Passwords Recovery [✓]NO-IP Updater [✓]Assembly And Icon Changer [✓]Flooder [✓]Obfuscation [✓]MPress [✓]Plugin Compiler [✓]Visible Client [✓]Clean My PC [✓]Shutdown Restart PC Change logs v0.7.8: [+]Added seed torrent from URL [+]Added hidden torrent installer \\ BitTorrent [+]Added Chrome cookies remover [+]Added MsgBox [+]Added Task Manager Disable or Enable [+]Updated several functions \\ For example, Anti-Process now will automatic kill client.exe if the user started "Process Hacker" then execute client.exe again after 1min if process hacker was closed. This will give the client more stealthy behavior. [+]Updated [Logs] button \\ Now you can see many Error messages Download: [HIDE-THANKS] Download: [Hidden Content] password=nyan [/HIDE-THANKS]
  10. This is a GPU Based keylogger, meaning it resides and functions on the graphic processing unit rather than the CPU. Its capable of doing this By instructing the GPU to carefully monitor ,via DMA , the physical page where the keyboard buffer resides, it thus can record all user keystrokes and store them in the memory space of the GPU. It does not rely on any kernel modifications besides altering the page table, and uses a small code snippet that needs to run just once from kernel context to acquire the physical address of the keyboard buffer. This code is completely standalone, does not require any hooks or other modifications, and is completely removed after it accomplishes its task. The physical address of the keyboard buffer is then used by the GPU to monitor all user keystrokes directly via DMA, through the direction of a user-level controller process. Requirements for use: OpenCL drivers/icd's installed AMD or NVIDIA card (although AMDAPPSDK does support intel) linux kernel headers Here is a summary of what this POC does: CPU kernel module bootstrap to locate keyboard buffer via DMA in usb struct keyboard buffer gets stored in userland file kernel module deletes itself OpenCL stores that keyboard buffer inside gpu and deletes file due to evidence Thanks to team Jellyfish for this POC...all credits goes to them. Download: [HIDE-THANKS] Link: [Hidden Content] [/HIDE-THANKS] Password: Why is it undetectable? The answer is easy...Current malware analysis and detection systems are tailored to CPU architectures only, and therefore are ineffective against GPU-based malware
  11. Its rather self explanatory... this is an android RAT with the following features: Features Realtime command execution Schedule commands Hidden app icon (stealth mode) Fetch SMS in Fetch call logs Fetch contacts Send SMS command Forward received/sent SMS Monitor location Update apk remotely Data collected are retained in database Realtime notifications about device status Transfer bot reporting to another server For android 6 and above: You can view the permissions of the app The app asks for permission when a certain command is sent the there is no permission Panel Setup Info: This includes both the actual Bot and The Panel: [Hide-Thanks] Bot: Link - [Hidden Content] Panel: Link: [Hidden Content]-IO [/HIDE-THANKS]
  12. Diabl0

    Rebirth IOT Botnet Full SRC

    This is basically a Mirai Fork. Essentially thi is a type of malware that automatically finds Internet of Things devices to infect and conscripts them into a botnet. This includes both the server and client source code and includes a python scanner downloader functionality. Download Link: [HIDE-THANKS] Link: [Hidden Content] [/HIDE-THANKS]
  13. Its a java downloader with several spreading capabilities. Download the full source from the below link: [HIDE-THANKS] Link:[Hidden Content] [/HIDE-THANKS]
  14. Diabl0

    We write Android-bot from scratch! [bankbot-mazain]

    Re: We write Android-bot from scratch! [MENTION=3092]HoRSe[/MENTION], looks like the source to bankbot-mazain?
  15. Diabl0

    about chorome exe dowload

    Re: about chorome exe dowload [MENTION=17651]jarmen[/MENTION] what exactly is your issue? The chrome downloader is failing to download the stub?