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  1. Elite Soldier

    HawkEye Keylogger v3 [Cracked]

    Re: HawkEye Keylogger v3 [Cracked] thanks for sharing...
  2. Elite Soldier

    [Cracked] Carbon Protector By ThIbAhAcK

    Re: [Cracked] Carbon Protector By ThIbAhAcK GG et bonne continuation
  3. Elite Soldier

    Wifi Fast Cracker

    Re: Wifi Fast Cracker his works for the wep or wpa as ?
  4. Elite Soldier

    TeamGameHacks Protector 1/35

    Re: TeamGameHacks Protector 1/35 nice share , damage which is not fud
  5. Elite Soldier

    Cool Deface Pages Collection 2013

    Re: Cool Deface Pages Collection 2013 the first is best
  6. Elite Soldier

    [Cracked] P-Encoder

    Re: [Cracked] P-Encoder is exe programe or java ?
  7. Elite Soldier


    Re: Real.Hide.IP. thanks for sharing br/o
  8. Elite Soldier

    Most Tools to detect backDoor

    Re: Most Tools to detect backDoor the best is [Hidden Content]
  9. Elite Soldier

    Mini Downloader FUD (Hum)

    Re: Mini Downloader FUD (Hum) tanks bro for sharing
  10. Elite Soldier

    Pani SQL Injection 0.2b

    link not work bro
  11. Elite Soldier

    Auto root 2007,2008,2009 kernal

  12. Elite Soldier

    Como crear tu propio crypter runtime

  13. Elite Soldier

    iStealer 6.3 Legends Cracked

    OMG is the old stealer / now istealer steal no thin
  14. Elite Soldier

    RDG Tejon Crypter v1.7 !!

    i'ts not crackable , it a "demo version" and there no stub with it , ive unpacked and decompiled there are juste a msg box on the crypt bouton .

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