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  1. alguien sabe cualquier Crypter o obfuscador código JavaScript que estoy usando el proyecto de descarga único foro que el no conseguir ocultar alguien me puede ayudar código o cualquier punta que requiere . :8foros:
  2. thiagohack

    I need help

    I heard a friend tudo bem was wondering if you could help me with a program he has a permit to operate so that I have no more wondering if you can take the scan that the program is to find the license in vo servirdor let him here if you have to help me vo thank you very much. I think his language and Delphi Download [HIDE][Hidden Content]]
  3. thiagohack

    SQLI Dumper Tutorial

    Re: SQLI Dumper Tutorial Friend what the password program ? => [Hidden Content]
  4. thiagohack

    Havij v1.17 Pro cracked

    Re: Havij v1.17 Pro cracked What is the password friend? thanks again :)