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  1. Hey guys, long time. Was an official here a while back but life got plans and i ended up getting occupied with it. so was asking a question, is there anyone who can offer links to helpful sites or even a project source for this question? I need to write a loader that loads a linux exe and executes it.It should use a hexdump software as well as mmap for allocating memory. Any help will be greately appreciated. Thanks. Big hello to Top10, Jok3rjok3r and caballo/d33p3st from the times back
  2. Hello sir, please give me 
    Encoder builder with Source. (CryptoLocker)

    The previous link expired please send another link

    Thank You 


    Sir, link expair plz sir send me exploit 
    Silent PDF Exploit Builder. Silent Adobe Reader PDF & Foxit Reader [1/40]
  4. When i started up, the most helpful books included practical reverse engineering ans some amazing tutorials from hasherezade, malwarehunterteam and malwareunicorn. For practical reverse engineering you can get it in pdf by just spending some few seconds on google. As for the above mentioned tutors, you can find them on twitter as well as the respective sites on their bio.
  5. Thanatos Botnet [exploitinc forum] AlphaLeon Botnet [exploitinc + other forum] AntiGone Botnet [HackForums] Mercury Botnet [siph0n forum] FASM32 Botnet [siph0n forum] All the different names for the same deadly botnet with new style and slight modifications. Prices: 1 month = $ 1,700 USD 3 months = $ 4,800 USD 6 months = $ 9,200 USD Lifetime = $ 12,000 USD [HIDE-THANKS][Hidden Content]] Enjoy.
  6. Happy holidays guys!! have a great one PS: don't rush the drugs :)
  7. Haven't seen it posted so here it goes: Features: [✓]Socket Key Changer [✓]Bitcoin Grabber [✓]Seed Torrent [✓]Malware Killer [✓]USB Spread [✓]Anti Vmware Sandboxie.. etc [✓]Show Anti-Virus Software [✓]Startup using *.URL [✓]Reconnect Timeout [✓]Sleep [✓]Persistence [✓]Hide [✓]Visit webpage visible or hidden [✓]CMD enable or disable [Admin] [✓]Mouse reverse or normal [✓]Clipboard copy or clear [✓]Taskbar show or hide [✓]Monitor OFF or ON [✓]Text To Speech [✓]Message Box [✓]Manager Disable [✓]Chrome Cookies remover [✓]Delete EventsViewer [Admin] [✓]Downloader [✓]Updated GeoIP.dat [✓]Updated Passwords Recovery [✓]NO-IP Updater [✓]Assembly And Icon Changer [✓]Flooder [✓]Obfuscation [✓]MPress [✓]Plugin Compiler [✓]Visible Client [✓]Clean My PC [✓]Shutdown Restart PC Change logs v0.7.8: [+]Added seed torrent from URL [+]Added hidden torrent installer \\ BitTorrent [+]Added Chrome cookies remover [+]Added MsgBox [+]Added Task Manager Disable or Enable [+]Updated several functions \\ For example, Anti-Process now will automatic kill client.exe if the user started "Process Hacker" then execute client.exe again after 1min if process hacker was closed. This will give the client more stealthy behavior. [+]Updated [Logs] button \\ Now you can see many Error messages Download: [HIDE-THANKS] Download: [Hidden Content] password=nyan [/HIDE-THANKS]
  8. Re: about chorome exe dowload [MENTION=17651]jarmen[/MENTION] what exactly is your issue? The chrome downloader is failing to download the stub?
  9. Re: about chorome exe dowload [MENTION=17651]jarmen[/MENTION] what exactly is your issue? The chrome downloader is failing to download the stub?
  10. Re: CCleaner Hacked to Distribute Malware [MENTION=24249]Insound[/MENTION] you don't have to uninstall it, just upgrade/update it manually to v5.34
  11. Re: Dark Comet Infectado el mismo ? [MENTION=24122]570RM5H4D0[/MENTION] I don't understand why people still use DC even after its developer abandoned the project. Now to your question, if I remember correctly, please correct me where am wrong, DC client suffered to main Flaws which included an SQL vulnerability in the sqlite file, which stores info's such as the ftp passwords, and an arbitral file upload flow, one of the affected module was the host file edit which worked by uploading the host file without any validation checks, allowing the infected slave to download any viable file from the clients computer..apart from that, items such as ftp passwords could be found in the DC's bin...you can use the RAT decoder to do this.
  12. Re: Foro de turoriales.... [MENTION=24231]ozonofxp[/MENTION] what the hell are you talking about dude!?
  13. Re: Que necesito para c# y llegar a crear mi propio Rat [MENTION=24122]570RM5H4D0[/MENTION] in addition to main lane c# topics you will need to learn and have a firm grip on socket programming/networking which you may further on with cryptography and threading. Make sure to also have quality reference sources like quasar RAT and other good C# RATs. Good luck, if you have any issues during your learning endeavor you can PM me or post a topic.
  14. Re: CrypterHacker The Are Live!! [MENTION=5640]crypter[/MENTION]hacker welcome back mate. Thought you had disappeared for good.Hope you stick around this time. Saludos.

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