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      You can download 5 files a day, if you want to make unlimited downloads you must buy PRIV8, you will have access to all the parts of the forum and you will be able to download unlimitedly without restrictions for a lifetime.

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  2. Abrir puertos

    Por que no tienes acceso al router?, El user:pass suele ser en Vodafone admin:admin
  3. FLARE VM v2.0

    FLARE VM is the first of its kind reverse engineering and malware analysis distribution on Windows platform. Since its introduction in July 2017, FLARE VM has been continuously trusted and used by many reverse engineers, malware analysts, and security researchers as their go-to environment for analyzing malware. Just like the ever-evolving security industry, FLARE VM has gone through many major changes to better support our users’ needs. FLARE VM now has a new installation, upgrade, and uninstallation process, which is a long anticipated feature requested by our users. FLARE VM also includes many new tools such as IDA 7.0, radare and YARA. Therefore, we would like to share these updates, especially the new installation process. Installation We strongly recommend you use FLARE VM within a virtualized environment for malware analysis to protect and isolate your physical device and network from malicious activities. We assume you already have experience setting up and configuring your own virtualized environment. Please create a new virtual machine (VM) and perform a fresh installation of Windows. FLARE VM is designed to be installed on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or newer; therefore, you can select a version of windows that best suits your needs. From this point forward, all installation steps should be performed within your VM. Available Packages While we attempt to make the tools available as shortcuts within the FLARE folder, there are several available from command-line only. Please see the online documentation for the most up to date list. Here is an incomplete list of some major tools available on FLARE VM: Disassemblers: IDA Free 5.0 and IDA Free 7.0 Binary Ninja Radare2 and Cutter Debuggers: OllyDbg and OllyDbg2 x64dbg Windbg File Format parser: CFF Explorer, PEView, PEStudio PdfStreamdumper, pdf-parser, pdfid ffdec offvis and officemalscanner PE-bear Decompilers: RetDec Jd-gui and bytecode-viewer dnSpy IDR VBDecompiler Py2ExeDecompiler Monitoring tools: SysInternal suite RegShot Utilities: Hex Editors (010 editor, HxD and File Insight) FLOSS (FireEye Labs Obfuscated String Solver) Fakenet-NG Yara Malware Analyst Pack Once you have a VM with a fresh installation of Windows, use one of the following URLs to download the compressed FLARE VM repository onto your VM: Source && Download: [hide][Hidden Content]] Install Info : [hide][Hidden Content]]
  4. AZOrult 3.0 - 3.1 - 3.3 beta

    lets try this , and see if builder work
  5. Abrir puertos

    Warning you know what you do (open port = open accest from outsite to you compurer for you and hacker and police ) Or use tor from server and from client ; vpn with port forwarding same @J0k3rj0k3r or ngrok or Pagekite ... Source: [hide] [Hidden Content]]
  6. Yesterday
  7. Abrir puertos

    Yes, i did use vodafone for both. You can send me a link about this?
  8. i will like to see this, cos i have zeus 2... any different?
  9. Hello there, I provide you professional ddos services, If you need to put off a website, a bank, a mail site, an institution, a school.. We take every request that you send us. 1) You have to send us the more information you have about your target. 2) Indicate us the time that you want your target down. 3) We will give you a price for the service. We hit at nearly 700 GB/s.. We can do a demo for you.. We don’t take any request you need to have a referral code. Thanks you :)
  10. Abrir puertos

    Have you try it usuario vodafone, password vodafone? If not not, must use it a vpn with port forwarding
  11. Abrir puertos

    Buenas, perdonar si este tema no va aqui, pero hay alguna forma de abrir los puertos sin tener acceso al admin router? Router Vodafone
  12. The best hacker link directory

    Hope this release will help me, thank you my man!
  13. cryptor Morpheus Crypter Cracked

    how high is the detection rate? EDIT: saw your post
  14. WarZone RAT 1.2 Cracked By emotion

    isnt it c++?
  15. X6 BangBros

    [Hidden Content]
  16. X5 Brazzers

    [Hidden Content]
  17. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Passwoord: level23hacktools.com
  18. Leongram v3.0.0 [Cracked]

    Go What can Leongram do? Likes Program will like people on your behalf to other users to get their attention. Subscription The program will subscribe to the users you need to subscribe to you in response. Cancellation If the profile reaches a limit, the program will unsubscribe from all, and then will begin to subscribe again. Direct The program will automatically send messages to the direct according to the specified parameters and templates. Audience collection A feature that gathers the right users by competitors, hashtags, geolocation and groups. Comments The program will send comments, it is a powerful way to attract the attention of customers. Autoposting You can preload the posts in the program, and it will be at the right time, in turn will publish them. Accelerator Collect audience without accounts and proxies. Through vulnerabilities and blocking bypass, the accelerator collects the audience in several streams at a tremendous speed. Scheduler Schedule tasks, for example, loop the subscription and unsubscribe so that the program performs it on a schedule. Cleaning bots The program provides the function of clearing your account from bots and dead accounts. Leongram was recognized as the best to work with Instagram According to the world's largest forum on social networks, Zismo.biz Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  19. source code Fuzion Crypter

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  20. source code okKCrypter 1.0

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  21. source code 404 Crypter

    Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  22. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  23. Download: [HIDE][Hidden Content]] Password: level23hacktools.com
  24. Last week
  25. Facebook And Google Reviews System For Businesses version 1.1 suffers from a code execution vulnerability. View the full article
  26. Facebook And Google Reviews System For Businesses version 1.1 suffers from a remote SQL injection vulnerability. View the full article
  27. GNU inetutils versions 1.9.4 and below are vulnerable to a stack overflow vulnerability in the client-side environment variable handling which can be exploited to escape restricted shells on embedded devices. Most modern browsers no longer support telnet:// handlers, but in instances where URI handlers are enabled to the inetutils telnet client this issue maybe remotely triggerable. A stack-based overflow is present in the handling of environment variables when connecting telnet.c to remote telnet servers through oversized DISPLAY arguments. A heap-overflow is also present which can be triggered in a different code path due to supplying oversized environment variables during client connection code. View the full article
  28. An exploitable arbitrary file creation weakness has been identified in Mikrotik RouterOS that can be leveraged by a malicious attacker to exploit all known versions of Mikrotik RouterOS. The RouterOS contains a telnet client based on GNU inetutils with modifications to remove shell subsystem. However an attacker can leverage the "set tracefile" option to write an arbitrary file into any "rw" area of the filesystem, escaping the restricted shell to gain access to a "ash" busybox shell on some versions. The file is created with root privileges regardless of the RouterOS defined group. View the full article
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