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Active Hackers

The best community of active hackers. This community has been working in hacking for more than 10 years.


Hacker Forum

Hacker from all countries join this community to share their knowledge and their hacking tools

    Hacking Tools

    You can find thousands of tools shared by hackers. RAT's, Bot's, Crypters FUD, Stealers, Binders, Ransomware, Mallware, Virus, Cracked Accounts, Configs, Guides, Videos and many other things.


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      2. The giveaway starts today and ends on 08/03/2021, I will be using a site like random.org to generate a random number that will answer the winner's post number. To participate leave a comment! Min. 2 Users Max. 5 Users
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      4. Windows10Pdf Print to PDF Toolkit Pro – Print to PDF Toolkit Pro software enhances the features of Microsoft Print to PDF in many ways. For instance, it allows adding multiple paper types and defining custom paper sizes for Microsoft Print to PDF printer, it allows password protection for PDF documents, allow users to save PDF files without prompt (skip Save-As-PDF dialog), to append PDF files, to automatically output PDF files to a folder or a file, to customize PDF meta data in PDF properties, to change image resolution to reduce PDF file size, to change PDF layout and page mode to impress readers. It enables users to convert photos to PDF in batch, convert web pages to PDF in batch, and offers batch conversion for Word to PDF, Excel to PDF, PowerPoint to Excel, TXT to PDF, RTF to PDF, DWG to PDF, DXF to PDF. Print to PDF Toolkit Pro includes all the features of Repair Tool for Microsoft Print to PDF, therefore, users can repair or reinstall Microsoft Print to PDF printer and software package at any time. Features • Automatically save PDF files to a specific folder or a specific file • Save PDF files without prompt • Email PDF document as email attachment • Automatically Open PDF document after creation • Post-Processing for PDF documents • Password Protection • Permission Management • Avoid Information Leakage in PDF Document Properties • Create PDF document with splendid page mode and layout mode • Batch Conversion • Adjust PDF resolution and PDF Print Quality • Repair and Troubleshooting [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      5. Ashampoo WebCam Guard – Even the greatest minds in IT glue up their webcam! The idea of someone else taking control of your webcam and microphone is chilling. Ashampoo WebCam Guard fixes this problem forever! The program uses a special algorithm to directly access the equipment and turn it off with just one click! And one more click allows you to turn it back on if necessary. Ashampoo WebCam Guard is extremely easy to use and instantly understandable. One click to disable or enable webcams and microphones – and that’s it! Additional options such as automatic launch or notifications are also available in the program settings. Sounds simple? Because it is! WebCam Guard is a simple and reliable solution for more protection and privacy! Features • Easily turn on and off your webcam and microphones • Prevents unauthorized access to the webcam and microphone • Sophisticated user interface for easy control • Disable equipment using a specially developed algorithm • Maximum undemanding on resources • Automatic detection of connected equipment • Easy access to Windows data protection settings • Supports automatic startup [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      6. This program is only for educational purposes it's a Proof Of Concept. Description gremeydescription A lite, fast and anonymous tool for phishing and spamming. Send mass spam emails and creates custom links for the phishing pages. Works with NGROK and TOR network. Features phishing pages, mass spam, database storage for credentials. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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      8. New Android Remote Tool (SpyMax Modded Version) Tested on Android : 5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Application Features : ------ Manage : .Files .Sms .contacts .Calls .Applications .Accounts ------ Monitor : .camera .live screen .microphone .keylogger .Location . real time calls monitor ------ tools : .Download apk and install .show message .open link .call number .phone info ----- Social media Hunter: - Facebook - gmail - more coming soon ------ super mode : -Anti-Kill -Anti-Delete -Realtime Monitor Active App -Auto Click Start Screen Record -Anti shutdown phone New Update Free Version : -Auto grant Request battery optimization [ super mod ] -update anti-remove to work on more phones [ super mod ] -hide bars when camera open -more stable payload for weak phones [hide][Hidden Content]] Scan Server [Hidden Content]
      9. itsMe

        SilentETHMiner v1.5.4

        SilentETHMiner v1.5.4 - Based on Lime Miner v0.3 Main Features .NET - Coded in Visual Basic .NET, requires .NET Framework 4.5 Codedom - No need for external libraries to compile Injection (Silent) - Hide payload behind another process Idle Mining - Can be configured to only mine when the computer isn't in use Stealth - Pauses the miner while Task Manager, Process Explorer or Process Hacker is open Watchdog - Replaces the miner if removed and starts it if closed down Ethash - Supports mining all Ethash coins like Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Metaverse, Ellaism, QuarkChain and others Remote Configuration - Can get the connection settings remotely from a URL at each startup Bypass Windows Defender - Adds exclusions into Windows Defender for the general folders the miner uses Online Downloader - Can download the miner binary during runtime (from GitHub) to greatly decrease file size and detections SilentETHMiner v1.5.4 Fixed the GPU detection for systems that have custom lowercase characters like Turkish, seems like I failed the "Turkey Test" again [hide][Hidden Content]]
      10. Restrict Content Pro is a complete membership and premium content manager plugin for WordPress. Create an unlimited number of memberships levels, including free, trial and premium. Manage members and their subscriptions, track payments, offer discounts with a complete discount code system, and provide premium, members-only content to your subscribers. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      11. FaceLive – Live Stream Broadcaster Plugin for WordPress is a Facebook Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live on Facebook with pre-recorded videos. You can go live directly on your account/page/group or create a live event for the stream, to increase views. Facebook live stream broadcaster plugin is ideal for increasing your Facebook account/page/group views count in no time, with the help of your WordPress blog. It uses the Facebook native PHP API to boost your Facebook account/page/group’s traffic! [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      12. Cerbrutus Modular brute force tool written in Python, for very fast password spraying SSH, and FTP and in the near future other network services. COMING SOON: SMB, HTTP(s) POST, HTTP(s) GET, HTTP BASIC AUTH Thanks to @0dayctf, Rondons, Enigma, and 001 for testing and contributing [hide][Hidden Content]]
      13. Yesterday
      14. El lenguaje de programación Python ha ganado una inmensa atención y popularidad en los últimos años. La razón para amar y usar Python es muy simple: la simplicidad y las características versátiles que este maravilloso lenguaje de programación ofrece a los usuarios. ¡Hoy veremos la introducción de Python, algunas de las mejores características que admite y varios factores que hacen que Python sea diferente de la plétora de lenguajes de programación que existen! ¿Qué es Python? Python es un lenguaje de programación de alto nivel, dinámico, interpretado y orientado a objetos, que fue desarrollado por Guido Van Rossum. Python está enriquecido con varias funciones y características útiles para su uso. Funciones de Python Python le brinda al usuario el corte que necesita mientras programa, al admitir varias funciones útiles. Estas funciones incluyen: • Dinámico • Orientado a objetos • Soporte GUI • Multiplataforma • Extensible • Facilidad de uso • Integrado • De uso gratuito y de código abierto • Soporte comunitario • Actualizaciones frecuentes ¿Por qué aprender Python? ¡Las razones para aprender Python son muchas y para no aprender ninguna! Python se ha convertido en la primera opción de los desarrolladores de todo el mundo, debido a su eficiencia y características versátiles. • Las empresas de tecnología más grandes y líderes, incluidas CISCO, IBM, Mozilla, Google, Quora, HP, Dropbox, QUALCOMM, etc., utilizan Python debido a su simplicidad y elegancia. • Los desarrolladores prefieren usar Python sobre la pila de diferentes disponibles en el mercado debido a su énfasis en la legibilidad y la eficiencia. • Python es el lenguaje de programación preferido de la mayoría de los científicos de datos, aprendices de máquinas, científicos de inteligencia artificial, etc. • Python es un lenguaje fácil de aprender y dominar. Esto se debe principalmente a la semejanza de su sintaxis con el idioma inglés. La sintaxis de Python se caracteriza por muy pocas reglas y excepciones. • Es seguro decir que en Python la atención se centra en lo que quiere hacer con el código, no en las complejidades del lenguaje. Cualquiera puede dominar Python fácilmente. • Python es puramente multiplataforma y de código abierto. El mismo código escrito en un sistema Windows se puede ejecutar en máquinas Linux o Mac con cambios mínimos o nulos en el código fuente. • Otro aspecto notable de Python es que está respaldado por décadas de corrección de errores y enderezado de torceduras, lo que garantiza que su código funcione según lo previsto siempre que el usuario lo ejecute. • Python es compatible con PYPI, que tiene más de 85.000 bibliotecas y módulos de Python para los usuarios. • Python se adapta a todos los propósitos de desarrollo, desde desarrollo web, automatización, inteligencia artificial, aprendizaje automático, desarrollo de juegos, aplicaciones de escritorio y mucho más. Python para desarrollo web Python ofrece algunos marcos bien conocidos para desarrolladores web como Django y Flask. Estos marcos se pueden utilizar en el desarrollo de backend para aplicaciones basadas en web con gran funcionalidad, eficiencia y diseño. Estos marcos no solo son funcionales, sino que también son seguros y estables. Los marcos como Django brindan seguridad contra varios errores de configuración de seguridad en las aplicaciones web. Algunos otros marcos de desarrollo web populares son: Web2Py, TurboGears, CherryPy, Bottle, etc. Python para automatización Python es un gran lenguaje para automatizar las tareas diarias de la computadora. Se pueden programar scripts simples en Python para automatizar las tareas aburridas regulares, lo que puede ahorrar mucho tiempo a los usuarios y aumentar su eficiencia y productividad en el trabajo. Los módulos de Python como PyAutoGUI se pueden usar para automatizar las tareas del teclado y el mouse. Las tareas diarias también se pueden revisar a través de estas tareas. Algunos módulos de Python populares utilizados en la automatización incluyen Selenium, BeautifulSoup, PyAutoGUI, Requests, JSON, etc. Python para aprendizaje automático e inteligencia artificial Python se ha convertido en el principal lenguaje de programación para modelos de aprendizaje automático e inteligencia artificial. Python proporciona la coherencia y la simplicidad necesarias para los modelos de IA y ML, seguidas de algunos de los mejores marcos. La sintaxis de Python es fácil de entender y significativa, lo que la hace ideal para proyectos de Inteligencia Artificial. Algunos marcos de Python populares para aprendizaje automático e inteligencia artificial incluyen TensorFlow, Torch, Skikit-Learn, Apache Singa, etc. Python para desarrollo de juegos Python no es un lenguaje ideal para desarrollar juegos debido a su baja velocidad. Sin embargo, tiene algunas buenas bibliotecas para el desarrollo de juegos como PyGame, Pyglet, Pandas3D, etc. que se pueden usar para desarrollar juegos de escritorio simples basados en GUI. La simplicidad de Python se puede utilizar como una ventaja para aprender los fundamentos del desarrollo de juegos. Después de aprender el desarrollo básico de juegos a través de Python, uno puede saltar a un lenguaje como C o C ++. Python para aplicaciones de escritorio Python es un lenguaje de programación interactivo con soporte para el desarrollo de GUI. Python proporciona varios marcos y módulos que se pueden usar para desarrollar aplicaciones de escritorio interactivas para múltiples sistemas operativos. Algunos de los mejores módulos de Python que brindan asistencia para el desarrollo de aplicaciones de escritorio incluyen PyQt, Tkinter, Kivy, PyGUI, etc. Python para la administración de redes Python también se puede utilizar para tareas de red complejas como administración de redes, automatización de redes, etc. Python es el lenguaje de programación líder para redes definidas por software. Python aumenta la eficiencia y la flexibilidad de los sistemas de red al facilitar su configuración y administración. Socket es uno de los módulos de Python más utilizados para tareas de red. Conclusión Python es un lenguaje de programación fácil de aprender, por eso, si está trabajando en cualquier proyecto en Python, no tiene que crear su propia función grande, puede usar módulos que ya han sido creados por otros desarrolladores. Python facilita el trabajo y la comprensión de Python es tan fácil como leer un párrafo en inglés.
      15. View File 800GB+ Collection Of IT Stuff 800GB+ Collection Of IT Stuff *In This Course You Will Get Books , Video Tutorials , Softwares About Hacking And More.. Download Link: Free for users PRIV8 * no backup Submitter dEEpEst Submitted 31/07/21 Category Libro Online Password ********  
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        800GB+ Collection Of IT Stuff *In This Course You Will Get Books , Video Tutorials , Softwares About Hacking And More.. Download Link: Free for users PRIV8 * no backup

        $100.00 PRIV8

      17. Learn how to enumerate and exploit WordPress CMS What you'll learn Enumerate WordPress Enumerate Users , Themes , Plugins in WordPress Bruteforce Attacks using XMLRPC , Python , BurpSuite and Hydra Bruteforce Attacks using Metasploit Exploit Themes , Plugins and Pop a Shell Shell Upload using Metasploit Requirements No Prerequisites needed but web and python fundamentals are optional Description This course teaches you how to enumerate WordPress CMS. Wordpress cms is one of most popular cms to build blogs , shopping websites and more Wordpress comes with lot of 3rd party plugins and themes so does vulnerabilities and misconfigurations We need to know how hackers attack wordpress thus protecting ourself from the attacks We will see how to enumerate and bruteforce with python , burp , wpscan , metasploit etc tools like wpscan does awesome job at enumeration and also at bruteforce attacks thus testing our password security Metasploit have some auxiliary scanners and wordpress exploits to test aganist wordpress we can script our code in python to bruteforce the login credentials and hence some what faster than burp community edition Burp professional edition have the option of multi threading thus testing passwords faster but in this course we will not discuss about professional edition as it is not free we will also get the reverse shell from the vulnerable wordpress machine Bonus video includes how we attack a Drupal CMS using droopescan we can use droopescan to scan wordpress , joomla , drupal , moodle etc but for wordpress we better use wpscan first later we see some try hack me writeup which involves pentesting wordpress cms and exploiting it after this course you can try mrrobot room from tryhackme and test your skills Who this course is for: Anyone who is interested in Pentesting Anyone who wants to learn how to pentest Wordpress or any other CMS [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      18. An incredibly fast proxy checker & IP rotator with ease. Features Proxy IP rotator: Rotates your IP address for every specific request. Proxy checker: Check your proxy IP which is still alive. All HTTP/S methods are supported. HTTP & SOCKSv5 proxy protocols apply. All parameters & URIs are passed. Easy to use: You can just run it against your proxy file, and choose the action you want! Cross-platform: whether you are Windows, Linux, Mac, or even Raspberry Pi, you can run it very well. [hide][Hidden Content]]
      19. Last week
      20. Fort is a simple firewall for Windows 7+. Features Filter by network addresses, application groups Support wildcards in program path names Application group speed limits Stores traffic statistics Graphical display of bandwidth Based on Windows Filtering Platform (WFP) [hide][Hidden Content]]
      21. Softwarenetz Text Editor The Softwarenetz text editor is a simple and user friendly program for your private and business letters. Create your personal or business writing paper within the text editor program. [Hidden Content] [hide][Hidden Content]]
      22. Cybersecurity researchers from Bitdefender discovered a new malware, “MosaicLoader,” which is targeting users looking online for pirated software. Adversaries often target users with various phishing tactics. But sometimes, unwitting users fall into a hacker’s trap, revealing their private data to attackers. Cybersecurity researchers from Bitdefender recently identified a new malware variant that targets users who are looking online for pirated software. Tracked as MosaicLoader, the malware is distributed via paid advertisements in search results, specially crafted to trick users into clicking the malicious ads link and infect their devices. Once deployed on the system, MosaicLoader creates a complex chain of processes and automatically downloads additional payloads like cookie stealers, crypto-currency miners, and backdoors like Glupteba. Glupteba is a malware Trojan with advanced features that could turn the infected system into a remotely controlled bot and steal personal information. MosaicLoader’s Infection Flow Initially, the MosaicLoader malware adds local exclusions in Windows Defender for legitimate-looking filenames to evade security detections. The malware then deploys additional malware payloads to gain persistent access to the targeted device. The execution flow of MosaicLoader include: Creating a fake software file > Code obfuscation with execution order > Auto-downloading with several malware strains. Impact In addition to MosaicLoader, Bitdefender researchers also identified a malware sprayer distributing Facebook cookie stealers to access users’ login cookies from browsers. This allows threat actors to take over victims’ Facebook accounts, deploy malware, and steal identities. They even leveraged a variety of RATs like AsyncRAT and Powershell Dropper for their cyberespionage campaigns to obtain users’ log keystrokes, audio from the microphone, and images from the infected system. “Due to MosaicLoader’s capabilities, user privacy may be severely affected. The malware sprayer can deliver Facebook cookie stealers on the system that might exfiltrate login data, resulting in complete account takeovers, posts that can harm the reputation of businesses or persons, or posts that spread malware. Another significantly dangerous malware delivered through MosaicLoader is the Remote Access Trojans. They can log keypresses on the system, record audio from the microphone and images from the webcam, capture screenshots, etc. With this private information, attackers can take over accounts, steal digital identities and attempt to blackmail victims,” Bitdefender said. Indicators of Compromise URLs t1.cloudshielding.xyz c1.checkblanco.xyz s1.chunkserving.com m1.uptime66.com 5a014483-ff8f-467e-a260-28565368d9be.certbooster.com 0129e158-aa17-4900-99a6-30f4a49bd0a4.nordlt.com Integral.hacking101.net IP Address Mitigation While the MosaicLoader campaign has not targeted any specific countries or sectors, the attackers are mostly targeting personal computers. To prevent MosaicLoader infections: Organizations should apply the indicators of compromises (IOCs) to endpoint detection and response (EDR) systems Ensure employees avoid downloading pirated software or applications Always download from authentic sources Keep devices updated
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        Mercy - Discord selfbot

        Mercy is my last selfbot discord and possibly the last one, from first it was paid but now it is free open source. Categories. NSFW Commands Funny Commands Misc Commands Image Commands TEXT Commands Raid Commands Status Commands Selfbot information. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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